2.0 / February 14, 2016
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Hi All! Dinosaur Safari Hunter is epicself-narrative raptor game expedition, that discovers the revengeof angry safari dinosaur’s rush, which has become carnivores rexinstead of insectivorous rex, the dinosaur lives on real safaritrail, and attacks on animals and tries to kill the other same hisspecies of beast animals, to become the king of time in this freedinosaur game. The amazingly immersive, state of the art addictedand lovely game play will surprise you. Try it now! On Google PlayStore. Dare to play immediately!

Dinosaur Safari Hunter 3D game is the best of the best dinosaurgame amongst other ferocious beast animal games, in this freedinosaur hunter game act as ace fierce safari dinosaur whichreaches to the target sharply fast for hunting in forest, in thebattle of survival dinosaur attacks on other species of dinos likecarnotaurus, ankylosaurus, parasaurolophus, velociraptor,spinosaurus, apatosaurus, brontosaurus, sabertooth etc., alsoattack on other species of animals in the jungle like lion, zebra,wolf, baboon, leopard, elephant. The Jurassic environment withcarnotaurus, ankylosaurus, parasaurolophus, velociraptor,spinosaurus, apatosaurus, brontosaurus, sabertooth etc. is stunningand it will give the feel of amazon forest which can be reachedonly by helicopter etc. or travel by driving heavy constructiontype of truck to reach target destination. The jungle is becomingJurassic marsh island and even turning into human bone yard, sobecome hungry predator for the forest animals, don’t let themsurvive the waves of the hungry beast horde beast rampage. Rebuildthat ice age arena coast like era of dash. Play as wild hunter inwild DINOSAUR SAFARI HUNTER,

Do not loose just try! Take a chance from Monster White SharkRevenge and Girls Car Racing makers team. It’s an awesome game forany age kid and youngster without any violence or blood.

Features for the 2016 Dinosaur Game:

- 10 Challenging stages.
- Beautiful ice age era locations to hunt down wild horde.
- Stunning Game play with smooth control of joystick
- Awesome graphics with vibrant colors
- HD sound effects for ultimate enjoy

App Information Dinosaur Safari Hunter

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    Dinosaur Safari Hunter
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    February 14, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    APPATRIX - Racing & Stunts Games 3D
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    100 - 500
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    35P, Reading Road, Edisson NJ USA
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Hey people, Zoo Truck driving:FarmAnimals 3D, Have experience to make your own zoo on wild animalfarm. Amazing wild animals in farm like lion, zebra, wolf, gorilla,leopard etc. etc., bring them to your private zoo. Awesomelyamazing zoo and wild farm animals transporter game with realistictransport truck for wild farm and zoo animals. Add new level to thezoo animal transport games to act as a wild farm animal transportertruck driver. Boost your zoo transport truck games fun into awesomeanimal transport simulator, it requires master skills! Zoo animaltransporter games are at new level. Zoo truck driving farm animals,is one of the unique wild animal transport simulator, it is goingto be a top notch feast, for zoo transport animal games lovers.Create your own zoo, after wild and beast animals transport fromjungle to city. A fun experience for all ages including kids, whoare game lovers as well. Have fun with lion, zebra, wolf, gorilla,leopard, deer etc. etc., and many more jungle animals. Boys andgirls with all people, in this animal simulator game is hot believeit, the jolt of joy will surround you. In this wild farm truck transporter game, you will act as a cargotruck driver to deliver wild and dangerous beasts to the city zoo.People, these wild beasts have come to the town from variousplaces, need to be transported safely to the city zoo. Beingdelivery driver you are assigned with real job, as this is nolivestock control. It's the untamed and savage lot like the King ofthe jungle itself. These ferocious creatures demand to be vigilantand careful. You must have a yen for thrill and passion for thisduty. First you need to load the beasts onto your cargo transportvehicle. Be careful as not to get in their way and move them intothe trailer.Now, get behind the wheels and handle manually, using thesteering with other controllers. While animal movement, you must doit in a way that won't cause any injury or harm to animals. Ensuretheir safe and sound delivery to the target which is city zoo.After delivering the cargo to the city zoo, must park your trailerin the pre-defined parking area. Whenever you parked the vehicle, alevel will be completed. The challenge must be completed within thegiven time. You can enjoy a beautiful city environment and a foresttype environment in this game, which will make your drivingexperience more real.You have definitely not played a simulator such as this before.It's your time to display some courage, bravery with responsibilityis required, to operate this heavy trailer loaded with a wildanimal cargo. Take on this adventurous job, and download thissimulator instantly to enjoy the life of a wild farm animaltransporter in a truck.In this 3D zoo animal truck driving game, you can act n enjoy asan animal truck driver, with the best mega realistic truck. Fastenyour seat belt and drive cargo truck animal trailer and be thehighway king of this heavy truck games. Dare yourself to become adriver of this huge cattle transporter truck. This game isawesomely unique game, for transport truck drivers and animallovers. Simulate various animals of the time, then enjoy a drivewith truck and transport. Earn money and build a mega zoo or animalfarm for your city people.Features:- Mega city to explore.- 10 challenging levels to complete.- Realistic and smooth truck controller.- Many animals simulator with HD graphics.- Compatible with all android devices.Believe it! you have not played such great animal farm animaltransporter game. So revive the awesomeness in animals transport,mingle with the concept of 3D truck trailer farm cattle transportergames. You might have experienced simple farm animals games ortransport games, but this is the best free animal transportsimulator, with the fun of zoo animal and farm cattle trucktransporter. So take it now and enjoy the ride of ZOO TRUCKDRIVING:FARM ANIMALS 3D Simulator.
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Police Dog Chase:Crazy Rush 1.0 APK
Everyone love pets and creatures! PoliceDog Chase Crazy Rush 3D is awesome amongst dog chase the criminalsgames.The dog works with Police and other law enforcement institutions,to stop the crimes in city for dwellers and act as police rescuedog. It has the concept of police vs thief and police dog games tochase down the gangsters and street criminals, with top policechase target in missions like angry and crazy runner hunting dog,having passionate stamina. Mostly the dog is used for hunting butin this solitary dog chase game, German Shepherd Dog is workingwith law enforcement people to catch thief, burglars, smugglers,most wanted criminals and other vendetta feudal lords in society inform of hidden criminals, within this police vs criminals pursuitgame which is Police Dog Chase Crazy Rush 3D on google playstore.This is the police chase game with pursuit of trained Germanshepherd dog chase vs criminals, which work with full potentiallike angry crazy hunter, to vanish crimes for general public.Gameplay is awesome and full with jolt of fun. Robbers, thieves,buglers, smugglers etc. etc. and criminals try to escape aftercrime, but hunting dog plays important role in Police vs Criminalsactivities in this dog simulator game. This is awesome likeinfinitely run and chase of criminal vendettas and sharply solvehidden, unsolved criminal cases either in crime city of SanAndreas, Vegas Metro City area or Miami Metro City areas of USA orin other parts of the world.Challenge yourself as a perfect police trained hunting dog. Enjoythe POLICE DOG CHASE:CRAZY RUSH.Police Dog Chase Crazy Rush in 2016 Features :- 10 Challenging levels- Awesome crime city environment- Dog hunting criminal suspects- Full trained German shepherd chase- Wonderful police vs thief like missions of breeding dog- Excellently awesome sound effects- High quality 3D graphics and exciting gameplay