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Well Dreamers, I know many of you arenewspaperlovers and really want to read newspaper. But what canyou do withnewspaper after you read them and they are notinteresting anymore?Don't worry!! Top Dreamer has for you 20 cutediy newspaperdecoration ideas.
The old newspapers are excellent material for making amazingdecorornaments for home. Use them to make an interestingflowers,wreath, Christmas ornaments and many others ornamentsfordecoration. You can make also very creative and unique itemsforhome like frames, newspaper mirror, newspaper lightinstallationetc. So, don't threw away the old newspaper, they couldbe used fordecorating your home. Look below for some diy newspaperdecorationideas and enjoy decorating your home!!
Have a stack of newspapers that you want to recycle andrepurpose?We have 30 awesome DIY projects that you cancreate!
A lot of newspapers are exclusively online now (which is waybetterfor the environment), but I know quite a bit of people whostillreceive newspapers. You can of course recycle newspapers inyourrecycling bin, but every now and then, there are DIY projectsusingnewspaper that catch my eye! I love the black and white text,thecolorful comic section, and the grey, vintage-looking paper —greatcombinations for projects if you ask me! Here are 30 of myfavoritenewspaper projects that I've found around the wonderfulweb:
1. DIY newspaper wedding bouquet
2. Make fun party poms
3. Create newspaper flowers
4. Build newspaper structures with your kids
5. Newspaper pom poms
6. Make plant pots from recycled newspaper
7. Create newspaper roses
8. The classic newspaper hat
9. Weaved newspaper basket
10. Recycled newspaper art
11. Decoupage a vintage lampshade
12. Make newspaper popcorn holders
13. Rolled newspaper picture frame
14. Make a fabulous pinata
15. Newspaper canvas artwork
16. DIY newspaper yarn
17. Simply frame an old newspaper and use it as wall art
18. Make a paper bowl
19. Fold newspaper into an origami box
20. Wrap presents with newspaper
21. Hand spun recycled newspaper yarn
22. Create a child's witch hat
23. Newspaper art for kids
24. Sew a newspaper dress
25. Woven newspaper clutch
26. DIY newspaper table skirt
27. Wallpaper a ceiling with newspaper
28. Recycled newspaper coasters
29. 5 fun newspaper crafts for kids
30. Woven newspaper table runner
Now it's time for you to get crafty with newspaper! Which projectdoyou want to try first?
The most obvious use for newspaper, is to use it for papermache,but the ideas here today are more about newspaper in it'snaturalstate… so if you do not like papier mache.. do not fear…..theseare all “normal” newspaper craft ideas (apart from a coupleofpapier mache ideas I popped at the bottom of the post!).Also,newspapers are DIFFERENT to book page crafts , as book pagesareusually more durable and easier to craft with. Many crafts ontheinternet are meant for book pages and not newspapersspecifically,but as we don't all have “old books” to use forcrafting, I thinknewspaper are far more suitable!
If you are looking for a great rainy day activity for your kids,youcan stop looking once you find some old magazines andnewspapers.Although most people simply toss them away or carrythem to therecycling center, newspapers and magazines can actuallybe employedto make a selection of interesting projects. Here aresome greatsuggestions that will help you get started on some paperprojects.Naturally, when you have started making your crafts youwill likelybe inspired with some of your own ideas.
Activities Using Paper Mache
There are a number of different ways you can make paper machefromold newspaper. Even if kids are little they can use the paperstripmethod quite effectively. Start by producing a paper machepasteout of flour and water.

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DIY Tissue Box Design Ideas 1.0 APK
With cold season in full effect, you mightfindyourself reaching for a tissue or two more often. The upsidetofeeling fluish is that empty tissue boxes are an idealcraftmaterial! The next time you take a sick day, try your hand atoneof these tissue box crafts that require minimal effort andsupplieswhile showcasing plenty of creativity.A square tissue box provides the base for this simple piñataidea.Grab some colorful tissue paper and go crazy with thedesign!Tissue Box GarlandTissue boxes often have cute prints and since theeye-catchingdesigns are printed on sturdy paperboard, there are allsorts ofcrafting opportunities to mine. This easy garland ofadorable dotsis a perfect example.Tissue Fire TruckCombat the sniffles and decorate a child’s room withfelt-coveredtissue boxes that are attractive to little hands. Bethey firetrucks, whales, or even elaborate pink castles, your kidswill loveto have them on display.Tissue Box Flower HolderTransform your basic rectangular tissue box into an elegantflowercontainer with this “grown-up” paper mache tutorial.Newspaperprint and golden acrylic paint give it a vintagelook.Tissue box heart framesMore crafting fans are taking advantage of tissue box patternswithprojects intended to show off the original designs. A bold boxplussome hole-punching and X-Acto-knife skills can createtheseheart-shaped picture frames.Tissue Box MonsterFill this googly-eyed monster with holiday cards or make it moreofa long-term organizing fixture in a child’s bedroom. Thinkabouthow much more fun putting away Legos would be…Tissue Box JournalThis sturdy ring-bound journal is a great eco-friendlyscrapbookingproject once you’ve amassed a small collection of usedtissueboxes. Choose square boxes with different prints for avariety of“page” designs or keep things understated with morebasicpackages.Wrapped tissue boxGive a square tissue box the look of a woven basket withthetutorial from Diary of a Mad Crafter. This fun, fabric-toppedboxcould be used for just about anything from a bathroommagazineholder to a small eclectic trash bin.Handmade EnvelopeTuck a small gift into an envelope you can make yourself infiveminutes. Just cut four circles out of card stock, fold eachoneover, and glue them together in an overlapping pattern. Wraptheenvelope with a ribbon, and voilà — simple elegance.Artful Grocery BagsPaper grocery bags can take on a new life as beautiful handmadegiftwrap. Cut them to size, decorate them with stickers or stamps,use alittle yarn to make an appealing, appropriate bow, and you'llhavethe satisfaction of giving the Earth a gift too.Wine SleevesSlip a bottle of wine into the sleeve of an old sweater. Stitchthecut end closed, leaving the cuff for the top. Tie it with aribbon,and it’ll be the classiest gift bag at the party.Gift CanistersCover a coffee can or oatmeal canister in construction paperorfelt. Decorate it with any bits and pieces you have around, andtopit with a bow to create the perfect gift box for baked goods,smalltoys, or a homemade game.Newspaper Gift BagPut your origami skills to work with this easy DIY gift bag. Allyouneed are two sheets of newspaper, glue, card stock, and aribbon orstring for a handle. Cut, cut, fold, fold, glue — andyou’re good togo.Repurposed Tissue BoxReuse a tissue box for a quick, uncomplicated gift wrap. Many ofthesquare decorator boxes are pretty enough to use withoutbeingcovered. Just attach a large bow or other adornment over theholein the top, and the gift will be as easy to open as it wastowrap.Rubber BandsStretch colorful rubber bands over plain kraft or butcher paperfora unique and fun-to-open present. No two gifts will look thesame,and who couldn’t use more rubber bands?
DIY Tin Cans Recycled Crafts 1.0 APK
Tin can is a thing that you don’t need tobuyseparably to make these crafts project. Your one trip togrossaryshop will give you couple of tin cans.Empty tin cans are great material for various handmade artsandcrafts projects.Below you can find various recycling tutorials.You can make lamp shade, Windsock, stationary holder, cake standoutof tin cans.Recycling of empty tins is a great eco-friendly approachtocontribute something back to society.You can find step by step detailed guide below. Some oftheseprojects will definitely take some time.And guys here we are not encouraging you to increase you tincanfood intake.We would rather advise you to consume tin can food as littleaspossible and start eating organic food as its very healthyinnature.The purpose of this article is to give idea, what all things canbedone from your already existing empty tin cans.We hope you will enjoy this round up. Have a look and enjoy.Some of the best creative projects are inspired by the thingsaroundus. Playing on this concept, a surge in the upcycling trendhastaken hold of the DIY community. Commonly discarded items arenowtransformed into works or art, giving new meaning to thephrase“trash to treasure.” One household item with a lot ofdesignpotential is the tin can. Whether left over from yourmorningcoffee habit or a friendly reminder of last night’s dinner,tincans are a creative design lover’s dream. Here are a fewprojectsthat use the kitchen favorite.Lantern LoveFeatured on Wedding Obsession, these love-themed lanterns areprettyin pastel hues. The mix and match design of numbers andwords givesthis DIY just the right amount of eclectic charm. Youcan easilyadapt this project to any occasion. Use the lanterns forthe datefor a birthday bash or spell out a name for a babyshower.Coffee cans get a spooky makeover with this DIY by Piera ofJollyMom. The black paint puts all visual attention on the lightdesign,making the message really pop in the darkness of the night.Paintthe inside of the can in gold or yellow for a traditionalHalloweendecor flair.Coffee can tin lanterns Tin Treasures: DIY Projects ThatUseRecycled CansLooking for a stylish, green DIY? Emily of Inhabitat madeabeautiful summer light display from a few upcycled cans. Leftintheir original metallic form, these lanterns will add glamourtoyour yard if lined along the sidewalk or edge of yourporch.Flower PowerIf you’re looking for a fabulous tin can DIY, Brittni of Paper&Stitch has you covered- in fabric! This project is a greatway toshowcase fabric remnants that aren’t big enough for alargerproject, or to incorporate expensive material while stickingto abudget. Mix and match geometric and more classic patterns,likethese triangles and polka dots, to liven up your workspace.Tin cans covered in fabricLove sea-inspired decor? Then jump aboard this project andtakenote. Bayside Bride took a nautical approach whentransformingtheir tin cans into decor by wrapping it in rope. Whilesimple intechnique, this DIY is a great way to incorporate texturein asmall space. If you’re feeling extra crafty, spray paint yourropebeforehand for a pop of color.Crafty OrganizationGet your office in tip-top shape with this organizerfromShelterness. Tin cans get a minimalistic treatment with asheetmetal backing. For extra gloss and to reflect light, sprayyourcans with a shiny top coat and admire its brilliance.Tin can desk organizerWho needs pets when you can have these four-legged deskbuddies?Allison of The 3 R’s Blog created charming desk organizersthatwill delight your inner animal lover. Aside from theaesthetics,the cork surface serves another purpose- a mini memoboard. Usethumbtacks to stick memos to your cups- it’s a superhandy way tokeep ideas right at your fingertips.
DIY Creative Project Ideas 1.0 APK
Awesome DIY Projects that You've NeverHeardofDo you know what's great about DIY projects? Everything. Whenyoumake items yourself, you can choose projects that suit yourtastes,create them in your choice of colors/textures, and then usethem toyour heart's content.Whether you're aiming for efficiency, decoration, fun,orself-sufficiency, there's a awesome DIY project just waitingforyou. Here are just a few that you might like to try out:1. Bird Feeder WreathA circular mold, wide ribbon, some birdseed, and some meltedsuetare all you need to help feed our feathery friends over thewintermonths.2. Upside-Down Tomato PlanterJust save your plastic soda bottles, cut the bottoms off, ease inatomato plant seedling, and pour in some earth. Then hang itup,water it regularly, and watch your tomatoes grow! This alsoworkswell for herbs and peppers.)3. Yogurt CheesePlace a few layers of cheesecloth in a colander, pour inplainyogurt, and let it drain overnight: you'll have a creamycheesewhen you wake up the next day.4. Yarn-Wrapped Painted JarsWrap some yarn or twine around a jar, paint it, and peel theyarnaway once it's dry: you'll be left with a gorgeous luminary fortealights or candles.5. Baked Salt Dough TagsPerfect for Valentine's gifts, baby/bridal showers, or anyotheroccasion.6. Leafy Stepping-StonesIt's easy to make beautiful stepping-stones for your gardenwithlarge leaves (like rhubarb), cement, and a trowel.7. Shoe Holder PlanterUse an old over-the-door shoe holder to grow all kinds ofplants.This is great for growing herbs outside your kitchen, or onabalcony wall.8. Tea or Coffee Cup with a MessageGrab a teacup and a Sharpie marker, write a message on theinsidebottom of a cup (or on the side of it), and bake for 30 minat 350F to make the writing permanent. Great for bridalpartygifts!9. Pebble PlacematUse a hot glue gun to glue flat beach pebbles to circles of feltorwood. These placemats are perfect to use beneath teapots andwarmserving bowls, and they look great at garden parties.10. Needle-Felted ToysUse a barbed needle and some wool roving to make Waldorf-styletoysfor kids of all ages.11. Water-less Snow Globe, via Salt TreeGrab an empty jar, a dollhouse miniature, some glue, and fakesnow,and you'll have a water-free snow globe decoration.12. Hanging Garden BasketA wire basket, some moss, and some seedlings are all that'sneededto create a gorgeous hanging basket of edibles. Try a mixoflettuce, herbs, tomatoes, or even strawberries!13. Reusable “Swiffer” PadsIf you know the basics of knitting or crocheting, you cancreateyour own reusable pad covers for your sweeper.14. Lip BalmMake your own amazing lip balms with carnauba or bee's wax,acarrier oil (olive, almond, etc.) and yourfavouritescent/flavour.15. Floor StencilsInstead of throw rugs, consider dressing up old wooden orconcretefloors with painted stencil designs.16. Laundry DetergentJust in case you run out of laundry soap (or want to makeacost-effective detergent in the scent you like best), make yourownwith a few household ingredients.17. Cake StandsUse industrial-strength adhesive to glue thrift shopglasswaretogether to make cake stands and pedestal bowls.18. Nail Polish Key IdentificationUse different colours of nail polish on your keys so you caneasilytell them apart. Just remember which colour you used foreachdoor…19. Cassette Tape WalletYou might have never played a cassette tape, but chances areyou'veseen them lying around. Transform one into a wallet for a bitofretro fabulousness.20. Painted Garden StonesKeep track of what you've planted where by painting large stonesforyour garden.21. Wood-Burning Camp StoveAll you need is a large tin can, a few metal tent pegs/stakes, andadrill to make this camp stove.
DIY Recycled Old Denim Jeans 1.0 APK
Denim fabric is one of the few things inlifethat actually looks and feels better as it ages. And, unlikeothertextiles, denim never falls out of fashion. As a result ofitstimeless style, used denim, in the form of old jeans, isaninexpensive and easily available craft supply for justabouteveryone. (See also: Practically Free UpcycledCraftProjects)If you don't already have an old pair of jeans languishing intheback of your closet, collect a few pairs from your friendsandfamily for free, or buy a stack of them at a charity shop orgaragesale for less than $10. With a little planning andcreativity, onepair of jeans can be cannibalized into more than oneproject. Eventhe grungiest jeans can be turned into somethinglovely, as spotsand holes can be cut out.Whether you are a novice crafter or a advanced sewist, old jeansarea great starting point for a huge number of DIY projects, thatrangefrom charmingly primitive to sophisticated. (See also: GreatUsesfor Old Ties)QuiltsThere are tons of great examples of denim quilts (withfreepatterns) available on the Internet.Rugs and Floor MatsBy the way, denim quilts are very heavy and can also be easilyusedas area rugs.In addition to quilted floor mats (AKA the quilt you put onthefloor), denim can also be used to create woven rugs, rag rugs,orbraided rugs.Place Mats and Table RunnersSmaller strips of fabric left over from other project can be usedtomake mini quilts as place mats or table runners.PillowsAlthough denim patchwork has long been a staple of country style,itcan look surprisingly modern. I like the idea of makingdenimpillows appliqued with punctuation marks rather than atraditionalmonogram.Jeans have long been associated with the American West. However,aUnion Jack pillow, made from vintage denim can inject alittleEnglish Punk Rock into any decor. (See also: Home DecoratingIdeasfor Under $5)Floor Cushions, Poufs, and Pet BedsBecause denim is so tough, it's also a good fabric choice forfloorcushions, poufs, and pet beds.CoastersYou really don't even have to know how to sew to makedenimcoasters. Use fabric glue or hot glue to makespiral-shapedcoasters from the seams of old jeans. Pro tip: put athick rubberband around the outer edge of the coaster while theglue cures. Itwill keep the spiral tightly rolled, and preserve theroundedge.Outdoor FurnitureThe woven denim straps on this charpai (Indian string cot) gave meagreat idea for refurbishing old-school, fold-up lawn chairsthathave lost their uncomfortable nylon webbing. (See also:SimpleTricks to Make Old Furniture Shine)Director Chair CoversInstead of buying new canvas, create padded seats and backsfromsalvaged fabric.HandbagsThe Internet is full of patterns for denim handbags that rangefromchic to hideous. Use good judgment.Firewood TotesThis firewood tote would also make a great picnic basket. (Yes,theyre-use and recycle in Russia, too.)Storage BinsAlthough craft maven Betz White originally designed theupcycledDo-It-All bins to hold craft supplies, they would also begreat forstoring toys. Make these as gift baskets for food gifts.They wouldalso be the perfect wine or water tote.Sewing Machine Pad/OrganizerKeep all your tools handy for your next crafting binge.Baby BibsBecause used denim is soft and washable, it's a perfect materialformaking baby bibs. (See also: Tips for Having a Baby WithoutGoingBroke)ApronsAdult bibs, AKA aprons are a good way to use up random pockets.Thisapron tutorial is in Korean, but the photos show thestep-by-stepprocess of turning denim fabric and a washcloth into acutewrap-around apron.House SlippersThere are a number of free patterns for house slippersfloatingaround on the Internet, but I thought these were thecutest. Protip: To make your own pattern, trace around the soles ofa pair offlip-flop sandals for a more custom fit.
DIY Easter Crafts Design Ideas 1.0 APK
Fun DIY crafts for the kidsAs Easter approaches you may be on a budget, which means thatyou'renot going to be able to go out and spend a fortune on thecraftsthat you might want to do on Easter. In this article I amgoing tocover some easy Easter crafts that you can do alone orwith yourkids.One of the first and most known crafts is decorating eggs,howeveryou don't always have the time to go out and buy thenecessary dyesin order to do this. When you want to dye eggs butdon't have dye,you can always go and grab your kitchen's supply offood coloringand mix it with just enough water to dip the egg in.When you dothis and dip your egg in the colored water it will comeout thecolor of the food coloring, which allows you the same effectasexpensive dyes.Some more easy craft ideasNext on my list of things you can do for Easter without breakingthebank is a foam Easter rabbit plant stake. That maysoundcomplicated, but in all reality all you need is a jumbocraftstick, some craft foam, paper, scissors glue, a marker, and ifyouwant some paint. Now here's how to make the bunny:1. First you paint the craft stick itself and let it dry.2. Next draw a picture of a bunny on a piece of the foampaper.You're going to want to use the picture as a pattern to cuttheshapes out of it from the craft foam.3. Next glue the pieces together.4. After that cut a piece of the foam 4x1 ½ for the sign thatthebunny will be holding.5. Next glue the feet to the bottom of the sign and craft stick,andvoila you now have a little bunny that you can put into apottedplant.Fun crafts for the childrenThis is sure to be a hit with the children. Next on our listaresome of the games and activities you can do with Eastereggprintables. One of these such activities is the match game. Toplaythis game you print out two copies on to card stocks. Then youplaymemory with them, a card game in which you try to match onecardwith its equal by remembering where each card is located.An all time favorite is the traditional Easter egg hunt. Thismaynot have the same allure as an Easter egg hunt with realEastereggs, but it's much less expensive and the printables don'tgiveoff the same smell that a real egg would if it isn't found.Theseare only a few of the many activities you can do if you're onabudget this Easter season, but given these tools and ideas I'msureyou can come up with a few of your own creative easy Eastercraftsto do with your children, or the children in your life.Rememberyou don't have to have a big budget to do these easyEastercrafts.Edible Easter crafts are a fun activity for kids of all ages.TheseEaster recipes are a great way to spend some quality familytimetogether and satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. So get out theEastercandies, get ready to bake and let's make some edibleEastertreats.Easter Craft Idea #1Edible Easter crafts are always a favorite in our house. Not onlydowe have a blast making these items but eating them is just asmuchfun. One of our favorites is an edible bird's nest. This is afingerlicking good craft project for kids of all ages.How to Make an Edible Birds NestSuppliesChocolate Cake MixPaper cup cake holdersCup Cake PanCrumbly Chocolate Bars (like Butterfingers)Easter Candy EggsMarshmallow PeepsFrostingBake the cupcakes as directed and let cool. Give each childacupcake, candy bars, Easter candy eggs, frosting and peeps.Havethe kids frost their cupcake and then add the crumbly chocolatebar(breaking into stick like pieces) around the outer edge to formthenest. Then add Easter egg candies and the marshmallow peeps.Thesecute nests are totally edible and will look great at yourEasterdinner table.
DIY Shoe Rack Design Ideas 1.0 APK
One of the issues that most home ownersarealways facing is the low amount of space that can be dedicatedonlyto storage in their homes. Regardless if you live in a smallflator in a small apartment building or even in a normal familyhome,you won’t escape from this issue. In order to counterthat,furniture stores and other stores have a lot of items that canyouhelp you with the organization and storage issues you mightbefacing in your home, but 99% of the time it involvesbuyingexpensive and excessive storage items that you probably mightnotneed and won’t help you much. But the internet is a great placetolook for a lot of easy and cheap or even free, in some cases,ideasand tips about how you can solve your storage problems allbyyourself without buying overpriced storage items. And in ordertohelp you with the storage problems in your house, we are goingtobegin with your shoes and footwear by showing you thiscollectionof 33 Clever Ways To Store Your Shoes in which you willfind a lotof useful shoe storage ideas. Hopefully, with thiscollection wehave given you a lot of cheap and easy solutions foryour shoestorage problems in your home and you won’t struggle tocross theroom without stumbling upon a shoe or a high heel. Enjoy!1. Storeshoes underneath a bed skirt. 2. Hang molding on the wallstocreate a pretty shoe display. 3. Hang molding near the ceiling ofacloset for your non-seasonal shoes. 4. Cover a shoe rack withacurtain. 5. Store them in an ottoman. This is a great solutionfora small apartment and costs only $190. You can buy ithere:Safavieh Mercer Collection Victoria Beige Linen Shoe Ottoman6.Repurpose old wine crates. 7. Store your shoes in shoeboxeswithprinted out Instagrams of your shoe collection. 8. A simplewoodenpallet has slits that perfectly fit shoes. 9. Use a peggedcoatrack. 10. Build your own PVC-pipe shoe rack. 11. Use an oldladderto hang heeled shoes on. 12. Salvage some old school lockersforshoe storage in a boy’s bedroom. 13. Keep shoes in buckets.14.Store your shoes in wine boxes under the bed. 15. Hang yourshoes.16. Stack ’em on the stairs. 17. Use recycling bins from Ikeatostore shoes in an entryway. 1. REPURPOSE WALL MOLDINGS If youloveyour high heels, why not show them off? Option one:Takeinspiration from Jenna McArthur, who transformed adisassembledpicture frame into an array of wall-mounted displayracks. Optiontwo: Buy wall moldings from your local homeimprovement store, cutthem to size, paint them and—finally—hang ‘emup. 2. ASSEMBLE PVCPIPE CUBBIES Normally, PVC pipe hides behinddrywall, but here ittakes center stage as the basis for anothercreative DIY shoe rack.According to Cookie Loves Milk, the biggestchallenge you mayencounter in completing this project is persuadingthe supply storeto cut the pieces. Otherwise, it’s only a matter ofglue. 3.INSTALL FLOATING SHELVES In tight spaces, such as anentryway nook,this DIY shoe rack provides a compact yet effectivestoragesolution for shoes of any type, from lightweight sneakers tobulkygaloshes. Check out not martha to see how Megan built hersfromplywood and poplar, and then sanded and stained the rack forafinished look. 4. SUSPEND WIRE HANGERS Save floor space bystoringfootwear on the wall, either on the back of your closet orin abedroom corner. Best for sandals and flat-soled shoes, thisDIYshoe rack involves little more than regular wire clothinghangersand string, yarn, or rope. Savannah at OH SO PRETTY theDIARIESshares the easy how-to. 5. BUILD A SHELVING UNIT If yourcollectionof shoes is so large that it poses a problem, Ana Whitehas theanswer: a full-blown piece of wood furniture speciallydesigned tohold shoes for all seasons. The unit featuresdifferentlyproportioned compartments to keep your low-top casualsneakersneatly separate from your tall snow boots.
DIY Party Decorations Design 1.0 APK
Do you love to entertain, but think yourbudgetdoesn't allow for it? Think again. Party decorations andfavorsdon't have to break the bank. You can try creatingDo-It-Yourselfparty favors and decorations for extra savings. Theyoffer anexcellent way to create everything you need while savingmoney. Notonly do DIY favors save money, but creating your ownfavors willallow you creative freedom and add a unique personaltouch.All it takes to decorate a party while on a budget issomecreativity, free time and determination. Here are a few greatideasto get you started:InvitationsDIY invitations are an easy way to cut down on party costs. Theyareperfect for adding your own personal touch and unique style.Makingthe party invitations yourself allow you full creativefreedom. Itwill be really easy to tie your party theme into theinvitations orsend a personalized message to each guest.The possibilities are endless when you are creating yourowninvitations. There are many ways you can decorate invitations,sochoose a technique or a variety of techniques and startcrafting.One of the most important aspects of an invitation is thepaper.There are countless styles, colors, textures and patterns ofpaperavailable. Choose one that will compliment your party theme orwillwork well with the decorating technique you use.Using pen and ink is a fantastic way to decorate invitationswhileon a budget. If you are gifted with drawing you can doodle ordrawimagery or embellishments on invitations to add a personaltouch.Calligraphy is an elegant way to decorate andpersonalizeinvitations. Stamping and scrapbooking can add awhimsical feel andreally turn your invitations intokeepsakes.Table DecorationsCreating table centerpieces is an easy way to set the mood foraparty. The first thing you need to figure out is what themeyourparty is going to have. Is the party geared towards childrenoradults? Is it relaxed, formal, fun or elegant? Once you are setona theme or look all you need is creativity to achieve it.One inexpensive way to make a centerpiece for a variety of eventsisto utilize containers. These can be anything from vases and teapotsto fish bowls and old lunch boxes. Once you have yourcontainerspicked out, you can fill them with a variety of items,such as,marbles, pebbles, flowers, mini balloons, stuffed animals,candy orglass ornaments. Let your imagination run wild. Candlesare anotherspectacular centerpiece idea. They are perfect forgiving the lookof elegance and they create a warm glow for thetable. A spread ofcolorful fruit and vegetables is a fantasticidea for fall parties,family gatherings and formal events. Simplychoose an array ofproduce and arrange it in an eye-catching wayand you'll have acenterpiece that people will love and you caneven eat it whenyou're done.Party FavorsIf you want to leave your guests with a special treat at the endofa successful party do-it-yourself party favors are the way togo.You don't have to spend a bundle to give out fun andmemorableparty favors. Edible favors are an excellent idea becausepeoplelove to eat and you can do it yourself. Baked good makeperfectfavors for any event. You can make a favorite treat and wrapit upbeautifully. Little bundles of individually wrapped candyisanother delectable idea. Personalized coasters and coaster setsarea long-lasting favor that is perfect for more formal parties.Evensimple keepsakes such as origami swans and flowers can be areallyunique way to say thank you to guest for attending.As you can see, it doesn't take a huge budget to make yourpartyfeel like a million dollars. With a little creativity youcancreate beautiful invitations, elegant table centerpieces andsendyour guests home with personalized party favors. Startplanningyour next party today and apply some of these handytips.
DIY Home Decorating Ideas 1.0 APK
When you're young and living in an apartmentora dorm, chances are, you can't do much to make that space feellikeyour own. Especially if you want to do reallyinteresting,alternative things, and even more so if you don't havea ton ofmoney. Does this mean you're bound to live with bare whitewallsand ugly furniture? Absolutely not! Here are somealternative/punk/ emo home design tips for the DIY-inclined.Color and ambience:Most apartments and dorm rooms come with standard-issue whitewalls.Boring! Want to add some color, without much hassle?Christmaslights. Truly, there is no easier way to change thecolor, look, andfeel of a room than by using these lights. They'resimple to hang:you can just tack them up around the border of yourroom's ceiling.Put all red lights up, and your room will appear tohave a red hueto it. You can even put up more than one color, andchoose which setto plug in. Blue today, green tomorrow. It'ssimple and affordable.To further add to the effect, you can switchthe bulbs in some ofyour lamps to colored "party bulbs."Since a lot of emo kids like to have ambient lighting, this isaperfect choice. Even plain white Christmas lights can changethelook of a room, without providing too much light.Floors:Do you have boring floors? Ugly tiles or nasty carpet? Noproblem.Buying an area rug can be expensive as anything... but manystoressell large, but affordable bath mats that you can use assmallerarea rugs. It may sound strange, but there are plenty ofstylish,large bathmats out there to choose from, including onesmade offake fur. Bonus: they're meant to be slip-proof, and tend tobeeasier to clean if they get wet than an area rug.Further, a DIY/punk type could easily buy and cut what is knownasremnant carpet to either carpet smaller rooms or to make theirownarea rugs. The whole idea is to be creative!Futons:Did you inherit an old futon that isn't the nicest ever?Futoncovers are expensive, but you can find bed sheets that fitthefuton for significantly less money. At "mall punk" stores,theaverage emo or punk kid could find all kinds of neat things,likeNightmare Before Christmas sheets... and even in the kids'sectionsof regular stores, there are plenty of interesting and cutethings.Halloween is a great time to seek out things like spiderwebs andpumpkins; Valentine's day is great for hearts. Be creative!Throwblankets - usually cheap and made of fleece, are anaffordableoption to finish out your fun, personalized futon. Oh,and pillows!Don't forget the pillows! You can usually find them foraffordableprices [along with pillowcases of your choice] at majordiscountstores.Your kitchen:Craft store, craft store, craft store! I can't stress thisenough!You can find all kinds of things cheap and ready tocustomize, atalmost any craft store. Storage tins, jars, andcontainers can becustomized to hold anything from spoons andspatulas to food itemsor napkins. These stores, as well as majordiscount stores, alsousually have affordable towels - though theholidays are a greattime to stock up on ones you like. Craft foamcan be used to makekitchen [or dining room] place mats - and youcan customize themhowever you want, to boot!FurnitureWhile you're at the craft store, you may notice someunpainted,boring wooden furniture. Or maybe you'll hit a thriftstore andfind some hideous looking, but functional, furniture. Youreasysolution? Paint. Just buy some paint and sealant [that partisimportant; it will protect the paint] and make furniture thatsuitsyour needs and personality. Want a purple dresser? There'snothingstopping you! You can paint your DIY furniture with a brush,or entry different techniques, like stencils or sponges, togetdifferent effects or multiple hues.General supplies:If you are going to get into alternative and DIY home design, itisimportant to have some basic supplies