/ February 12, 2016
(4/5) (88)


Are you a Dinosaur Bubble Popper Shooter master? Dinosaur Eggsbubble shooter game by “Creative Vision Apps” includes 2400colorful fun, and challenging levels + additional 100 levels inARACDE mode for the extra competitive bubble shooter players amongyou! State of the art algorithm, clean design and original conceptmakes it stand out more than all the other bubble shooter games.Think fast, play smart! Become a master of shooting bubbles!Download dinosaur eggs bubble shooter game now, play it, have funand enjoy yourself. Once you start playing you wouldn't be able toturn it off. The game play sounds easy - accurately aim a cannonand tap you finger to fire a bubble to hit other bubbles with thesame color, the more colorful bubbles you pop, the more levelsyou'll win. But you can't imagine the challenge that waits to testyour bubble shooter skills! You're progress is saved forever untilreset, so you can always continue from the same point you stoppedthe last dinosaur bubble shooter game. Bubble dinosaur Eggs isundoubtedly a game you'll never stop playing. If you like otherBubbles Shoot games, you really must check this one out!

App Information Dinosaur Eggs Bubble Shooter

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    Dinosaur Eggs Bubble Shooter
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    February 12, 2016
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    Android 3.2 and up
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    Creative Vision Apps
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