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Play with your family and enjoy Dinosaur Bone Hunter

App Information Dinosaur Bone Hunter

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    Dinosaur Bone Hunter
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    January 13, 2019
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Emad Morris Zedan
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    Amman Jordan, Al Rabieh Behind Orange Building number 9
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Michael Jackson Top Music 1.0 APK
The App contains top offline 45 songs for Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Music Library (Unofficial) 1.0 APK
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اورثوذكسيات 1.0 APK
بإسم الآب والإبن والروح القدس تطبيق (أورثوذكسيات) واللذي يحتوي -أية اليوم (365 أية من الإنجيل تظهر بشكل عشوائي على مدار السنة)قريبا - الكتاب المقدس - الكتاب المقدس المسموع قريبا - تفسير الكتابالمقدس (للقس أنطونيوس فكري) *) صلوات أساسية: - الصلاة الربانية -دستور الإيمان - صلاة قبل مطالعة الكتاب المقدس - صلاة قبل المناولة -صلاة الشكر – صلاة بعد المناولة - صلاة قبل الإعتراف - صلاة بعدالإعتراف *)صلوات يومية: - صلاة قبل الطعام - صلاة بعد الطعام - صلاةقبل الدراسة - صلاة بعد الإنتهاء من الدراسة - صلاة قبل بداية رحلة -صلاة عند قيادة السيارة *) صلوات متنوعة: - صلاة لأجل كل مرض 1 - صلاةلأجل كل مرض 2 - صلاة لأجل كل مرض 3 - صلاة لمريض لا ينام - صلاة تقالعلى الحبلى إذا تعسرت ولادتها - صلاة تقال على زوجين عاقرين - صلاةلدفع ضرر العين الحاسدة - صلاة لطفل في أول ذهابه إلى المدرسة - صلاةالسفر براً أو بحراً - صلاة تقال على الذين يتسالمون بعد العداوة -صلاة تقال على أساس بيت - صلاة تقال للمزمعين أن يسكنوا في بيت جديد -تراتيل وألحان أورثوذكسية (للكنيسة البيزنطية والأنطاكية والقبطية)قريبا - ترانيم دينية بالغة العربية الفصحى واللهجة المصرية واللهجةالشامية (لبنان + سوريا + الأردن+ فلسطين) قريبا - خلفيات وأيقوناتأورثوذكسية قريبا - كلمات ومعاني قريبا - أسئلة دينية متكررة قريبا -شكر وتقدير للعاملين بالتطبيق - مصادر ومراجع التطبيق وقد قمت بعملهذا التطبيق لكل مسيحي أورثوذكسي للإستخدام اليومي والشخصي ملاحظة:هذا التطبيق ليس تابعا لأي كنيسة معينة ولا لجهة معينة وهو ملك فرديلعماد موريس زيدان وشكر وتقدير لكل من: - الأب أيمن كفوف (مرجع) -أماني كفوف (إستشارات) - منيرة ناجح (مدخلة بيانات) - عماد موريسزيدان (تصميم وبرمجة وإستضافة) In the name of the Father, the Sonand the Holy Spirit Application (Orthodox) which contains - Any day(365 any of the Gospels appear randomly throughout the year) soon -The Bible - The Bible audible soon - Interpretation of the Bible(for the priest Antonius Fikri) *) Basic Prayers: - The Lord'sPrayer - The Constitution of Faith - Prayer before reading theBible - Prayer before handling - Thanksgiving prayer - prayer afterhandling - Prayer before confession - Prayer after confession *)Daily Prayers: - Prayer before food - Prayer after food - Prayerbefore study - Prayer after the completion of the study - Prayerbefore the beginning of the journey - Prayer when driving *) Variedprayers: Prayer for every disease Prayer for every disease Prayerfor every disease - Prayer for a patient who does not sleep -Prayer said on the pregnant if it is difficult to give birth -Prayer is said to a barren couple - Prayers to pay harm to theenvious eye - Praying for a child on his first going to school -Prayer travel by land or sea - Prayer is said to those who askafter enmity - Prayer said on the basis of the house - Prayer saidto those who intend to live in a new house - Orthodox hymns andmelodies (for the Byzantine, Antiochean and Coptic Church) comingsoon - Religious songs in classical Arabic, Egyptian dialect andShami dialect (Lebanon + Syria + Jordan + Palestine) coming soon -Orthodox wallpapers and icons coming soon - Words and meaningscoming soon - Religious FAQs coming soon - Acknowledgment of theapplication staff - Sources and references of the application Ihave made this application for every Christian Orthodox for dailyand personal use Note: This application is not affiliated to anyparticular church nor to a specific destination and is theindividual property of General Maurice Zidane and thanks andappreciation for: - Father Ayman Kafouf (reference) - Amani Kfouf(Consultant) - Munira successful (data entry) - Imad Maurice Zidan(design, programming and hosting)
Metallica Music Library No Ads (Unofficial) 2.0 APK
Features: ======================================= »NoAdvertisements (Ready) » 13 Albums of Metallica With 150 MP3Songs& Lyrics (Ready) » 20 Metallica Wallpapers (Ready) »MetallicaBiography Wiki (Ready)Disclaimer:======================================= » This is not anofficialapplication. This app is for entertainment and mereknowledge. » Ihope to give a rating, because I will always try togive the best »Let's support the musicians by buying all the goodCD's,merchandise, tickets etc.
Line Loop Zodiac 4.0 APK
Line Loop Zodiac with One Touch is a simple way to get somebraintraining exercise everyday. This is a great mind challenginggamewith simple rules. Just try to connect all the dots with onlyonetouch Only 1% of people can complete some of the Dot in thisgame.Can you complete them?.
Bob Marley Music Library (Unofficial) 1.0 APK
Free Version: Features: ======================================= »13 Albums of Bob Marley With 132 MP3 Songs & Lyrics (Ready) »24 Bob Marley Wallpapers (Ready) » Ability to Play an AlbumSequentially or Randomly (Ready) » Add & Remove Songs ToFavorite List (Coming Next) » Ability to Reorder Favorite List(Coming Next) » Ability to Play Favorite List Sequentially orRandomly (Coming Next) » All Songs Search Engine (Coming Next) »Share App (Ready) » Rate App (Ready) » About App & Other Apps(Ready) Disclaimer: ======================================= » Thisis not an official application. This app is for entertainment andmere knowledge. » This app is charged in accordance withadvertising terms from Google. » I hope to give a rating, because Iwill always try to give the best » Let's support the musicians bybuying all the good CD's, merchandise, tickets etc.
Michael Jackson Music Library No Ads (Unofficial) 3.0 APK
Features: ======================================= 1 » NoAdvertisements (Ready) 2 » 10 Random Cover Photos (Ready) 3 »Michael Jackson News (Ready) 4 » 10 Albums of The Jackson 5 With104 MP3 Songs & Lyrics (Ready) 5 » 6 Albums of The JacksonsWith 64 MP3 Songs & Lyrics (Ready) 6 » 18 Albums of MichaelJackson With 248 MP3 Songs & Lyrics (Ready) 7 » 9 MichaelJackson Other Songs & Lyrics (Ready) 8 » 100 Michael JacksonWallpapers (Ready) 9 » 43 Michael Jackson Music Videos (Ready) 10 »24 Michael Jackson Sharable Quotes (Ready) 11 » Michael JacksonBiography Wiki (Ready) 12 » 19 Michael Jackson Interviews (Ready)13 » 89 Michael Jackson Chords & Tabs (Ready) 14 » Record aVideo of Yourself While Singing Michael Jackson Karaoke Songs(Ready) 15 » Share App (Ready) 16 » Rate App (Ready) 17 » About App& Other Apps (Ready) 18 » 3/30 Karaoke Songs (So Far) ComingNext: ========================= 19 » Michael Jackson Live Concerts(Coming Soon) 20 » Play Entire Album (Coming Soon) 21 » Repeat& Shuffle on Album Songs (Coming Soon) 22 » Login with GmailAccount (Coming Soon) 23 » Add/Remove To Favorite List (ComingSoon) 24 » Play all Favorite List or One by One (Coming Soon) 25 »Repeat & Shuffle on Favorite List Songs (Coming Soon) 26 »Search Engine for Songs (Coming Soon) 27 » Michael Jackson TimeWidgets (Coming Soon) 28 » Michael Jackson Themes and Launcher(Coming Soon) 29 » Map of Michael Jackson Fans (Coming Soon) 30 »Chat Room for Michael Jackson Fans (Coming Soon) 31 » MichaelJackson Ringtones (Coming Soon) Disclaimer:======================================= » This is not an officialapplication. This app is for entertainment and mere knowledge. » Ihope to give a good rating, because I will always try to give thebest » Let's support the musicians by buying all the good CD's,merchandise, tickets etc.
Baby Room Cleaning Game APK
Baby Room Cleaning Game is a game that teach kids how to cleantheirroom, and they gets intensives for that.