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Dinosaur Games With Eggs: Kids consists oftwogames that will make you and your kids play for hours.

Dinosaur Games Please:
Dinosaur Games Please is a level based game that consistsofcolorful little bricks. The goal of the game is to try toeliminateall the bricks in each level and pass to the next level.Be readyto come up against more colorful bricks and levels that getharderand harder.
Instruction: Dinosaur Games Please is very easy to learn andplay,each time you see two or more similar bricks touching eachotheryou have to click on them to eliminate them, just be carefulnot tolet any single brick at the end of the level, then you haveto useone of your three lives to eliminate it.

Dinosaur Eggs:
Dinosaur Eggs is a puzzle game and its purpose is to move thepiecesof the puzzle until you have the dinosaur eggsimagecompleted.
Instruction: Dinosaur Eggs play is also very easy, always there isapiece of the puzzle that is missing, if you tap on one of thepieceslocated next to the missing puzzle that piece will move, andso itcontinues the game! by moving the pieces one by one you havetocomplete the dinosaur puzzle.

We have designed cool dinosaur games for free in a way thathelpskids concentrate and have hand - eye coordination and alsohave lotof fun.

Dinosaur Games With Eggs: Kids is designed from a smallindiecompany called Cucuvayagames located in Greece, and we alwayshavelots of fun doing it.
Enjoy the game.

App Information Dinosaur Games With Eggs: Kids

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    Dinosaur Games With Eggs: Kids
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    August 12, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    50 - 100
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    Visit website Email [email protected]
    patriarchou grigoriou E 60 16233 vironas athens greece
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