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Dinosaur Hunter City Survival is a dino hunting action game.Stalk,shoot and catch your prey in the city, to be the best dinosaurhunter. Save your people in chaos, help them escape from rampagedinosaurs.Hungry, angry dinos get out of Jurassic Era and come toyour city, destroy, kill and hunt for what they want.In thedinosaur hunter city survival world, you'll get impressed by highquality of the hunting game, kinds of dinosaurs are as alive asreal. You can shoot them with rifle and expand your bonusstuff.Walking on city streets, encounter Jurassic dino beasts, fromCarnotaurus, Spinosaurus to furious T-Rex. Load up firepower withdestructive weapons. Stalk, find cover, choose position, and shootthem all. Become an ultimate dino hunter, shoot for more prey!Keepalert for surroundings, because not only you hunt for dinosaur incity, but also dinos are hunting after you. Hunting or hunted?Let's go and prove it!As a dinosaur hunter in this breathtaking anddangerous terrain, you should pass levels to win bonuses forsurvival. So real a hunting game, pistol, sniper rifles, carbine,shotgun, and sharp army knife equipped. Stock more in weaponarsenal, maximum increase your survival possibility.Dinosaur HunterCity Survival is a high quality dino hunting game for everydayplay, and a free 3D mobile action fps (first person shooter) gamefor android, and the real dino chasing and hunting simulator.

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    Dinosaur Hunter City Survival
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    February 15, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Imba Surv
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Carnotaurus Hunter 1.2 APK
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Carnotaurus Hunter thrilling stimulation can not get sniper gameExplore a huge 3D world of dinosaurs, you crossed, here is thedinosaur hunting simulation, it is real life! High-definitionpicture quality. Using a unique hunting accessories! Unique 3Denvironment, including trees and houses, you can use differenttactics to defeat the dinosaur, remember to let your hands alwaysstay on the trigger of the gun, the only way you cansurvive.Feature- Huge 3D time to enjoy the real picture- Differentguns have different functions- Do not hurt protect human- Emergencyuse infrared radar targeted- Try to aim at the head, it will bemore secureNonlinear close to reality hunting experience, allowingplayers roam through vast landscapes, tracking prey dinosaur.
Shoot Mad Diplodcus FPS 1.2 APK
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Kill mad diplodocus jurassic real time 3d scene.Dino seekingrevenge after people appeared, continue to occupy the land wheredinosaurs lived lead to smaller and smaller, now angered them, havebegun to look for opportunities to retaliate, they now occupied aborder town, people live here, gradually reduced, or even a littledinosaur have been killed, and now you are the elite sniperappeared, and beat them you have to complete the task. Otherwise,you might die here, and here the dead man.Dino is a beast snipergame. the game provides different guns for your choice, you can nowchoose a suitable, killing them to complete the task.Gamefeatures:- Huge realistic 3D scenes- Awesome action packed-Jurassic Park lifelike dinosaurs- Different types of arms, clanattack- Keep your chances of hunting successDefeat prey, dominate,run, win the battle, win the war! Is a killer!
Dinosaur Hunter Simulator 1.2 APK
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Dinosaur Hunter Simulator is a thrilling 3D game. Explore the hugecity map with your giant 3D Dinosaur.Dinosaurs have been mad, beingwantonly destroyed buildings and harm humans. Hunt and look at thedinosaurs, from small to giant, from herbivores to carnivores, inthis fabulous simulation. This outstanding high-end shooting gamegives you the wonderful opportunity to explore and dive into theimpressive dinosaur adventure, has a great land of the woods withday and night versions, full of different dinosaur species. You area hunter or prey in this exciting dinosaur hunter game? Play andyou will find out.Your mission is to destroy a certain amount ofhunting on you prehistoric predators at every level. If you willmanage to survive in a fight thanks to your battle skills, then foreach completed level you will get more coins to buy more powerfulgun.Pick up guns, hunting dinosaurs, bring peace to the city.
Frontier Animals Hunting 2016 1.2.4 APK
Imba Surv
Fight for survival through multiple game modes. Ramp up the actionin boss missions, test your skills in sniper missions and helpvirus survivors to safety in support missions.Play Jurassic landwarriors sent to front-line fighters hunters, it will be difficultfor evil or killer, carnivore Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus andVelociraptor, Pterosaur. Rush through hunting, with no extremehunting wiped out most of the runner-up demand. The game has manyweapons to choose from: Deagle, AWP, AW50, Deagle, AK47,AS50,AS50,M4A1, bombs, medical kit. M4A1, AWP, AW50, bombs, medicalkit. Kill the enemy get gold awards, gold can be used to buyweapons. This is a real sniper war!Sounds effects and music willtake you into the world of the first person shooter. Feel as if youare there and experience real combat.Shoot your way through animmersive, fully realized 3D civilization complete with fantasticundead animations and graphics. It’s the next level in smartphonefirst person shooters.Game features:- Realistic weather conditionsand new challenges to your task- Complicated cases, the hijackedbuildings and gauntlet- Intense battle scenes and challengingtasks- Play Elite SWAT killer to save the world- Each level has adifferent mission accomplished- SWAT forces, elite snipers, armoredvehicles and more enemies Ratings- CHALLENGES survival game and youcapture very thrilling sniper headshot- Gather components to expandyour sniper teamYour feedback and comments on our assessment ofvalue
Rhino Hunter 1.2 APK
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Rhino Hunter is a 3D realistic scenes of epic games.Improve yourhunting skill, the more you play to improve your chances ofsurvival. Take effective control and rhino hunt enemy animals.Survival is interesting, where you only destroy the enemy in orderto better survive, the world is likely to occur eagles, wild boar,cheetah, elephants, zebras, rabbits, etc., in there you can notthink.Features:- Up dozens of checkpoints, exercise your technique-Upgrade your weapons- High action gameplay- Record your huntvictoryRhino hunter realistic 3D scenes, so you immersivefeeling.We know that the application is not perfect, and we welcomeyour suggestions and criticisms.
Sabertooth Tiger Hunter 1.3 APK
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Sabertooth Tiger hunter is a real people thrilling 3D games。Beastfrom the Jurassic history threatens the entire city, manicsaber-toothed tiger in the streets to hunt down citizens, now it isthe hunter out of time, and here you have to control development tothe situation, play up your protagonist can not let thesaber-toothed tiger grab the limelight .Through a variety of gamemodes fight for survival, to complete a variety of difficult tasks,test your sniper skills to the task, and the city's residents tohelp eliminate these nasty guy.Features:- Stunning 3d graphicsenvironment- Play a virtual hunter- Kill the target you need tocomplete tasks- Lots of fun sound effects and time- Addictivegameplay realistic animation- Beautiful desertenvironmentExperience the real world 3D graphics, allowing youthinking you immersive feeling!
Dinosaur Hunter 1.2 APK
Imba Surv
Dinosaur Hunter is a thrilling hunting T-Rex dino actiongame.Rampage Tyrannosaurus are hunting citizens on streets. Thegiant beasts from Jurassic era threaten the whole city. Time tocall back all elite gold hunter, hunting all of them down.Likeother tyrannosaurids, Tyrannosaurus was a bipedal carnivore with amassive skull balanced by a long, heavy tail. So it's verydangerous to battle against a pack of terrifying T-Rex face toface.Wanna become a skilled dinosaur hunter? Firstly, equippowerful weapons, with destructive damage. Search, stalk, shoot andcatch your dino pray in the city, to be the best dinosaur hunter.Save your people in chaos, help them escape from rampagedinosaurs.In the dinosaur hunter game, you'll get impressed by highquality of the hunting game, kinds of dinosaurs are as alive asreal. Dynamic shadows and realistic dinosaur models enable you toenjoy a real dino hunting journey. You can shoot them with rifleand expand your bonus stuff.Complete daily missions to win tons ofcoins to buy more destructive weapons, like powerful assaultrifle.Keep alert for surroundings, because not only you hunt fordinosaur in city, but also dinosaurs are hunting after you. Hunt orbe hunted? Life is on your own hands!Load up firepower withdestructive weapons. Stalk, find cover, choose position, and killall dinosaurs. Become an ultimate dino hunter, shoot for morepray!As a dinosaur hunter in this thrilling and dangerous terrain,you should pass levels to win bonuses for survival. To be a dinohunter king, catch your prey!
Hunt Rampage Tiger 1.2 APK
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Hunt Rampage Tiger is a true 3D game scenes, as if they werealive.City life is thriving wild tigers in the wild brutal ruled inthis urban legend Tiger FPS next chapter is here! Implications ofwildlife and Hunt Rampage Tiger roam the world. Fortunately, as agun producer, depending on the tasks you want to accomplish enoughto challenge the level of those beasts to shoot your way. killtiger is a new shooting, action-packed first-person shooter games:Sniper.Must always ensure that your hand on the trigger, so as toprevent the raging beast hurt you to survive. Upgrade your weaponsand skills, as a survivor, and more likely to kill as many beastsas you can.Features:- Amazing 3D graphics- Awesome background musicand sound- The toughest opponent- A new, innovative level design-Challenges of different difficultyIf you're a fan and you like FPSgames. Such as: COD, dead trigger or brother, then the Hunt RampageTiger is your next adventure!