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Dinosaur City Hunter 3D is new intense 3D first person actionshooter game. Game contains singleplayer. You can pick from arsenalof weapons - army knife, desert eagle, RPG, sniper gun, m4 rifle,AK 47, grenade, uzi. Realistic outdoor hd graphics is compareableto visuals of AAA assault army games from high-end PC. You canconfigure graphics to fit your device, so you can play more smootlyand your movement will be more fluent. Dinosaur City Hunter 3D wasmade on unity engine. Each class contains main weapon, but you canalso buy / upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets to theprimal gun. Dinosaur City Hunter 3D Singleplayer campaign missionconsists of simple task, which is to eliminate all dinosaurs fromcity. After each finished game, you gain experience ( xp ) andbounty money.Each match is not time limited. After you die, youwill return to the war frontline battlefield, so you won't bepernamently dead. You can avenge yourself and gunshot survivingkiller dino with critical damage. Every game you gain skills, thatwill help you to achieve desirable victory.Become the best ruthlessonline hero assassin who will lead dino hunting Dinosaur CityHunter 3D in this memorable stellar game with unique feel. Dive into the new gaming experience with hours of not ordinary gameplay.-Possibility to Demolish buildings- Stunning 3D city parkl ( city3d) graphics- Hours of fun gameplay with this great jurassicsimulator- 45 Dinosaurs to pick ( Carnosaurus, triceratops,Tyrannosaurus etc)- 10 levels, more to come

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    Dinosaur City Hunter 3D
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    December 21, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Digital Dingo Games
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    house no 1548, street no 88, i10/1 Islambad Pakistan.
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BOTTLES SHOOTS: A new bottle blast game with classical touchgameplay. You can enjoy the bottle shoot sound and special effectswhile playing this action game. Do you want to shoot and breakglass Bottles blast with sound and broken animations? Then let’s goto play BOTTLES SHOOTS game.This is a basically training shootinggame where bottle is your target, if you want to get command onshooting then you will definitely love to play this realistic modelof bottles and glass game. Bottle Shoot is about shooting as manybottles as you can in the fixed amount of time. Only if you can doboth will you become a real Bottle Hunt Master! Every round isharder, than the last. You can break the bottles like bombs andshells.You have a Russian pistol to open fire on bottles withunlimited bullets. Take aim on target and open fire. Accuracy isthe most important factor of your gun firepower in any type ofshooting, so you have to be very careful about it, take Assault orSniper position whatever you want. Just before open fire you haveto stop your breath then shoot bottles and you will see smallpieces of glass bottles will be spread in the air.There aremultiple and different levels in BOTTLES SHOOTS game. When youshoot a bottle you will get score as reward and these scores willhelp you to open next levels.It’s a really fun game let’s come todownload and install you will be please to make practice ofshooting here. Have an unlimited fun playing the Bottle shoot gamewith some expert levels, which would be highly challenge able.Starting levels are easy to play but gradually the game will becomedifficult to play. Highly recommended for fun loving shooter andthose who are looking for real bottle shooting simulation game.Howto Play★ Aim and smash the bottle★ Be accurate while shooting★Accuracy will be tested in expert levels★ Aim left & right toshoot more bottles★ Shoot to winGame Features:-★ The 3D effects inthe game are very cool!★ Awesome animation of broken bottles.★Different types of target.★ Multiple levels to enjoy.★ Full of fun,Addictive and easy to control.★ No connectivity required whileplaying.
Become a secret spy on a secret mission toplaySECRET AGENT COMMANDO with a blend of agent games in ordertoassassinate the traitors, SECRET AGENT COMMANDO and drug lords.Asecret government agency has hired you for a high levelsecretmission that involves sniper shooting and assassination oftraitorsand criminals. Stay in a stealth mode to hide yourself fromtheenemies. Shoot them to eliminate crime from the society. Youaregoing to be a top-level highly trained secret agentassassin.Operate secret agent games under cover. Shoot withaccurateprecision, before the enemy fire a bullet at you. Yourgovernmentagency has provided you with the best sniper rifle gunand astealth helicopter to move around the enemy territorysecretly. Oneof the most challenging SECRET AGENT COMMANDO to testyour skills!There is no time for a training session. Just getstarted usingyour elite sneaky skills to win the war against crimeandcorruption. Save your country. Enjoy one of the best SECRETAGENTCOMMANDOUse your Sniper 3D gun shooting experience to assassinatethetraitor agents,SECRET AGENT COMMANDO and drug lords. Aim andshootto kill. Start killing in one of the best shooting games ever.It’sa free game to test your shooting skills. Time for an ultimatewaraction. Aim at evil & shoot to kill in an absolutelyamazingsecret SECRET AGENT COMMANDO. The gangster squad, drug mafiaandcorrupt leaders are ruling the country. Be prepared to fight&attack your rival gangsters. Transform the sin city into apeacefulcity to take revenge from the criminal empire. After a hardtimeassassinating the criminals, save the country as a bravesecretagent leader. Find other notorious grand criminals, fightthebrutal targeted missions, escape from the inescapable bulletsanduse your first person shooting and third person shooterskills.Rush & Explore the crime city for any crime to beat thedruglords, criminals, corrupts and traitors in the public and killthemall. Be the skilled secret agent. Grab your gun, shoot atthecriminal cars and keep running to escape fromhostilesituation.Secret Agent Sniper Assassin features:√ A blend of sniper shooting and SECRET AGENT COMMANDOs√ Action packed missions√ Play as a real spy in a realistic secret agent 3D SECRETAGENTCOMMANDO games environment√ Amazing gameplay√ Up to date sniper gun for an unparalleledshootingperformance√ Intuitive 1st person and 3rd person controlsEnjoy secret agent spy games with loads of adventure inside.
Most realistic BUS SIMULATOR 20!5 is here! with high qualitygraphic and game play, the most realistic tourist transportationbus driving simulation game on the google play store! from the veryfirst get go you are tasked to bring tourist passengers from cityto realistic hills ,Enjoy the realistic physics that make this BusSimulator stand out from other Bus Driving Games.Off-road touristbus driver game features BUS SIMULATOR 20!5 is the latestsimulation game that will offer you the chance to become a real BusDriver! Realistic maps, incredible vehicles, wonderful interiorswill make you feel like driving a real bus! It's time to get onboard and drive the bus to complete all the routes! Next-gengraphics including people animations, articulated, double andschool buses will make this bus game the best on the market!tourist Get BUS SIMULATOR 20!5 now!Interior and exterior viewRealistic physicsDifferent control optionsCoach Bus Simulator isthe first coach driving game that will teach you to drive a realcoach across different scenarios! Take people from a city toanother, show them amazing places and landscapes. Open world map,incredible vehicles, wonderful interiors will make you feel arealistic coach bus driving experience! It's time to get on boardand drive through Europe! Enter the simulation world of busdriving! Get Coach Bus Simulator now!Fully modeled 3D environmentsand vehiclesTouch buttons to gas or brake bus BUS SIMULATOR20!5Click camera to change camera view BUS SIMULATOR 20!5Realisticvisual damage BUS SIMULATOR 20!5Challenge your friends BUSSIMULATOR 20!5Animated people entering/exiting the bus BUSSIMULATOR 20!5Real life transportation driver challenges BUSSIMULATOR 20!5Realistic Controls BUS SIMULATOR 20!5Limited TimeObjectives BUS SIMULATOR 20!5Lets Enjoy! Have Fun!
Hunt or be hunted! Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition of alifetime to kill the ultimate game in Dino Hunter: Deadlyearth.HUNT DINOSAURSJourney to a hidden, untouched Jurassic islandand kill the most ferocious animals in history. Encounter Jurassicbeasts long thought extinct, from the docile stegosaurus to theterrifying T. rex.VISIT EXOTIC Jurassic LOCATIONSKill dinosaurs inlush and dangerous Jurassic environments like the shipwreck-strewncoast, overgrown jungle and dinosaur boneyard!EQUIP POWERFULWEAPONSLoad up on firepower with destructive weapons like therocket launcher and shuriken crossbow. You’ll need a powerfularsenal and an expert shooter strategy to kill thesedinosaurs!MASTER A UNIQUE SHOOTER CHALLENGE SERIESProgress throughvaried shooter series to win rifles, shotguns and assault rifles.Make your kills and complete them all for even greaterrewards!EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICSDynamic shadows, hi-res texturesand realistic Jurassic models all combine to make this one of themost beautiful dinosaur shooter games on your mobiledevice!High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!“It’s as if DIGITALMobile was listening in on my mind as I imagined how good would bewith dinosaurs.” – Kotaku“… I am totally, absolutely, 100%completely behind blasting dinosaurs with guns until they explode,and happily that's exactly what Dino Hunter: Deadly EARTH will letyou do.” – “Dino Hunter: Deadly Earth dishes up tons ofbehemoth-shooting action. It’s an easy game to enjoy.” – “DinoHunter: Deadly Earth is a solid shooter. The dinosaurs in the gameare very well detailed and the game allows you to jump right in…”PLEASE NOTE:- This game is free to play, ,. You can disable in-apppurchasing by adjusting your device settings.-This game is notintended for children.- Advertising appears in this game.- Thisgame may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chatrooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on theavailability of these features. Linking to social networking sitesare not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rulesof such social networking sites.- A network connection is requiredto play.- For information about how digital collects and uses yourdata, please read our privacy policy at: - If you have a problemwith this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature.
"REAL CAR RACING: DESERT" is a realsimulationracing scenarios and the development of a superiorquality limitparkour racing stand-alone mobile games. This is avery passionateracing game, where you can drift in the city,destroyed traffic.Cops high speed pursuit that this is your bestchoice if you likefast racing and furious drift games.Features:1. High-definition 3D images REAL CAR RACING: DESERT2. super sense of speed REAL CAR RACING: DESERT3. realistic simulation engine REAL CAR RACING: DESERT4. create your favorite models REAL CAR RACING: DESERT5. police chase REAL CAR RACING: DESERT6. A variety of vehicles to choose any of you REAL CARRACING:DESERT