/ January 4, 2019
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Welcome to Travel .Experience the global travel on your mobilephone! You can get money through checkerboard to build landmark andopen the whole view all over the world. Travel with your friendsaround the world, help each other and share information about yourtrip. ? Game Features: ◆Hundreds of beautiful cities,truereappearance of the real world. ◆Different scenery,such as coolHawaii, Space City Houston,Ancient city Chang'an...... ◆Funnycheckerboard ?and real-time interaction, gain money throughdifferent way. ◆Interaction between friends,he is ATM or competitor◆Priority online community: make tourist partner with your friendsfrom Facebook. ? Do you like Travel ? Come to know more informationabout the game. You can follow our Facebookcommunity:https://www.facebook.com/DiceKingPiggy/

App Information Piggy GO - Around The World

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    Piggy GO - Around The World
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    January 4, 2019
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    Android Varies with device
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    Aladin Fun
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    Rm.1902, Easey Comm. Bldg., 253-261 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
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Piggy Boom-Building Tournament 3.3.0 APK
Aladin Fun
Welcome to Piggy Boom-World wide popular social game !! World Cup2018 is coming! Puzzle and Snowball,get more reward for free! Youwill play with cute pets here, upgrade your islands and became thewinner. Moreover, you can also get huge treasure and bonus duringthe play. Get ready to explore the magical world? Have fun!【Feature】 • First place in Google Play in 2016 • Lots of beautifultheme islands • Play with Facebook friends, attack , defense,wanted, varied way of playing • Magical wheels brings you huge freegolds • Miner system makes you rich man • Wonderful events give yousurprise every time • Pet system, your cute protector, keep yourisland safe. • Magical Wheels transformed, it can generate moregold and enemy • Islands bonus, big prize for completed everylevel, more level you complete more prize you will get • VIPsystem, you will get more privileges than others • Daily task: Makemore bonus, make more fun In the process of game, we may needpermissions of accesses below: WRITE/READ EXTERNAL STORAGE use forusers to send screenshots to us in order to locate and solveproblems that may occur in the game. READ/RECEIVE/SEND SMS use forverifying the identities of users and retrievalingaccounts,guaranting the safety of accounts,and sharing the game tofriends at the same time.RECORD_AUDIO use for audio chatting in thegame. 【Fan Page】 https://www.facebook.com/pigsadventure/
Pulau Fauna - Tangkap Peri 3.4.0 APK
Aladin Fun
Secepat apa kamu bisa membangun pulau ditengah gempuran seranganlawan? Atur strategimu dan jadilah nomor 1! Selamat datang di PulauFauna - Bangun Pulaumu! Download dan main dengan gratis, Semakinbanyak teman yang ikut akan semakin seru. Ayo bertemu teman-temanmu disini! [KUMPULKAN CHIP, NAIKKAN PERINGKAT] Dapatkan chip,bangun dan perbarui pulaumu! Semakin tinggi, semakin seru! [BANGUNPULAU ISTIMEWA] Semua pulau dari berbagai belahan dunia menungguuntuk kamu jelajahi. Ayo dapatkan pulau Yunani kuno, China,Australia, Brazil, Jurrasic Park, Perancis, Inggris, Jepang, Rusia,Mesir dan Zaman Es, Sea World, dan Era Dinosaurus. Jadilah juaramembangun pulau. [BIBI MEMBANTU KAMU] Putar roda keberuntunganuntuk mendapatkan Harta Karun Bajak Laut, Curi dan Serang. Hatihati dengan serangan balasan ya! [DAFTAR GANDA] Jutawan danpenjahat ada dalam daftarmu! Mungkinkah Jutawan no.1 juga merupakanpenjahat no.1? [BANYAK TEMAN, MAKIN KAYA] Undang teman FB kamu,kalahkan musuh terkuatmu! Hewan ajaib menunggu mu, Ayo!================================================== [Hubungi kami]Yogrt games : dari Yogrt – Always Fun Nearby Like Facebook pagekami :https://www.facebook.com/pulaufauna/ Kunjungi kami di:http://yogrt.co/ How fast you can build up the island amid theonslaught of attack your opponent? Adjust your strategy and benumber 1! Welcome to the Island Fauna - Build your island! Downloadand play for free, The more friends who join will be more exciting.Come meet your friends here! [COLLECT CHIP, RAISE RATINGS] Get thechip, get up and update your island! The higher, the better! [WAKEISLAND PARTY] All the island from various parts of the worldwaiting for you to explore. Let's get the island of ancient Greece,China, Australia, Brazil, Jurrasic Park, France, Britain, Japan,Russia, Egypt and the Ice Age, Sea World, and the Age of Dinosaurs.Be champions build up the island. [AUNT HELP YOU] Turn the wheel offortune to get the Pirate Treasure, Steal and Serang. Be carefulwith the counterattack yes! [LIST OF MULTIPLE] Millionaires andcriminals on your list! Could Millionaire no.1 no.1 also a villain?[MANY FRIENDS, THE RICH] Invite your FB friends, defeat enemiesstrongest! Animal magic waiting for you, come on!================================================== [Contact us]Yogrt games: from Yogrt - Always Fun Nearby Like our Facebook page:https: //www.facebook.com/pulaufauna/ Visit us at: http://yogrt.co/
Heo Đến Rồi--Gia tộc 2.11.5 APK
Aladin Fun
Hoan nghênh đến với Heo đến rồi--Heo con phiêu lưu!Bạn sẽ dẫn heocon và thú cưng dễ thương thám hiểm xây đảo, đối kháng kẻ địch,vượt qua đối thủ, cuối cùng trở thành thần thủ hộ của hành tinhheo!Đặc sắc trò chơi:•Game di động miễn phí hot và hay nhất ViệtNam.•Hòn đảo đẹp đẽ, thú vị, mộng ảo với các chủ đề phong phú đadạng đang đợi bạn thu thập.•Quay vòng kiếm vàng. Cấp đảo càng cao,vòng quay càng hấp dẫn. •Thú cưng dễ thương. Voi cưng bảo vệ hònđảo không bị tấn công, chú chó trinh thám Rex giúp bạn đoán trúngĐại Gia, còn Mèo Ngố giúp bạn đoạt lại vàng bị trộm.•Năng lượng,khiên, pháo, thú cưng vv, tấn công kẻ địch với những đạo cụ này,cuối cùng trở thành vua phá hoại.•Kêu gọi bạn bè Facebook, truy nãkẻ thù, quyết đấu với các cao thủ!•Cách chơi thú vị. Bắt bảo bốithần kỳ, săn heo rừng và giành quà phong phú cùng với bạn bè!Go!•Chức năng Chát. Chát với bạn bè trong game, tương tác với bạnbè thật tiện lợi.•Chiến đấu với quái thú Nicolas, thủ vệ hành tinhheo!•Nhờ bạn mua đồ, chơi game thấy chân tình!Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/pigsadventureVN/Welcome to pig world! Atthis pig site, you can play with cute pig, fun pig, build manybeautiful islands, fantastic islands. Get pirate treasure everyday.Attack enemies and get their gold coins. Unite your Facebookfriends against the bad guy. Exceed others, became the King of thesky !Pork welcome to come - Piglet adventure!You will lead a petpig and cute building island explorer, antagonistic enemy, toovercome rivals, eventually became the guardian god of the planetpigs!Signature game:• Free Mobile Game Best hot and Vietnam.•beautiful island, fun, vanity with diversity themes are waiting foryou to collect.• Go for the gold ring. The higher-level island, themore attractive the rotation.• Pets are cute. Elephant pet protectthe island from being attacked, the dog detective Rex help youpredict the winning Dai Gia, Ngố Cats also help you recapture thegold stolen.• Energy, shields, guns, pets etc, attack enemies withthese props, eventually became king vandalism.• Call a friendFacebook, hunted the enemy, fight with the players!• How fun.Getting security context miracle, hunting wild boar and gain richgifts with friends! Wood!• Chat function. Chat with your friends inthe game, interact with friends is really convenient.• Fight withNicolas Beast, the pig planet!• Have you shopping, gaming showsincere!Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/pigsadventureVN/Welcometo pig world! Pig at this site, you can play with cute pig, pigfun, build many beautiful islands, fantastic islands. Get piratetreasure everyday. Attack enemies and get ask for their gold coins.Unite Against của Facebook friends the bad guy. Exceed others,became the King of the sky!
Last X: One Battleground One Survivor 1.0.6 APK
Aladin Fun
Welcome to this survival game ! There is onlyone rule here: keep yourself alive till the last one.In this game, you will fight alone in a 3x3 blocks battleground.There are 23 other players around you, you can find and use theweapons to knock them out as many as you can. Also you can hide inthe darkness, knives out silently like a ghost, the last standingwill be the winner.Remember, everything you see could take your life away, even a tireor a water tank !Are you ready for your chicken dinner ? enjoy this royalebattle!Please follow official fan page for more information:https://www.facebook.com/Last-X-Community-733266883525603/The best battleground ever in your pocket!1. With godview, detect, move, shoot, hide smoothly andneatly!2. Get back on a real battleground without any dizzy tizzy!3. Investigation props and footstep warning. Never miss out anyenemy!4. Battleground is not only in your PC! Bring it everywhere!live or die, make your choice!1. Shots or long-distance? Master your own weapon!2. Disguise! Hide! Silence may bring to survival.Welcome to the world full of ambush!1. Trap props: Go your own way. Let enemies no way out!2. Disguise props: Ready to take an assault!3. Investigation props: No eneymy could dodge out!
หมูมาแล้ว2&buddy 2.11.5 APK
Aladin Fun
อภิเวอร์ชั่น-จับหมูonlineที่ทุกคนรอคอยเปิดให้ดาวน์โหลดแล้ว!!!หมูมาแล้ว2& buddyเป็นเวอร์ชั่นใหม่ของเกมหมูมาแล้วซึ่งเป็นsocialเกมสุดฮิตของประเทศไทย เวอร์ชั่นหน้าใหม่มันส์มากมาย!【ฟิเจอร์】• เกมกำลังฮิตในAPP StoreและGoogle Playไม่เล่นระวังตกเทรน• สัตว์เลี้ยงน่ารัก:ในเกมมีสัตว์เลี่นยงหลายตัวซึ่งเป็นเพื่อนน่ารักที่ป้องกันเกาะของเราและช่วยกันเดามหาเศรษฐ๊ให้ถูกต้อง•เปิดฟังก์ชั่นจับหมู ยิ่งกดเร็ว ยิ่งได้รางวัลมากมาย•อัพเดตวงล้อ:แจกเหรียญมากมาย แจกพลังมากมาย มีแต่รางวัลที่คาดไม่ถึงไม่มีเซอร์ไพรส์ที่แจกไม่ได้•รางวัลผ่านเกาะ:สร้างเาร็จแล้วจะได้รางวัลพิเศษ เลเวลยิ่งสูงรางวัลยิ่งมาก • ระบบVIP:VIPมีสิทธิ์สูงศักดิ์มากมาย •ภารกิจรายวัน:ระบบภารกิจใหม่ ดำเนินแล้วจะมีรางวัลพิเศษ•กิจกรรมหลากหลาย:กิจกรรมและวิธีเล่นใหม่ เพิ่มมันส์เกมอย่างต่อเนื่อง•เกาะสวยงามหลายชนิดรอคุณมาสร้างขึ้น• โจมตีกัน ปล้นเหรียญกันสร้างเกาะกับเพื่อนFacebookบัญชีFacebookเล่นได้กับมือถือทุกรุ่นและเซฟข้อมูลเกมส์ไว้ได้ถาวร•หมุนวงล้อพิเศษ ได้ทรัพยากรสร้างเกาะมากมาย • ขุดทองในแผนที่ลุ้นเป็นมหาเศรษฐีในเกมยอดฮิตเพื่อผู้เล่นทุกคนจะได้เล่นเกมสนุกขึ้นต้องขอการอนุญาติต่อไปนี้นะ1.ต้องการการอนุญาติเข้าถึงREAD_PHONE_STATE2.ต้องการการอนุญาติเข้าถึงSMSเพื่อการส่งและรับSMS3.ต้องการการอนุญาติเข้าถึง_hint_picking_img_access_ext_storageเพื่อการส่งและรับรูป4.ต้องการการอนุญาติเข้าถึง_hint_read_phone_state5.ต้องการการอนุญาติเข้าถึง_hint_record_audioเพื่อการส่งข้อความเสีย1.Inorder to initialize the store, please give us the access ofREAD_PHONE_STATE2. In order to send messages, please give us theaccess of SMS3.We need storage permission: To get screen shots fromyour phone for commiting the issue.4.we need phone statepermission: To get notifications when updates and offers arecoming.5.We need storage and record_audio permission: To record andsend voicemessage.【ติดตามหน้าแฟนส์】https://www.facebook.com/pigsadventurebuddy/Supremeversion - all waiting to catch a pig online for download now!!!Pork ago 2 & buddy is a new version of the game Pork ago.The most popular social games in Thailand. The new version muchfun!【】 Futures.The• The game was a hit in APP Store and Google Playdoes not play careful fall trends.• cute pets: a game animal inturn is only several. This is lovely, and help protect our island'ssocioeconomic standards guessed right.• Open function even catchswine press sooner has won numerous awards.• Update the wheel: howmany medals. Many power distribution But the unexpected award Nosurprise that the issue is not• Award the island: building Eafinished, then won a special award for the high level even more.•The VIP: VIP tenders have plenty.• Daily tasks: a new mission.Implementation will be a special prize• Activities: What's new andhow to play. Add fun game continues• Many beautiful island awaitsyou created.• robbery attack each coin Creating an island withFacebook friends Facebook account to play mobile games all theinformation and makes it permanent.• Special Spin the wheelResources have created many islands• Gold on map Win a billionairein the game to hit.So all the players can play the game moreenjoyable. To request permission to do this.1. To access thepermission READ_PHONE_STATE.2. To access the Lassen SMS to send andreceive SMS.3. To access the Lassen_hint_picking_img_access_ext_storage to send and receive photos.4.To access the admittance _ hint_read_phone_state.5. To allow accessto messaging _hint_record_audio waste.1.In order to initialize thestore, please give us the access of READ_PHONE_STATE.2. In order tosend messages, please give us the access of SMS.3.We need storagepermission: To get screen shots from your phone for commiting theissue.4.we need phone state permission: To get notifications whenupdates and offers are coming.5.We need storage and record_audiopermission: To record and send voice message.】 【Track's fanpagehttps://www.facebook.com/pigsadventurebuddy/
Star Shooters: Galaxy Dash 0.26.0 APK
Aladin Fun
Star Shooters, a classical horizontal scrolling shooter game mixthe modern elements.Collect 5 powerful captains and more than 100crew members in 6 battlegrounds.Over a hundred combination betweenthe captains and crews, create your customize team.Challenge morethan 50 bosses which have unique skills, get higher score and showyour name in world ranking list.Compete with worldwideplayers!【Feature】Unique shooting gameplay - Star war- Conquer theterritory! Assemble powerful heroes! - Raid various chests! Collectadorable Pets - Defeat crazy monsters! Exciting and full ofchallenges!Innovative Surfing mode - Spaceship surf- Upgrade yourspacecraft, go to the further battlegrounds- Extraordinary levels!That's sick! You are not alone- Help each other! Defeat enemies andwin together !- Attack & Steal! Hang out with your friends here!Please follow our FB pages:https://www.facebook.com/starraidergame/
Boom Island 3D 1.3.6 APK
Aladin Fun
Welcome to Boom Island 3D, pirate!It’s time to start your wonderful journey on the High Seas! It’sfull of amazing, stunning, and wonderful 3D islands!Do you want billions in gold? Do you want boundless energy? Doyou want to conquer other pirates? Become stronger to protect yourisland and no one will be able to stop you! Just spin thewheel!Boom Island gives you a chance to conquer the High Seas, socreate your own SEA KINGDOM now!FREE, FUN, EASY!Features:◆ Billions of gold is free for you to BUILD amazing, diversified,EPIC 3D islands.◆ STEAL your enemies' gold, take what you can, give nothingback!◆ Take REVENGE against other pirates, show them who’s boss!◆ Lots of chances to get FREE SPINS!◆ Instantly accessible from anywhere at anytime.
Pet's Island - Build&Conquer 2.12.4 APK
Aladin Fun
Welcome to Pet’s Island! Start your own explore adventure with cutepets here, build your islands!Find huge treasure! Get massive bonusduring this wonderful journey!【Features】• It’s an island date!Meetbuddies on your island! • Magic WheelEveryone loves having someluck and Pet’s Island gives you free daily chances to spin thewheel and win gold! • Theme islandsHundreds of themed islands waitfor you! Become an island owner today!• Cute PetsEnjoy cutenesswith your adorable pets and protect your island together. Feedpets! Share toys with pets! More features for you to find in Pet'sIsland. Join us today and play with millions players all over theworld!Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PetsIslandME/