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Dive Deep is an Underwater Experience for use withDive:www.durovis.comby Stefan Welker

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    Publish Date: 2015 /12/20
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 17.3 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.4 (KitKat, API: 19)
    File Sha1: beb0bef6d5d135d60de996f87fea3913cd387229
    APK Signature: 734ace26ee43f5f22f18c11305312b6b6d5fb3ca

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Dive 2.5 APK
Your portal to Virtual Reality: The Dive AppDive into the game anddiscover morePlay videos from your smartphone or the web with ourbrand new in-game filebrowser!Supported features includehead-track-following for automatically centered view, planar viewand spherical projection. Video contents with single image,Side-By-Side and Over-Under format supported.Dive can be controlledwith touch or magnet button. You can use the in-game filebrowser oran external content provider like the gallery, a file manager, thedownload folder app etc).Touch the screen or trigger the magnet invideo player, to show settings menu.www.durovis.comVersion 2.5-added PDF supportVersion 2.4- Fixed left/right issue with sbsvideosVersion 2.3- Added immersive mode for devices withsoftbuttons- Fixed resolving of content:// uris- Improved videoplayback and controls- Tuned app startVersion 2.2- Removed Depth ofField effect Version 2.1- Fixed 'black screen' issueVersion 2.0-Fixed memory allocation error when loading many big textures atonceVersion 1.9- Changed design and added in-gamefilebrowserVersion 1.8- Fixed video bug that occurred ontabletsVersion 1.7- Added support for tabletsVersion 1.6- FixedVideo BugVersion 1.4- New layout and features for morecontentVersion 1.3- Improved usage for starting appsVersion 1.2 -Added accelerometer fallback support for devices with no gyro,performance will not be the same without gyro- Improved trackingconvergence.- Fullscreen support on devices with navigation bars
Dive Deep 1.0 APK
Dive Deep is an Underwater Experience for use withDive:www.durovis.comby Stefan Welker
Dive City Rollercoaster 1.7 APK
by Stefan WelkerGo on a 3D ride through dive city - look around andenjoy!Best used on Durovis Dive, OpenDive or GoogleCardboard.changes Version 1.7- axis correction for devices withlandscape default orientationchanges Version 1.6- new Menu withInformation about Dive- Tablet support with Auto ScalingchangesVersion 1.4:-App plays in fullscreen without navigationbars.-updated with gyro-less accelerometer mode
The Height 2.02 APK
The Height by Stefan WelkerAn exploration game to be played usingDurovis Dive or Google CardboardMove around and climb thefuturistic scaffolding and collect as many items as possible -while being in the game. Immersive 3D virtual reality game, one ofthe first games to use with the Durovis Dive or Open Dive. -Version2.1:-Cardboard support-Drift correction-IPD adjustment-Tabletcompatible (Dive 7, Project Tango)-High Score -Version 1.7changes:- Game now plays in fullscreen without navigation bar-Detection for missing Gyro includes Accelerometer Mode (lessperformance than with gyro (not turning possible))
Dive Unity Demo 2.1 APK
OpenDive / Dive Unity Head Tracking Demonstration 2.02- addedbinaries for armv7, mips and x86OpenDive / Dive Unity Head TrackingDemonstration 2.0- smoother rendering- less jitter in lowerframerate applications- new prediction algorithm- automatic driftcalibration (leave phone still for about 10 to 20 seconds)Thesource code and the plugin for Unity are available at the DurovisDive Site:http://www.durovis.com/sdk.htmlThis Demo is for use withthe Dive Virtual Reality Goggles system.The only intention of thisapp is the demonstration of Headtracking functionalities of yoursmartphone in conjunction with a Head Tracking Software.Please donot rate this app based on the graphics or the gameplay, as thereis almost none. Please rate it according to the Head Trackingquality that you experience and include the type of your smartphonein the comments, for us to investigate problems or issues.
Dive 360 Speedflying 1.1 APK
Dive by Durovis, the revolutionary way to experience videos. ThisSpeedflying 360 degree video in conjuction with Dive, createsrevolutionary immersion in a 360 seamless surround video.ExperienceSpeedflying as if you were doing it yourself.Insert your phone intoDive and move your head around to look at this awesome flight.Thiscontent is in Side By Side for use with Dive.Camera : EmeseBiroPilot: Zsolt MihalyfiWing: Swing Spitfire 18m2shot with the360cam at La Grave, France.for another movie about theproject:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQvx6ph3Y0o
Food on the Moon 1.2 APK
Evil food fanatics conquered the moon and set up an illegal farm tospam earths markets with super cheap space food. Your mission is toenter their base and make peace with their leader. But beforeyou'll be able to do this, you have to persist a flood of spacefood by using your Project Tango devices ability to track yourposition. To play this game you'll need a Durovis Dive 7 and aTango Tablet, or Dive 6 and a Phab2Pro.Don't stop moving and remainclean - earth is counting on you!
BubbleCars 1.3 APK
Race around the 3D track in your Bubble Car!Best used with DurovisDive and OpenDive.