1.0 / April 7, 2016
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This is a Hunting game with around 60 levels. The game is very neatand fun to play. The graphics used for this game are very realisticand amazing. You will have a cool sniper with great zoom lens toaim you target clearly and hunt the wild animal down. There isaT-Rex in your area, so you have to read the task and kill theDinosaurs T-Rex to protect your people for the wildest animal everknown in the History of mankind.You can use the screen to see inany direction you want and use the bottom left controller to movein required direction and by using the zoom option in the rightside of the screen to have a better look and better aim to kill thetarget Dino T-Rex by pressing the shoot button on the rightside.Features:* Great Zoom effect* Best Sniper (Gun)* Neat andrealistic graphics * Best FBX* Great Sound effects* Best of all"ITS FOR FREE"

App Information Dino Hunter - T-Rex Hunter

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    Dino Hunter - T-Rex Hunter
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    April 7, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Fox Red Game Studio
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    412 W, mesquite ave, Kingsville, Texas-78363
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This is a great way for those who love hunting in Forest (Jungle).The forest and the Wild Animals and their reactions are veryrealistic. The best feature of the game is the realistic Sniper andthe Zoom feature. You have to shoot the Pray twice to kill or youcan kill it by a Single Head Shot. This is a real good platform tohave a look at how to hunt wild animals in forest. This game is forall ages. Best hunter game. It is so fun and freaks you out whenplaying. This is a unique game for all other "Hunting games","Shooting games" and other such "Wild Animal Hunting" games. Youmust make it difficult for the wild animals for their survival. Youhave to kill your pray to become a "Wild Forest Animal Hunter". ★HOW TO PLAY ★Look for the red mark on the screen to find your pray.You can use the controls on the left to move the direction you likeand touch anywhere on the screen to set the angle of the gun. Youalso have a zoom button which helps in getting a closer and clearlook at the pray (Deer or Gorilla) to hunt it down. Read the pop-upas the game starts as there might be some specifications of only toshoot the head to finish the game. As you kill the animal the Timeof the level increases. The base time of each level is 60 seconds(1 minute). ★ STORY ★I always use to have a passion for huntingwild animals in a real forest kind of environment. I also have agreat passion on Snipers, that is the reason i have used the realforest background and a wonderful Sniper with great Zoomingeffects. The intensity of the game increases as you clear thelevel.★ TOP COOL FEATURES OF THIS GAME ★• "First Person Sniper"game with the 3D Shooting• Great Weapon Control & Cool Zoom-infeature• Real Sniper Physics• Intelligent Enemy AI (ArtificialIntelligence)• More than 60 levels• Wonderful 3D Graphics and Soundeffects• Real Forest Environment• Real Deer Hunting, White DeerHunting and Gorilla Hunting• Timer based levels• Level Locker• Funand addictive. Fit for all ages• True to real life huntingexperienceNote: We have implemented advertisements to donate theamount for the needy!
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Ball On the Line is a Wonderful andsimplegame, all you have to do is that the ball needs to go on theOrangeline and should not hit anything that comes on its way exceptforthe green objects..!This Line game is inspired form the original version TheLine.Stay on the Line to be safe by moving you finger to controltheball to keep it at the correct place on the line. Use theGreenobject that show on the Line for you advantage. Just FollowtheLine and the score counts on the distance you travel alsoavoidedges and drag finger to do so..!There are multiple games with the same concept line TheLine,Follow The Line, On The Line and with outer sch names..!It seems to be real simple but im sure you would not gothatfar..! Share your score on the Leaderboard and challenge theworldwith you wonderful gaming skills..!Its completely free.Features:Simple and great graphics,Multiple start scenes,Smooth Touch to control the ball,Neat and great flow of art,Cool background music,On and off the music,Completely Free Of Cost..!Note: The money we get is sent to the needed peopleinAfrica.!
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Be a "zombie" for the first time in the gaming history and try toescape from the "cop" and find a cure. All that maters now is totry escaping from the cops (police) and collect diamonds on the wayto your destiny which can be used to buy different "zombies".Thisis the "best running game" in the market. "Run" as far as you canby swiping on the screen to jump and move. This "zombie run -running game" is free in the google app store. Try to download this"Running game" and have fun. Unlock your favorite zombie bycollecting the diamonds. No in-app purchases. You would say foryourself "zombie" "run" is the best "running game" as of now onceyou start playing this "run game" FEATURES* Best characterreactions* Great Forest environment* Realistic Cop chase* Be aZombie* Endless Game* Simple and fun game* Best of all "Free Game"
Deer Hunting - Hunter game 1.3 APK
Become "The Deer Hunter" by Hunting down all the Deer's in the"Wild Forest", the "wildness" of the forest makes you feel like inreal life hunting. The "bragging" of the animals are "stunning".This is the best ever made "Deer Hunting Game" "visually". The"lush" of the game makes you feel like in real forest "savannah"with the wildness of the cruel "predators". The animations and the"fps" files of the "der" and the realistic look of the Forest makesyou feel like you are a real "Deer Hunter". The "Sniper" used givesyou a wonderful feeling of a real gun (sniper). Zoom-in and thezoom-out are some of the best features of this wonderful "HuntingGame". This could be the best ever "Sniper Game" played in thegaming history..!We have some of the best animal hunter 2014 3d pro- sniper shooting gun down deer, boar, fox, bear & moresimulator game The "shooting" of the sniper and the death of theDeer are beautifully shown with realistic feel. There are 3different "deer" are used a Rain Deer, Snow Deer and The Stag. Killthe Deer to become the ultimate mule "hunter". Its time now to grabon to the deer hunting gear (the sniper) and start hunting the deerat the wild dark forest. Kill the deer to feed your home and yourpeople. Become the greatest deer hunter ever know to the history ofthe mankind. Pay special attention for fawn and doe while "hunting"form long distances. You would feel like in "safari" hunting downthe wild predators."Hunt" your pray down to become a "deer hunter""2016". Free deer hunter shooting game. This is deer hunterchallenge. Elite sniper assassin of real wild animals in 3d snowmountains. A great deer hunt jungle simulator - 3d shooting game.This is a ultimate african hunt challenging free hunting games.Wonderful real action sniper game free. There are some greatafrican deer hunt simulator pro challenge - real action snipergame.Enjoy the best ever real "stag hunting" game also known as"deer hunting" or "deer hunter"!** STORY **This "Deer HuntingRecall 2016" is basically made for the players for them to have arealistic scenario of a real "Forest Hunting". This game is takenfrom the base game "Deer Hunter" "2014" and "Deer Hunter". Our gamehas been made more realistic and user friendly. ** How To Play**Read the test in the pop-up and hunt as told. Left bottom of thescreen has the keys to move and you can touch on the screen to lookat the desired direction. There is a zoom-in and zoom-out button tohave a clear look at your pray along with the shoot button. Aim andhit the shoot button use the zoom feature for better shot. Alsothere is a red triangle which shows where you pray is currently at.This game basically runs keeping time as a key factor. The timekeeps adding as you "hunt" you pray.!!** Features **. Time basedlevels. More than 50 levels. Level Lock. Best Sniper . Zoomfeature. Great Deer and Forest effects
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Escape from the Police (Cop) and collect the diamonds to buydifferent costumes. This Prison Run is one of the best running orrun games of 2016. All you have to do is to swipe up, down or sideways to avoid hitting the logs and keep running to get out from theprison. Be the first prison breaker of 2016. Try your best and beatthe police or the cop. Its a endless running game.This is the bestrun, running game of 2016. All you have to do is to enjoy byescaping from the cop or police and show him your guts!Features:*Endless Run game* Swipe screen to do action* Collect diamonds forcostumes* Great Forest or Player Graphics* Great Time pass game*Best Graphics for a Running gmae.