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What's interesting about the game: •Encyclopedia of dinosaurs;•Finda shadow; •Find a pair; •Find differences; •Bonuses in thegame;•Pleasant music. You've probably heard about the dinosaurs oftheJurassic period, and maybe even seen in the movies, incartoons,these large monsters in parks, plains and forests ofprehistorictimes. As you know, these animals lived on Earthmillions of yearsago, even before the existence of man. Somedinosaurs were about thesize of a chicken, others were about thesize of a five-storybuilding. They had scaly skin and laid eggscovered in shells.Dinosaurs walked on two or four legs. There wereboth floating andflying dinosaurs. You can learn more about themin our game. Do youwant to have fun with huge dinosaurs? Then weoffer you a charmingapplication dinosaur games for kids. The gameconsists of fourmini-games: 1. Encyclopedia - a cards for childrenwith descriptionsand pictures of dinosaurs. Children will be ableto explore the mainspecies of these large animals. Find out size,weight, habitat,speed, what it eats and much more. Thisencyclopedia of dinosaurswill turn your boundaries of reality,because the old inhabitants ofthe earth are fraught with a lot ofunknown. 2. Find the shadow -there are 20 exciting levels in thismini game. The child must matchthe shadow to each animal. To dothis, you need to drag the littledinosaur that appears in the egg,in the upper right corner of thescreen, to its correct shadow.Such a game allows you to developimaginative and logical thinking,because the child needs to guessby the outlines of the shadowwhich dinosaur is hidden under it. 3.Find a pair - sucheducational games for children are also called"memo". In the gameyou need to look for identical pairs of cards,opening two cards ata time. If the pair does not match, the cardsare closed, and it isadvisable for the child to remember whichdinosaurs were depictedthere. There is nothing complicated, tk. thegame has differentlevels of difficulty and everyone will choose amode to theirliking. For the smallest, the 2 by 2 or 2 by 3 playersmode issuitable, older children can try 3 by 4 or 4 by 5 players,and forthe most dexterous, the more complex mode 5 by 6 and 5 by 8issuitable, even adults can be interested in this game.Thismini-game has a time timer that will record your records. 4.Findthe Difference is the favorite game of many of us. All of usinchildhood tried to find all the differences as soon aspossible,until someone else did it. Mindfulness skills are veryimportant,so we suggest you play educational games for children. Ineachlevel you need to carefully look at the pictures, at firstglancethey may seem exactly the same, but there are always 10differencesbetween them. You need to find differences as quickly aspossiblein order to get the maximum reward for the level. Ifdifficultiesarise, then you can always use the hint. Also, if youneed todistract yourself from the game, you can pause and the timerwillstop. And of course, the games provide bonuses, childrenwilldefinitely get a lot of fun and positive emotions when theyreceivestars for their efforts as a reward, for which you canunlock newlevels in mini-games. If you like dinosaurs animals forkids, thenthis dinosaur games is definitely for you. Suchchildren's gamesform thinking skills, develop visual memory,attention and logic.The child learns to compare objects, tohighlight the mainfeatures. Will reinforce the concepts of"different", "the same"and "pair". Download free games for kids anddevelop with funnydinosaurs :-)

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Puzzles without the Internet 0.0.11 APK
Puzzles is an entertaining developing and educational game,whichrequires perseverance, accuracy, patience and attentiveness.Youcan use it to have a fun and useful family evening. And youwillnot be upset in the end because of lack of one puzzle piece, asitis not possible to lose them here. Cool offline games thatworkwithout the Internet will allow you to see the problemfromdifferent angles, and learn how to take complex decisions. Whatisinteresting about the game: • Puzzles without the Internet;•Interesting different games; • Puzzles for girls and boys; •56pieces of the puzzle; • 100 pieces of the puzzle; • game savemode;• Background tooltip for the picture; • Timer; • pleasantmusic; Inour puzzle for adults it's very easy to play. You need tochooseone of the presented categories: architecture, food,animals,landscapes, transport and others. Each category has 8pictures thatcan be collected. Your task is to move pieces ofpuzzles and putthem in the right place! You can puzzle with adifferent number ofdetails: 56 or 100 pieces. Also you can alwaysselect a difficultylevel in game settings, including or disablingthe backgroundtooltip for the picture. It seems that everyone willbe able tochoose a picture for themselves, because the game hascollected 80colorful images. Plus you can arrange competitions, whowillquickly assemble the puzzle: timer will help you, it willrecordyour results and determine who has won. And during the gameyou canalways look at the picture that you are now collecting, inorder tounderstand what place to put a piece of the puzzle. Also,if youneed to leave, there is an opportunity to save the game,andcontinue the next time from the moment you left off."Puzzleswithout the Internet" are the best puzzles in the worldforchildren and adults. After all, to collect puzzles fromseparateparts is an exciting activity that allows you to spendleisuretime. Children assembling different pictures, train motorskillsand develop spatial thinking. And for adults, picking uppuzzleshelps to get away from the hassle and get ready to think.
Big puzzles 0.0.9 APK
Game's features: • Big puzzles; • 80 colorful pictures; • 10different categories; • Puzzles of 56 pieces; • Puzzles of 100pieces; • Pleasant music; "Big puzzles" is kinda likemosaic-jigsaw. This game's purpose is to collect the whole pictureusing different its parts. It can be played both by yourself singleand by your family too. Such game lets you to take a rest fromeveryday fuss. "Big puzzles" game collected 80 colorful pictures.They're separated in menu into 10 different categories: winter,summer, spring, autumn, holidays, horses, stones, clocks, furniture(interior), bridges. Having chosen proper category you could seepictures, which can be assembled. One puzzle may consist of 56 or100 pieces, that is very passionate and let you to spend time withadvantage. For more interesting gameplay there is a timer, it willrecord your best results. And a font hint, which can be turned onby pressing on a bulb will let you to cope with a task easier andto collect a puzzle. Puzzles knows no age! And this is true. A "Bigpuzzles" game is an incredibly powerful anti-stress. Puzzlesimprove imagination and perception, logic and attention, spatialthinking and patience.
Puzzles for adults 0.1.25 APK
Collecting puzzles is a very popular entertainment both amongadultsand among children. Game eatures: • Adult puzzles; • 10variouscategories of pictures; • Puzzles consist of 56 and 100parts; • Anopportunity to keep not up to the end collectedpicture; • Havingpressed the button, it is possible to look at thepicture whichneeds to be collected; • Pleasant music; • Puzzlesfor adultswithout the Internet. Probably, there is no such personwho does notlike to put puzzles. And it is no strange. Puzzles arethe cleverestgames in the world, a riddle, an intrigue whichsurely wants to besolved. Moreover it is useful to collect puzzlesand not only forchildren, but also for adults. Puzzles for adultsis a game whichnot only adults, but also children can play. Apuzzle game consistsof 10 different categories of pictures:animals, mountains, food,flowers, birds, falls, architecture,transport and marine. Eachcategory contains 8 pictures on theappropriate topic. If duringcollecting of a puzzle there aredifficulties, it is possible,having pressed the button, to look atthe initial picture. Puzzle isa fine entertainment which does achild more assiduous andrestrained, trains fine motility of handsand improves theimagination. And for adults it is extremelypowerful anti-stress andpleasant pastime. And the most importantthat mosaic-jigsaw can becollected by whole family or withfriends. And as is well-knowncommon interests pull together verywell.
Miracle of puzzles 0.0.2 APK
I wonder why many people like to collect puzzles? What is neededforthis and will it be possible for every person to collect them?Ofcourse, this interesting lesson will require spatial thinking,whichdetermines the ability to add puzzles, from a differentnumber ofdetails. You will also need attention, methodicalness,assiduity,and also much perseverance and patience it will take tocollect thepicture to the end. In Game: • Miracle of puzzles; •puzzle foradults; • Interesting different games; • a variety ofpuzzlechoices; • different levels of difficulty up to 100 pieces;•Ability to save the game; • Timer of time; • Pleasantmusic."Miracle of puzzles" is a huge choice of colorful picturesofdifferent subjects, very simple interface and nice music.Enteringthe game, you need to select a category with images, thenclick onthe picture you are going to collect now. And now it's timeto testyour capabilities. Timer time will show you what time it wastocollect this puzzle-puzzle. Also, it is possible to choosethenumber of parts from which the puzzle consists, there may be 56,or100 pieces. In the game settings you can turn off, or turn onthebackground hint to the picture. Of course, we did not forgetaboutthe preservation of the game, at any time you can click onthebutton in the form of a floppy disk and the game will be savedtothe next time to continue from the moment they stopped.Thesmartest games in the world will allow you to become evenstronger,more tolerant and smarter, and the assembled puzzles ofthe mosaicwill certainly give you an additional reason to be proudofyourself. Play cool games that work without the Internet and getalot of fun.
Puzzles 0.0.12 APK
Puzzles is an old and enthralling game, which doesn't lose it'spopularity for a long time. Game's purpose is quite simple: playerhas to collect a picture using small its parts. Their shape andnumber may be various. There are some very easy puzzles, which canbe completed for a few minutes, but for some others you have togive more time. Game's features : •Puzzles; •80 beautiful pictures;•10 different categories; •Puzzles of 56 pieces; •Puzzles of 100pieces; •Pleasant music. In a game "Puzzles" you'll find a lot ofpictures for any taste and can collect them. The game menuerepresents different categories: dogs, vegetables, ships, children,landscapes, fields, houses, roses, night, mushrooms. Having chosenproper category you may choose jigsaw-puzzle, which you want tocollect. Puzzles may contain of different pieces' number: 56 or100. To make collecting picture easier there is a special button ina game, which will show picture and that will let you understandwhere to place a piece. Also you can turn on the font hit that is ablack and white picture, divided on puzzle's pieces' borders. Thereis a timer in the game, which will help you to fix your bestresults. A "Puzzles" game will be interesting to all jigsaw fans.If you want to relax, pleasantly spend your time and train yourattentiveness, this game's for you!
Puzzles free of charge 0.1.1 APK
Puzzles were originated worldwide by english merchant ofgeographical maps. Once a merchant cutted geographical map onseparate fragments and received a jigsaw as a result. Such aninvention had great success, and began to use as in education, asin entertainment too. Through time puzzles have been changing. Atthe beginning they have been made of geographical maps and blackand white colours only, then they were separated on pieces andother pictures. After that they turned from black and white intocolorful. Today adult puzzles are very popular around the world. Weoffer you to play this fascinating "Puzzles for free" game. Thesepuzzles for adults work even without the Internet. Game's features:•Puzzles for free; •Adult puzzles; •The cleverest games in theworld; •10 different catefories; •Puzzles of 56 pieces; •Puzzles of100 pieces; •80 beautiful pictures; •Timer; •Different game modes;•Pleasant music. Game "Puzzles for free" has 10 differentcategories: berries, people, trees, cats, arbours, sunflowers,balloons, drinks, England, sunrise. In summary there are 80colorful images. Puzzles a mosaic can consist of 56 or 100 pieces,it can be chosen having pressed options button. Also, there arethree modes of the hint in puzzles for adults: - without fontpicture - with font picture - with font hint, divided on thepuzzle's pieces' borders During the game there is a possibility toturn on and see a picture of it's own, to realise where to place aneccessary fragment. Also there's a timer in a game, thanks to ityou could see your best results. A game "Puzzles for free" helpsimproving spatial thinking. All these qualities are very neccessaryin other aspects of life, on work too. That means, that yourproffessional value increases with every collected fragment.Interesting adult games will certainly give you an additionalreason to be proud of yourself!
Puzzles are big 0.0.5 APK
"Big puzzles" - is one of the most popular jigsaw type in theworld.Both children and adults loving play it to distract fromeverydayfuss. Game's features: •Puzzles are big •puzzles withouttheInternet •Puzzles of 56 pieces •Puzzles of 100 pieces •80beautifulpictures •Timer •Different game modes •Pleasant music Ina game"Puzzles are big" can be found pictures of different topics:road,citrus, animals, bouquets, Venice, teadrinking, leaves,fountains,carnival, canyons. By choosing one of 10 categories youcan seepictures, which can be collected. In game you can choosegame'sdifficulty level by your own: - puzzle of 56 pieces - puzzleof 100pieces - without font picture - with font picture - withfontpicture, divided on puzzle's pieces' borders In our game thereis atimer of time, which will help to add to the game process acertainexcitement. Putting new records in the puzzle for adults isveryexciting. Also, you can see the picture during the game, inorder toput a piece of the puzzle in its place. Puzzles are themostintelligent games in the world. The importance of puzzlesandpuzzles is directly related to their complexity, despite thefactthat all people are unique in their own way and usedifferentapproaches to solving problems. Interesting differentgames workwonders, as with children, with adults, and with olderpeople. Allbenefit from improved memory, brain development,creativity andpeace of mind.
To collect puzzles 0.0.4 APK
Sometimes we reflect whether there is some interesting game whichitis possible to play all family, free evening, or day off? Ofcourseis! These are the cleverest games which can be calleddifferently:puzzles mosaic, adult puzzles, interesting puzzles andeven pvzla.Such games allow to spend time with advantage. Featuresof game: •It is always fascinating to collect puzzles; •Interesting gamewithout the Internet; • puzzle for adults; • bigpuzzles on 56pieces; • big puzzles on 100 pieces; • 80 colourfulpictures; • timetimer; • game preservation mode; • backgroundhints to the picture;• pleasant music. In the game "To collectpuzzles" you will be ableto collect 80 beautiful pictures whichare distributed on thecorresponding categories. It is possible toput puzzles on 56 and100 pieces, it is also possible to include insettings of game, orto disconnect the background hint to thepicture. Puzzles for adultswithout the Internet will allow to setup new records because ingame there is time timer. And duringassembly of a puzzle there isan opportunity to look at the picturewhich you collect now to put apuzzle piece on the right place. Andone more pleasant moment, ingame is the preservation button if atyou for some reason now it isimpossible to collect the picture,then you will be able to continueanother time since that moment onwhich stopped. The game "Tocollect puzzles" effectively developsinductive thinking, logic andattention, imagination andperception. Adult interesting games willbe allowed to holdpleasantly evening in the bosom of the family, orto pass away timeon the way.