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Vous pouvez trouver la version gratuite dans mes applications -"Dictionnaire de la Bible"Cette app contient environ 5000 mots.Vous ne pas besoin de connexion Internet!Vous pouvez ajouter auxfavoris bibliques termes les plus intéressés. Vous pouvez égalementcopier le texte, partagez via Facebook, SMS et ainsi de suite.Jeespère que ce Dictionnaire de la Bible vous aider à savoir SainteBible mieux!Bible Dictionary in French - good tool for studyingHoly BibleYou can find the free version in my applications -"Dictionary of the Bible"This app contains about 5000 words. You donot need an Internet connection!You can add to favorites mostinterested biblical terms. You can also copy text, share viaFacebook, SMS and so on.I hope that this Bible Dictionary help youknow Holy Bible better!Bible Dictionary in French - good tool forstudying the Holy Bible

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Telugu Holy Bible 5.1.0 APK
పవిత్ర బైబిల్ - Telugu Holy Bible
Concordancia Bíblica 2.5 APK
Bible Concordance in Spanish (Reina Valera) Concordancia Bíblica yBiblia - Lectura de Hoy, Versiculo Diario, Biblia en Audio!CONCORDANCIA BIBLICA En esta aplicación encontrarás índicealfabético de todas las palabras bíblicas ( de, y, a, que, la, el,los, en son excluidos - no las utilice) También puedes buscar porvarias palabras - utilizar el espacio entre ellos Hemos añadido lacapacidad de buscar con varias palabras. Ejemplo: "Jesus Maria"LECTURAS DE HOY Cronológico, Canónico e Histórico Planes por unAño, 180 y 90 Días. ¡La Notificación Diaria le ayuda a no olvidarsede la Lectura de Hoy! VERSICULO DIARIO Evangelio de hoy, Salmo dehoy - usted puede crear su propio verso diario de tu libros de labiblia preferidos! LA BIBLIA EN AUDIO Audio compatible con lafunción de texto a voz. Sólo toque el verso - verá icono de audio.REINA VALERA Biblia Reina Valera es la más popular de la BibliaEspañola! GRATIS y OFFLINE ¡Todas las funciones funcionan fuera delínea y absolutamente de forma gratuita! Espero que estaConcordancia Bíblica y Biblia será su compañero perfecto en elestudio de la Biblia! No dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo siquieres mejorar o tiene algún problema con esta aplicación. BibleConcordance in Spanish (Reina Valera) Bible and Bible Concordance -Today's Reading, Daily Verse, Audio Bible! MATCHING BIBLICAL Inthis application you will find alphabetical index of all biblicalwords (, and, that, the, the, the, on are excluded - do not use)You can also search by several words - use the space between themWe have added the ability to search with multiple words . Example:"Jesus Maria" TODAY'S READINGS Chronological, Canon and HistoricalPlans for a Year, 180 and 90 days. The Daily Notification helps younot to forget the Reading Today! Daily Verse Gospel today, Salmotoday - you can create your own daily verse from your favoriteBible books! THE BIBLE IN AUDIO Audio function compatible text tospeech. Just touch the verse - you will see audio icon. REINAVALERA King James Bible is the most popular of the Spanish Bible!FREE and OFFLINE All the functions work offline and absolutelyfree! I hope this Bible and Bible Concordance will be your perfectcompanion in the study of the Bible! Do not hesitate to contact meif you want to improve or have any problems with this application.
Tamil Bible 5.1.0 APK
வேதாகமம் Free Tamil Holy Bible. The history of Bible translationsinto the Tamil language commences with the arrival of BartholomäusZiegenbalg at Tranquebar in 1706. Johann Philipp Fabricius, aGerman, revised Ziegenbalg's and others' work to produce thestandard Tamil version. Seventy years after Fabricius, at theinvitation of Peter Percival a Saiva scholar, Arumuka Navalar,produced a "tentative" translation, which came to be known as the"Navalar version," and was largely rejected by Tamil Protestants.Paravas converted to Christianity in the mid 16th century. Theirspiritual, cultural and literary excellency brought out the firstTamil book to modern print media. The Tamil Bible, 'Cardila', wasprinted in 1554 and made Tamil the first language into print forany Indian language. This was even before the first printingmachine arrived Goa, India in 1556. Cardila was printed at Lisbonby the command of the Portuguese government with the motivation bythe visits of three Paravars Vincent Nasareth, Joj Kavalko andThomas Cruz from Tuticorin, India to Portugal. The funding for thepress came from the Parvar community of Tuticorin. Planting of theRoman Catholic Faith in Pearl Fishery Coast (India) Christianity inancient India.
Baiboly (Malagasy Bible) 5.1.0 APK
Baiboly (Malagasy Bible 1865) Ny teny hoe Baiboly (katolika naprotestanta) dia ilay boky izay inoan'ny Kristianina hotenin'Andriamanitra.
Biblia Takatifu ya Kiswahili 5.6.5 APK
Biblia Takatifu ya Kiswahili - Swahili Bible Biblia ya Kikristo nimkusanyo wa maandiko matakatifu ya Ukristo. Maandiko hayombalimbali yanaitwa tangu zamani sana "vitabu" tu, inavyomaanishwana neno "biblia" ambalo ni uwingi wa neno la Kigiriki "biblos"yaani "kitabu". Hutofautishwa na Tanakh ambayo ndiyo maandikomatakatifu ya dini ya Uyahudi na ambayo pengine inatajwa kwa jinalilelile la "Biblia", hasa katika matoleo ya Biblia ya Kiebrania .Vitabu vyake vimo katika sehemu ya kwanza ya Biblia ya Kikristo kwajina la "Agano la Kale". Biblia ya Kikristo hugawiwa sehemu mbiliambayo ni Agano la Kale na Agano Jipya. Agano la Kale lina maandikoyaliyoandikwa kabla ya Yesu Kristo na vitabu vya Agano Jipyaviliandikwa baada yake. The Holy Bible in Swahili - Swahili BibleThe Christian Bible is a collection of sacred texts ofChristianity. These texts range from the very old are called"books" just inavyomaanishwa word "bible" which is the plural ofthe Greek word "biblos" a "book". Hutofautishwa and Tanakh, whichis the sacred texts of Judaism and which probably refers to thesame name of the "Bible", especially in the versions of the HebrewBible. His books listed in the first part of the Christian Bible inthe name of the "Old Testament". Christian Bibles are distributedto two parts which are the Old Testament and the New Testament. TheOld Testament contains texts written before Christ and the NewTestament books were written after him.
Bibliya sa Tagalog 1.3 APK
Bíbliya sa Tagalog. Lumang Tipan at Bagong TipanNaglalaman angBíbliya ng mga salaysay na nauukol sa bansáng Israel mula noongunang milenyo BCE hanggang sa panahon ni Hesukristo at ng mgaApostól noong unang siglo CE.Tanakh o Lumang TipánAng Tanakh(Lumang Tipán) ay naglalaman ng salaysay ng pagkakahirang ng diyósna si YHWH sa bansáng Israel at ang kaniyang tipán sa Israel nasiya'y magiging matapat na diyós kung susundin ng Israel nang tapatang kaniyang mga utos na ipinadala niya sa pamamagitan ni Moises.Kabilang sa tipáng ito ang pagmamana ng Israel ng Canaan o "LupangPangako" at ang proteksyón at pagpapalà ni YHWH kapalít ng pagsunódng Israel sa kaniyang mga utos (Exodo 6:4).Bagong TipánAng BagongTipán ay naglalaman ng mga salaysay tungkol sa karakter na si Hesúsat ang kanyang mensahe ng kaligtasan sa kanyang mga alagád. SiHesús ay nagpakakilala na tagapágligtás sa pagwawakás ng mundó namagaganáp noong unang siglo CE. Ayon kay Hesús, siya ay maghaharìmulâ sa kaniyang trono ng kaluwalhatian kasama ang kaniyang mgaApostól upang humatol sa 12 lipì ng Israel (Mateo 19:28). Bukóddito, si Hesús ay nag-angkín rin na isang diyós, at Mesiyas nanaging sanhi ng pagkakahatol sa kanya ng sanhedrin ng parusangkamatayan(Lukas 22:66-71, Juan 10:33).Bible in Tagalog. OldTestament and New TestamentThe Bible contains statements concerningthe nation of Israel from the first millennium BC to the time ofChrist and the apostles in the first century CE.Tanakh or OldTestamentThe Tanakh (Old Testament) contains an account of theappointment of the god YHWH the nation of Israel and his covenantwith Israel that he will be a faithful God if Israel sincerely hiscommands sent through Moses. The covenant of the inheritance ofIsrael or Canaan "Promised Land" The protection and blessing ofYHWH and a replacement of Israel obey his commandments (Exodus 6:4).new TestamentThe New Testament contains the account of thecharacter of Jesus and his message of salvation to His disciples.Jesus is the savior nagpakakilala end of the world take place inthe first century CE. According to Jesus, he will reign from histhrone of glory with his apostles to judge the 12 castes of Israel(Matthew 19:28). Aside this, Jesus also claimed to be a god, andthe Messiah who caused the conviction of her council of the deathpenalty (Luke 22: 66-71, John 10:33).
Malayalam Holy Bible 5.1.0 APK
സത്യവേദപുസ്തകം - Malayalam Holy Bible The Holy Bible in theMalayalan language
La Bibbia 1.1 APK
La Bibbia (dal greco antico βιβλίον, plur. βιβλία, lett. libri) èil libro sacro della religione ebraica e di quella cristiana.Èformata da libri differenti per origine, genere, composizionelingua e datazione, scritti in un lasso di tempo abbastanza ampio,preceduti da una tradizione orale più o meno lunga e comunquedifficile da identificare, racchiusi in un canone stabilito apartire dai primi secoli della nostra eraThe Bible (from theancient greek βιβλίον, plur. Βιβλία, letter. Books) is the holybook of Judaism and Christianity.It consists of different books byorigin, gender, language composition and dating, written in aperiod of ample time, preceded by an oral tradition more or lesslong, however, difficult to identify, enclosed in a fixed canonsince the early centuries of our era