1.0 / June 14, 2016
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Dinosaur Revenge 2016 is the Jurassic beast strikes the modern cityagain. Dinosaurs are back from the Jurassic Age! Play as aninfuriated dinosaur warped out of its time period. The city onceyours is riddled by strange, tiny, two legged creatures…they screamloudly and run pretty fast! Don’t let those tiny arms deter youfrom claiming back your home! Wander around the city destructingwhatever gets in your way. Chase and crush invaders. Here is achance to not only watch realistic dinos in this age but also beone of them! The ultimate Dinosaur simulator adventure game youhave been waiting for : Dinosaur War in the Tropics. Take controlof a Trex. It all takes place on a massive tropical Island withbeautiful designed scenery . Dinosaur Revenge 2016 features: 20ACTION PACKED MISSIONS •Realistic Animated Dinosaurs •Awesome 3DSuburban City Environment and jungle Environment •Play As T-Rex•Smooth And Easy Controls •Multiple levels with challenginggameplay •Install and play to become an ancient beast!

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    Dinosaur Revenge 2016
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    June 14, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    RG Games
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