/ August 2, 2018
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Apollo Games Studio is presenting an action packed 3d shootingbased Dino Hunter Wild Safari 3d game especially designed for thedino shooting games for kids of Dino Hunter Wild Safari 3d whereyou are gonna have to shoot down all dinosaur creatures in thedeadly jungle. For your next adventure, go back to Nebasak ParkBuilder with Creators: Dino Hunter Wild Safari 3d Alive: The worldmobile game based on this epic action campaign. Take more than 150coloured dinosaurs of life from the new dinosaur survival 2018 andchallenge your opponents in battles in the past. wild dinosaurbattle built in tomorrow's theme and battle dinosaur experience. Tomake a winning battlefield team, you will need to make the mosteffective and effective wild park games. Find the new and wonderfulspecies of dinosaurs by getting the thrilling filled card pack indino games. Oven, Claire and your favorite characters will beincluded daily, you will add your dinosaurs feed and genetically.Now this park dinosaur adventure land is open, it's time to makethe save World yourself! Be careful, because with this action anddanger in this dinosaur safari adventure you are not only huntingin the forest, but you are also hunting in dinosaur battle. It isnot a Dino-Zoo wild Park, it is a dangerous and respiratory area, alively natural environment in the lego world, inhabitants ofdinosaurs are also called dragons. You do not have any car in thisadrenaline game, and animals everywhere. Survival Guide is easy:Kill the hart and these dino horror villains with the dino shootinggun . It starts Dinosaur Sim Home Base with dinosaur hunting games.Your mission in this dino world struggle in the tropical jungle isto destroy you a certain amount of hunting on prey hunter at everylevel you will find a new powerful gun in your weapon at a fulllevel in best dinosaur shooting game. At the age of this hunter,prepare your way out of full weapons of weapons to increase theweapons and the survival of survival. Various 15 high-poweredweapons are available: pistol, grand, machine gun, sniper rifle,sabbath gun, light machine gun, carbon, shotgun, foamorvor, grandlauncher, rocket launcher (bazooka). You can save your life fromfast dinosaurs or attack them in this gamebattles dinosaur war. Donot stand still, reload the fire and charge of your weapon, it isnot a dinosaur puzzle. Move, at this time, the conflict withancient monsters will slow down the cost of your loss. If you needto rest after the active battles on this survival field, create abreak using the stop mode, where you will be completely hidden indinosaur world. Enjoy dinosaur hunting game 3D in the beautifulovergrown forest map of the lost world with a variety of plants.Try to collect movies or wallpapers, hunters and collect yourweapons and move all levels in world the game.World Dinosaurshunter Survival Alive best games in the world. Features: - Amazingmonster shooting game with stunning 3d graphics - Jaw dropping& extinct dinosaur models - Showcasing a beautiful junglehabitat - Weapons: Shotgun, submachine gun & dynamite - Variousdinosaur species: herbivore and carnivores - Dinos includingtyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor, carnotaurus & stegosaurus -Captivating music amidst a monster hunting fps - Absorbing andaddictive gameplay, will hook you up for hours of fun! Why shouldyou chose it? - Breathtaking dinosaur shooting experience free ofcost - A thrill loaded survival journey on your smartphone ortablet! We hope you like it, your feedback is appreciated. Thisfree game is an intellectual property of GameCraftPro – copyright2017.

App Information Dino Hunter Wild Safari 3d

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    Dino Hunter Wild Safari 3d
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    August 2, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Apollo Games Studio
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    26 A5 Punjab Society Near Wapda Town Lahore
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Sprint Athletics Champion – Olympics Race 1.7 APK
Get ready athlete! You will be sprinting on racecourse tracks inthis amazing running high jump game amidst PyeongChang 2018 WinterOlympics.Apollo studios is presenting an extreme running tournamentwhere you will sprint along amazing tracks, track and fields.keeprunning fast until you reach the finish line!!Run and sprint alongthe race tracks in different race modes: marathon Triathlon,Quadrathlon,Pentathlon, Heptathlon, Decathlon, Octathlon. Thiscontest is competition has lot of summer sports athletes tournamentmatch with all summer activitystruggle trial Javelin Throwchallenge event tug of war Triple Jump racing championship trackrunning rush Discus in hard summers Throw dart rocket sprint HighJump aerobics dash hurry youth rio 2018 olympic speed bronze boltspot hero scamper in summergameszip whiz zoom gallop scuttleMiddle-distance gold medal Sydney Long-distance relaysaquaticsgymnastics Pole Vault flow whisk PyeongChang 2018Deaflympics fast training Long Jump coaching pace in olympicgames.olympiad velocity hasten Pan American hurry interrelatedParalympic Shot Put walking accelerate fleerapid quicken equestrianswift scoot flash Hammer Throw acceleration streak brisk matchquick speedystride silver walk gait canter jogging skedaddle flysummer sports commonwealth road-running jumping hurdlessteeplechase undersideRunning Sprint Race Olympics Athletics Freegame Best game 2018 Sprinting RacingFeatures:- Awesome runningsports game with adorable graphics and engaging sounds- Elegantsprinting characters- Nice athletics costumes- Beautiful tracks andsports stadium - sports meters- Showing a great athletics eventlike Olympics and commonwealth games- Various distance races: 100,200, 400 and 1000 meter- Addictive play demonstratingcompetitionWhy should you choose it?- Adrenaline pumping runningexperience in a free game- Best 3d based sprinting recreation amongsports and leagueControls and tips:- Your athlete will run byitself just watch out for hurdles and boosters- Tap jump button tododge hurdles- Use boost to run with more speedWe hope you like it,your feedback is appreciated.This free app is an intellectualproperty of GameCraftPro – copyright 2017.
Space Racing 3 : Futuristic Sky Jet Force Racer 3D 1.3 APK
Play this Free Space Racing 3D cool game and Fly your falcon likespaceship at infinite speed. This top Space racing 3D game is amongbest plane racing cool games free download. You might have playedbest racing cool games in the world but this is the top games forkids. Be a space falcon racer and perform this amazing cosmicultimate challenge of avoiding Hurdles and Obstacles. Play thisSpace top Racing cool game and you will forget, falcon planesimulator, and car racing games, car games, car drift games, carsimulator or bike simulator games. Because this speed space racingcool game will make you busy for hours. Are you a science fictionenthusiast? This space Air Race is the real cosmic challenge whereyou have to pass through different alien colonies and asteroids.How long can you travel sky is the limit. ⚠️⚠️🚀 Caution: Be Carefulyou will be traveling in Space Race at extremely high speed!!🚀⚠️⚠️Enjoy this free space race 2 game :)Can you pilot an extremepaced space jet?We believe that this space racing or plane racinggame will be among top 3 games. Soon you will see Space race 2 inour accounts and you will forget best top games in the worldincluding plane simulator, aero plane simulator, airplanesimulator, car simulator or bike simulator free games. This is thebest, top, free, Offline Game.One of the best science fictionracing game. In future you might see high tech aircraft like onesin this game. This amusement showcases a futuristic 3d world.Wadeacross the outer space & avoid hurdles and obstacles. Play thisjet racing game which will take you through universe. Flyingspacecraft or aircraft at supersonic speed is exhilarating! Thisrecreation app resembles flying race games. Turn into a hypersonicturbo racer & speed through endless & limitless distances.Want to Fly & dodge through space objects at infinite speed!Alright then, arrange your fingers on the screen because you haveto rush across space at supersonic speed and dodge by limitlessobstacles! GameCraftPro is presenting a racing game where you aregoing to have to rocket your spaceship through obstacles in spacesuch as asteroids, meteors, comets and other heavenly bodies. Thisflying app is challenging and fun.Cruise your jet through space athypersonic, ultrasonic and supersonic speeds, evade from asteroids,meteors, meteoroids, comets, along orbits of different planets:mercury, Venus, mars, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, moon, earth,sun, stars, Escape the celestial and heavenly bodies in this galaxydashing free game, evade from geostationary satellites, move yourspacecraft in space and go by obstacles in your path, no idea ofaltitude you are rocketing through space, you are an astronomer whohas to speed his way through space, alien invasions, planet wars,astronomy, absence of gravity, no gravitational field is present,fly swiftly, 2018, new game, interstellar space, Jupiter, racinggame, space shuttle, sky is unlimited, wave, Hubble, up, velocity,infinite speed, fireball, gamma rays, infrared, ultraviolet,electromagnetic, south, light, west, star with wars, down,latitude, longitude, equator, mass, meteor storm, meteorite, boltacross the solar system, get yourself together for the space race?Do you want to fly using a turbo fast space jet? Can you completethe jet survival journey?Features:- Top 3d racing game in amind-blowing 3d space world!- Awesome graphics quality andcaptivating music- Spaceships with attractive designs and colors-Featuring objects of galaxy like asteroids, meteors, comets, spacestations, & alien spaceships- For all agesTips- Don’t forget tocollect following power-ups:- Speed thrust will accelerate you tocover more distance in less time- Slow motion will enable you tododge asteroids easily- Collecting unlock boosters will open up newspaceships We hope you like it, your feedback is appreciated.Thisfree game is an intellectual property of GameCraftPro – copyright2017.
Extreme Racing Fever 3D – Offroad F1 Drive 4x4 1.4 APK
Extreme car games brings you a extreme racing experience where weare gonna put your driving skills to the ultimate test! And thisrace games made for racing lover.Top racing fever game where youwill sprint your car through tracks blended in beautifulenvironments in the crew. Use NOS to sprint your way to the finishline, but Watch out!! Your rival racers are also gonna fire rocketsand use freeze guns on you in gemse gt racing . Make sure youcollect the power-up cubes, which comprise of weapons and NOS. Youneed these boosters to succeed.Our car racing game modify as act ofneed for speed And extreme car driving consist of drag racinggames.Driving has never been so amusing, so download now, it’sfree, sit back and arrange your fingers on the screen!If you’ve gotthe blaze racing fever game when you have come to the right place!Travel at high speed as highway rider! Dash along the tracks!Evolve as the extreme street racer racing and we can chasing carsin the games belong to our suitable personilaty.We can easilydriving simulator and good game.After raceoff in extreme carsimultor you win cions.Travel distance at blazing speeds of cardriver. Use turbo to cover more distance in less time in theextreme motor car driving.Your car shall onrush across nicelydesigned terrains. Some jumps feel like flying. Some tracks consistof gravel and soil. No traffic only rival racers on the racetrackin best games 2018!Race towards the end in no time and become theultimate street racing, drifting range, nascar cup, Daytona, BarberPro, Bojangles’ Southern, Grand Prix, Onrush chain, time trial,French GT Tour championship, drag racing, supercross, lap, kartracing, offroad racing, Atlantic, SUV rally, dirt speedway racing,motocross, Oval Superstars Tour, Asia Series, autocross, knockhill,Time attack, demolition derby, jeep rally, Mojave Desert, the baja1000, dirt track, mini sprint, spada codatronca barchetta,superleague, freestyle motocross, Auto Club, 4x4 race, Super lapScotland, monster truck, mud bogging, pickup truck, nascar events,rallycross, swamp buggy, Australian GT, International SupermodifiedAssociation, Japan Dirt Trial , FIA Hill Climb Masters, Hot HatchCar trackday, wheelstand, automobile, thunderhill raceway, fusion,crew dart, drift league, Toyota series, Vauxhall live, SDC driftingspectacular, ice speedway, stock car, SUV Mexican Formula, gravelsurge, jeep dash.Gather your crew and head to zigzag roads, mindyour lane, street. Ya need to hit the NOS button to bolt throughthe race. Rise as the top ultimate driver in free race cargames.Upgrade your car racing game having turbocharger,supercharger, engine, vinyl, stickers, tyres, suspension,aerodynamics, turbo, NOS, radiator coolant, ignition, headlights ,petrol, fuel tank, diesel, hood, silencer, exhaust system, sparkplugs, chassis lubrication, decals, automatic transmission fluids,air & oil filter, oxygen sensor, windshield, belts, powersteering, wiper, Features:⦁ Top sports amusement⦁ Fast &challenging rival racers⦁ Sensational graphics quality and music⦁Stunning car models⦁ Various Racing modes: Circuit, Elimination,Checkpoints, Speed trap⦁ Test your driving skills⦁ Wonderfullydesigned race tracks including desert, snowy and jungle terrains⦁ Asplendid combination of racing and combat⦁ Choose from 5 differentcars⦁ Why should you choose it?⦁ Trending driving simulation game.⦁popular free games⦁ free games no wifi require.⦁ Awesome game freeof cost.⦁ Obsessive game play. ⦁ More than just racing.Game play⦁Tap left or right to turn your car⦁ Use buttons to apply brakes anduse weaponsTips⦁ Drive carefully, Use brakes on sharp turns or yourcar is going to bump and slow down⦁ Don’t miss the power-ups alongthe racecourse⦁ Use NOS when you know the path would remainstraight for a while
Snow Moto Racing Fever : Extreme car racing rivals 1.5 APK
🛷 🛷❄️ Get ready for the pyeongchang winter olympic thrills!!❄️🛷🛷Extend your leads. Surf around the sharp Turns. Race along thesnow and become the ultimate bike rider! Best game for the kids whowant motor sled fun.Snowmobile racing fever is full of fun withtreacherous track on a mountain. Snowmobile racing fever is easy topickup but hard to master which will keep you in the zone forhours.Its simple, easy and interesting :-)The basic aim is to racealong the snow, saving yourself from obstacles like trees, tentsand houses etc and collecting boosters. Boosters will enhance thespeed of the snowmobile. Keep playing and collecting gems to unlockdifferent levels and snowmobile models.Hurry up! Download now ongoogle play store or App store and give us feedback. Enjoy!FREE onGoogle Play and App store***** HOW TO PLAY *****Press start toplayTap to control the skidooSave yourself from obstacles*****FEATURES *****Amazing graphics and environmentBoosters: high speed,penetration modeShowcasing arctic, Antarctic and other icyhabitatsGreat sound effectsChallenging trackFree of costTwo racingmodes: simple racing, survival runKeywords:BikeRacingFeverSnowboardFreeGamekidsFunSnowmobiletreacherous tracksthrillsWinter Adventure▸ ▸ ▸This free game is an intellectual property of GameCraftPro –copyright 2017. ◂ ◂ ◂
Falcon Fighting Squad wars:Galaxy Earth Protectors 1.6 APK
Aliens are invading our galaxy including all planets and the worldneeds a savior!! Can you step forward & save the world?We arepresenting you an action filled 3d falcon squad: Galaxy EarthProtectors wars that will take you to the world of planets whereyou’ll have to kill alien spaceships waiting for your arrival.Rideon peregrine falcon and be a protector of the earth and your goalis alien extermination.you could have played many space war gamesbut this killing alien falcon game is next level. Fight Spatialwars and attack on the godinez to survive. This Falcon Ride willhelp you in fighting this space galaxy wars. Your mission is tokill the Alien forces that are trying to invade all the planets inour galaxy. The alien forces consist of dangerous and deadly jetfighters, helicopters and ground forces attacking the human race.If you like to play games involving galaxy, planets, star wars,space wars, aliens then you have come to the right place, this top& free app should definitely grab your attention and engage youwith fun.Gear up shooter because you are gonna destroy all thealien race!Shoot all space invaders, foreign spaceships,extraterrestrial, exotic plane shooter, missiles, rockets, cannons,aerial combat ,machine guns, fire, powerful shooter, sam launcher,air to air combat, surface to air, scud, ballistic missiles, defendusing flying machine, shooting with gun, air superiority, falcon,hawk, bomb, artillery, defense, Fighter Jet is moving athypersonic, ultrasonic and supersonic speeds, asteroids, meteors,trilogy, meteoroids, comets, black holes, jedi, bomber, alongorbits of different planets: mercury, Venus, mars, Neptune, Saturn,Uranus, Pluto, moon, earth, sun, stars, celestial and heavenlybodies in this galaxy shooting free game, hunter firing,geostationary satellites, blast the enemy forces, glider , launch,altitude, astronomer, phantom menace, alien invasions, planet wars,lego eliminator, astronomy, gravity, fly swiftly, 2018, new game,airplane, interstellar space, Jupiter, east, squadron, solareclipse, nebula, dark matter, shooting entertainment, spaceshuttle, clone, sky shooter, wave, Hubble, up, velocity, airforce,attack, infinite speed, jet, fireball, gamma rays, infrared,ultraviolet, shoot em all, electromagnetic, south, light, west,star wars, latitude, longitude, equator, hawk flying, mass, meteorstorm, meteorite, microwave, zigzag, milky way, nova, photons,terminate, jet plane, pilot, plasma, fusion, radiation, radiowaves, revolution, rotation, top galaxy shooter ,cosmic, solarsystem, survival in space war, gravitational spiral, terrestrial,tidal force, thermal radiation, tides, signals, universe, galaxy,antimatter, X-rays, charge with weapons, zodiac, north, lunareclipse, strike with full power, aircraft, shooter helicopter canyou complete the jet shooting survival journey?Features:- Awesometerrain with impressive graphics and captivating music- Featuring 9planets of the Milky way galaxy each with challenging enemy forces-Stunning and futuristic spaceship designs and buildings- Lethalweapons consisting of machine gun, missiles and laser beams- Choosefrom 5 jets each with different shape, color and fire power- Amassive army of alien enemies comprising spaceships and groundforces- Addictive play that’ll keep you hooked for hours!!Whyshould you choose it?- Marvelous space shooting amusement free ofcost- The only galaxy shooting recreation with 3D graphics- Killtime while playing an action-packed gameControls:- Change yourposition by tapping left, right, down or upTips- Laser gun would befiring constantly- You just have to position your spaceshipcarefully in order to avoid damage- Keep an eye out for healthbar.We hope you like it, your feedback is appreciated.This free appis an intellectual property of GameCraftPro – copyright 2017.
Super Hero Stunts Vs Incredible Mutant Monsters 1.2 APK
★★★Merry Christmas 2017 ★★★ & ★★★Happy New Year 2018★★★SantaClaus is in town and he will be bringing some gifts for Kids andlots of fighting Skills to rescue Kids from Monsters.Play as yourChristmas Super Hero and Rescue Children from Monsters who tries todestroy them.Surprise your little ones by this beautiful 911 Rescueexperience.Welcome to North Pole Command ! Here at the North PoleGame Department, our Crazy Developers are always looking for waysto Make Christmas Crazy and Great , their new creation is thisSuper Hero Vs Incredible Monsters - The 911 Rescue BattleSurvivalIsland: Evolve – Survivor building home is one of the best classicadventure games on Android app ever, where you’ll find yourself ona desert land absolutely lost, and try to survive there each day.You regain full consciousness on the shore of the island and fromnow on, your prime purpose is to make up evolved tactics, surviveand battle in mmo or fps no matter what and at any cost.Kill MUTANTMONSTERS who scare Kids (“SMASH THEM!”)..It is better to exploreeach new corner of the land and look for Kids in order to protectthem from wild Monsters.★★Game Features★★Thrilling andchallengingSave Kids to collect Xmas gifts rewards points.Show yourskills and shake off the Kidnappers.Cool Winter theme withsnow.Xmas adventure game is launched in winter season forChristmas. Fun for kids, adults, even your baby!Perfect game ofChristmas holidaysSanta role play game★★Other Features★★Addictivegame playSmooth & intuitive controls Different action packedmissions with loads of thrill3D graphicsEngaging background musicwith sound effectsFun & Easy to play ControlsColorful &smooth graphicsFace the unknown dangers and fear! ! !★★KeyFeatures★★ Kill Different Kinds Of Monsters Experience TheSensation Of Awesome Powers Multiple Powerful Attacks 20 Levels OfFun (More Levels Coming Soon) Awesome Death & Gore AnimationsRealistic & Fun Blood Sounds★★How to Play★★Simple JoystickControls3 Different Types of AttackIn Air Gameplay★★What is good inthis Game 2018?★★You can download this enormous simulatorGame.Become a Owner of useful and Entertaining game free ofCost.Hunt wild Monsters via one click only and become one of thebest Santa.High-class 3D graphics and art★★Privacy Policy★★We don'tcollect any personal information , any non-personal informationcollected by our partners like Google is used for analytic and gameimprovements. For details check herehttp://bit.ly/2yeNSR1★★Thisfree game is an intellectual property of GameCraftPro – copyright2017. ★★
Skiing : Winter Drift Snowboarding Stunts 1.3 APK
⛷️ ⛷️ ❄️Get ready for the pyeongchang winter Snowboarding olympicthrills!! ❄️⛷️⛷️Arrange your fingers on your device player becauseyou are gonna enjoy a free exhilarating skiing Snowboarding game insnowy mountain environments, its your time to dominate the skiingolympicsEPIC SKIING SNOWBOARDING ENVIRONMENTS:Ski and Snowboard thebest spots in over 20 levels.We bring you 4 different types ofenvironment to play with.- Iceage- Jungle Kingdom- Stone Winter-Industrial SnowingBeautiful Weather Variation:- Rainy - Snow Storm-Rain Storm- Snowy - Sunny Choose any Weather Conditions you wantand all of it is for free.Easy Controls:- Touch left and right toturn your player- Enhance your player with different statsGameFeatures:- Beautiful mountain and hill Environments- DifferentTypes of Players- Simple Controls- UpgradesKeywords:- Snow- Winterolympics Snowboarding- Downhill- Xtreme- Extreme- Skiing- Stunt-Ski racing- Winter- Mountain- Free Game- 3D- 2018- New Year- WinterSeason- Storm- Snow- Rain- Alpine- Simulator- AdventureCollectFlags To increase Your Powers:Collect flags to earn rewards, thencash in your rewards to boost your skiers. Better upgrade meansbetter skills, and the better your chances of finishing levels tounlock even more awesome rewards.Details - This game is as good asany Alpine Simulator.- The most relaxing game you’ll play. -A workof art.Notes Minimum requirement: 512MB Ram, 1GB+recommendedMinimum Android OS: 4.1 or newerMinimum screenresolution: 800x480Recommended: Android device manufactured in 2013or newerRequires online connection to play▸ ▸ ▸ This free game isan intellectual property of GameCraftPro – copyright 2017. ◂ ◂ ◂