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The city bridge is full of soldiers and combat tanks... what ishappening? We are on the year 3195. For several years dinosaurscoexist with humans in freedom and peacefully. Despite this,dinosaurs are not convinced about leaving humans ruling. Theymistreat and hunt animals and dinosaurs and ruled the worldhigh-handedly. Now dinosaurs are ready to win over the humancities. The war against humans has started.We are powerful animals,tired of being hunted, and now we want to rule the entire world.Humans are weak and they can not hunt us if we are all together.Are you ready to go to war on our side!?When you are ready, juststart playing this amazing game full of action. Try to take overthe city full of combat tanks, weapons and soldiers. You are astrong dinosaur, the hero of this funny game, and they will try tohunt you.The war is getting more and more violent and as a dinosauryou have to run through the city as far as you can to let peopleknow that dinosaurs are already conquering the world. For themission of this animal race games you can choose one of ourfearsome dinosaur leaders and start the race through the city tospread terror amongst humans. Your main goal is to survive thetanks attacks in a continued race towards the freedom of dinosaurs.Humans will be trying to hunt you. Combat tanks will be alsowaiting for you and the war will never end until a dinosaur achievethe highest score in this addictive races for your survival. Whatdinosaur will you pick up for the combat for this funny game?Do notforget to share with your friends your highest score of the bestraces of this animal games on Twitter, Facebook andGoogle+!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook: www.facebook.com/LabCaveGames

App Information Dinosaur Hunt War Tanks Combat

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    Dinosaur Hunt War Tanks Combat
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    February 1, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Best Free Funny Games
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    Calle Quintana 2, 2ª Planta 28008 Madrid, Spain
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