1.0 / October 25, 2016
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Drive heavy trucks to excavate throughandtransport the cargo to their destination in time. The huge cityisoverwhelmed with angry vicious dinosaurs who are on a totalrampageto crush the whole 3D city! Take them back to their jurassiczoo inthis animal zoo simulator tycoon game. Now excavate the cargoanddrive carefully the loaded truck on the road to transport theangrydino to its destination. Drive the heavy armored truck throughthesin city and be on the watch for these vicious dinosaurs inthisangry dino zoo transport truck game. The jurassic dinosaur timeisback and more hazardous than ever.

Dino Zoo in City Simulator is an extreme heavy enginetruckdriving and racing game fever. Use your heavy truck to gettheviolent dinosaurs back to their cages in this angry dinozootransport truck simulator tycoon. Keep the big 3D city safeforyour people and protect them from the ancient beasts. Your jobisto take the jurassic beast, known better as the velociraptor,tothe city zoo from the theme park and all the way back! Be readytoa guardian of the prehistoric beast and be a dino transportlegend.Hell breaks loose in the city when the raptor escape.

Get behind the wheels, buckle up your seat belt and holdyoursteering wheel. Get ready for a crazy ride, accelerate yourspeedand do not crash. Bypass all the traffic cars to reachyourdestination. The streets are full of traffic cars and buses.Youare assigned for a transportation duty. Load your cargo truckwiththe dino and transport it to city zoo. With exhilaratinghighspeed,they get out of control easily. Let your adrenalinefueled up! Takethe controls in your hand, don’t let the animal getwild till youreach the finish line.

App Information Dino Zoo in City Simulator

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    Dino Zoo in City Simulator
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    October 25, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Romanenko Games Prod
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    500 - 1,000
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