1.0 / April 6, 2016
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Get ready for the best hunting adventureofyour life in the Jurassic locations. Hunt deadly dinosaurs inthisaction packed dinosaur game, Dino Hunter – Sniper Shooting. Inthemost realistic environments, breath taking graphics and realtimesound effects you get to hunt them all alone.

App Information Dinosaur Hunter Sniper Shooter

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    Dinosaur Hunter Sniper Shooter
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  • Updated
    April 6, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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  • Installs
    50 - 100
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Dinosaur Hunter Deadly Shooter 1.2 APK
Dinosaur Hunter Deadly ShooterMillions of years ago, dinosaurs appeared and ruled the earthforabout 135 million years until an extinction event came to wipeoutthem. They were of several kinds and prehistoric reptilesthatlived during the Era of Reptiles. Dinosaurs were dominant,powerfuland unchallenged for years as they were known as powerrangers.They were impregnable and obstinate on the front of everydangerand combat. Suppose, if history repeats itself and dinosaurscameback. Would we defeat them or face their wilderness thatdoesn’tnot care whose life it’s squeezing.Game PlanIn this game, you would face a deadly jungle hunt but atanotheramazing level. The lethal command of Jungle will not forgiveyou,so you need to be agile, proactive and gallant to battle inthisgame of dominance. If you would not fight, you will be atmercyjust like an afternoon snack whose flesh will be eaten bydinos. Socompete for your glory and win this contest or become aprey ofthis cruel hunter.Dinosaur Hunter Deadly Shooter will give you a closer glimpseoffierce Velociraptor with 3D effects. Featured withsurprisinggraphics, true-to-life animations, and incredibleenvironment, thedeadly shooter game will provide you real-timeadventure andthrill. Secure your talent, grab your power, use yourinstinct andjust strap in, you are hunting dinosaurs now. Yousniper gun isyour only aid and friend, so use it on time andcompetently. Youhave to practice well to ensure your huntingskills. This huntermission will glue your eyes to your mobilescreen and excite youevery moment.These T-rex monsters will frighten you with theirundulatinganimosity but you have to survive as long as you can. Becertainabout your success and furnish yourself with an armory ofweaponsand endurance to face and defeat the Dino predator ardentlyandfearlessly.Salient Features1. Hunt ruthless Dinosaur influx with sniper and influence.2. challenge yourself and break your own personal best scoreswhileplaying ‘Infinite Mode’3. Use mobile settings to customized your responsive options4. Ask your friends to beat your score by uploading your numberonsocial media5. Nail your supremacy with explicit gaming experience andGooglePlay.6. Keep records of your achievements in this deadly game andmakeunbreakable records against the brutal dinos.
Offroad Truck Hill Racing 4x4 1.4 APK
Now experience inciting entertainment of liveMonster Truck Stunt Rider, straight to your tablet, PC or mobilephone round the clock. This is an exciting, crazy and dynamicmobile game and will not allow you to relive until you would notcreate havoc and destruction in each obstacle and barriers. MonsterTruck Rider is purposely built with extremely large wheels andsuspension adjacent motocross, mud bogging, tractor pulls andcar-eating android features. This game will make you crazy whilecrushing smaller vehicles, challenging hurdles, and over the most,man-made restrictions. Monster Truck is equipped with remoteshut-off switches to escape you from an accident and uncertaindanger but commands you to do maximum destruction during fast-speedracing. Monster Truck Stunt Rider will climb hills, smash throughtop barriers, jump like a jet and race in freestyle.Monster Trick will cross dangerous and deadly tracks, accompanyinghills, jumps, and bridges. The game has many challenging levelswhich you can unlock while competing with friends and family.However, smooth flow and drastic controls force you to accomplishhigh levels and scores that will be absolutely impractical.Experience realistic sounds and feel havoc and destruction of amassive level with excellent audio and visuals effects. MonsterTruck Stunt Rider is also racing with Xperia Play gamepad toprovide you ultimate thrill of destruction where only crazy thingsare powerful and rule the world.Features1. Fan favorite thrill, recreating in breathtaking detail and fullelaborated training.2. Classic Monster Truck to compete for monsters antagonists.3. Release your Monster Truck Stunt rider in unusual HDenvironment.4. Unique and destructive modes of the game.5. Smooth controls and excellent graphics.6. Featured with new contents, modes, explosive levels and newcircumstances7. The enormous variety of score levels such as hill climbs,precision stage, loop-the-loops and much more.8. Customized dashboards, easy methods with separate boards.9. Outstanding resolution and play mood, run on every device.10. 100% free to play beginning levels.
Zombie Shooter Death: 2016 1.0 APK
Zombie Shooter is a first person shootinggamefor smartphone
Dinosaur Hunter Sniper Shooter 1.0 APK
Get ready for the best hunting adventureofyour life in the Jurassic locations. Hunt deadly dinosaurs inthisaction packed dinosaur game, Dino Hunter – Sniper Shooting. Inthemost realistic environments, breath taking graphics and realtimesound effects you get to hunt them all alone.
Modern City Sniper Assassin 16 1.0 APK
You are a super Modern City SniperAssassinhero working for your country’s top secret agency ofspecial armed forces group and your role is of an undercoveragentwhere you have to shoot tokill the most wanted criminals of your country in multiplesilentassassin missions & upgradeyour skills, all those criminals have been sentenced to death bythetop court of the country inabsentia. Missions added in Modern City Sniper Assassin aremostwanted missions, where you areon a special secret mission to hunt down and kill those criminalsincriminal city in this gameof war and book their tickets to hell. Being a Super SniperAssassinHero you have to safeguardthe victims who are suffering from the criminal offence oftheseoffenders. You should not showany mercy for these killers so be an ultimate modern sniper heroanda real hitman sniper shooteras you can’t compromise on the lives of innocent peoples tryingtoescape for their lives so beready for an ultimate shoot to kill mission and Save theciviliansin cross fire and bombexplosion so Aim and Shoot! and take headshots in one ofthedeadliest assault missions of itskind like real game of war.Since Criminals have proved guilty of executing horribleterrorattacks that are illegal andpunishable by law like, serial killer, prison escape,DrugPossession, Drug Trafficking /Distribution, child kidnapping, Robbery, Money Laundering,traitorto the nation etc., theselawbreakers must be wiped off with your top sniper shootingskills& training, using multiplehigh profile sniper guns and assault rifles so be an elitekillerand shoot them all in this #1realistic 3D first person shooting game.It’s not a war on terror but rather a more dangerous game ofwarwith criminals hidden withinsociety so you must play your role as its call of duty fromthecountry and your state is instate of emergency so your role is key to combat any riotsandtragedy in case these criminalssucceeds in executing their plans.Modern City Sniper Assassin 3D is more realistic game of2016having real time scenarios incombating and encountering criminal’s plans in multipledeadlymissions, so take the cover andinvade the enemies of humanity as a silent assassin hitman andhonoryour commitment with yourduty for country as its game of war & don’t let your peoplegetin to fire age.The game is totally free.You can get the gold coins byshootingthe enemies, so you can upgradeto other more advanced guns.Modern City Sniper Assassin 3D is top elite sniper shootingandbest action game so apply yourbest sniper counter strike skills and steal the victory inthismodern warfare.Game Features1 Dozens of deadly missions like a warfare.2 Huge variety of modern sniper weapons3 Sophisticated Sniper rifles4 Latest Assault rifles5 Customized weapons for long range shooting and damage6 Great environment7 3D Realistic Graphics8 Multiple currencies and rewards9 Best ever game play10 Full of thrill and chaos.
Dog Whistle Training App 2021 – Free Clicker App 1.4 APK
Whistle Training App: Dog training is very important becauseuntrained dogs makes very dirty things in your bedroom andbarkingevery time is the problematic for you. For this purpose, welaunchour app to train your dogs through whistles. Training Sounds:Trainyour dog through different sounds that’s inaudible for humanandaudible for dogs. If you want to stop barking your dog so usethisapp and train your dog. If your dog make your bedroom toilet sousethis app to train your dog to prevent this dirty thing. Youcantrain your dog through this helpful tool with easier clickerandwhistle. Strat your dogy training and feel happy. Best freeAndroidApp.