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Decorative pillows, sometimes calledthrowpillows, can add the finishing touches to a room makeoverorbreathe a new life into any room in your house. There aremanystyles and sizes of decorative pillows available on themarkettoday. As with any home accent, decorative pillows have theirowndos and don'ts.
It is important that you pick the best style of pillow for theroomyou are decorating. If you have a sleek and modern couch,don'tmatch it with a decorative pillow covered in fringe. Thepillowsshouldn't be bland, either. Colors and patterns that eitherblendwith the furniture or stand out in contrast are the betterchoices.Don't be afraid of pattern and texture! Using designerpillows withpictures and patterns can be an excellent way to addsome fun andinterest to your room. But be careful not to gooverboard with thepatterned pillows. Too many fabrics and colorscan come across asbeing too busy.
Another aspect to consider is the size of your furniture. Ifyouhave a large sofa, you will probably want larger pillows. Ifyouhave a small sofa, small pillows are probably better. Usingthewrong size pillows in your decoration can make your furniturelookodd and misshapen. And remember to keep the embellishments onyourpillows to a minimum. Beads can be fun, but they can alsobeuncomfortable. Since pillows are provided for comfort and beadscanscratch skin, it's best to not use too many.
This may seem like a lot to consider, but remember:decorativepillows are supposed to add fun and spice to yourinterior design!Have fun with them and pick out pillows thatrepresent yourpersonal style. Not all throw pillows are solidcolors, either.Some designer pillows on the market today sportbeautiful paintingsor photographs. These pillows can complement thedecoration of anyroom in your house and will add a finishing touchto yourdesign.
Perhaps you want to design a room in your house to feel like abeachretreat, even though you live nowhere near the ocean. Maybeyou justpurchased a beach house and are looking forward todecorating itwith nautical home accessories. Adding seasidepillows to this roomwill add a sense of beauty and tranquility andwill compete yourdesign.
In a room the bed is always the main focal point and attractsmostof the attention than any other bedroom furniture. The wayyoudecorate your bed reflects on your personal taste and thusthebedding you select also reflects your unique decorativestyle.Everyone likes to define their personal space as an extensionofones personality. To achieve it with relative ease and to havealot of choices at hand, try different accessories. Beddinggivesyour room the finishing touches. Decorative bed pillows,linens,bolsters, and bed skirts are all fantastic ways toaccessorize yourbed and make your room inviting and fresh.
Gone are the days when pillows were mere rectangular shapedheadrestonly used for bedrooms. Today they are an important partof yourbedding decorative. With time even pillows have transformedinto animportant bedding accessory and changed in terms of usage,shape andsizes. Today bedding decorative pillows are available insets of asmany as two to seven pillow set including pillowcase,small pillowsand throw pillows, for all kinds of beds. You canalso accessorizeyour living room with these as it looks chic,complimenting wellwith the sofa set. They are not meant just forcomfort, but also toenhance the look of your room.
Pillows are needed by all for various reasons; to sleep,forsupport, to lie on or for just creating a style statement. Thereisno strict rule to how many pillows you can use for yourbedroom.Generally for bedding you have two pillows to sleep alongwithsmaller set of decorative bed pillows. You may also like to useathird set of decorative bed pillow, which is throw pillow,thesmallest in size.

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DIY Easter Crafts Design Ideas 1.0 APK
Fun DIY crafts for the kidsAs Easter approaches you may be on a budget, which means thatyou'renot going to be able to go out and spend a fortune on thecraftsthat you might want to do on Easter. In this article I amgoing tocover some easy Easter crafts that you can do alone orwith yourkids.One of the first and most known crafts is decorating eggs,howeveryou don't always have the time to go out and buy thenecessary dyesin order to do this. When you want to dye eggs butdon't have dye,you can always go and grab your kitchen's supply offood coloringand mix it with just enough water to dip the egg in.When you dothis and dip your egg in the colored water it will comeout thecolor of the food coloring, which allows you the same effectasexpensive dyes.Some more easy craft ideasNext on my list of things you can do for Easter without breakingthebank is a foam Easter rabbit plant stake. That maysoundcomplicated, but in all reality all you need is a jumbocraftstick, some craft foam, paper, scissors glue, a marker, and ifyouwant some paint. Now here's how to make the bunny:1. First you paint the craft stick itself and let it dry.2. Next draw a picture of a bunny on a piece of the foampaper.You're going to want to use the picture as a pattern to cuttheshapes out of it from the craft foam.3. Next glue the pieces together.4. After that cut a piece of the foam 4x1 ½ for the sign thatthebunny will be holding.5. Next glue the feet to the bottom of the sign and craft stick,andvoila you now have a little bunny that you can put into apottedplant.Fun crafts for the childrenThis is sure to be a hit with the children. Next on our listaresome of the games and activities you can do with Eastereggprintables. One of these such activities is the match game. Toplaythis game you print out two copies on to card stocks. Then youplaymemory with them, a card game in which you try to match onecardwith its equal by remembering where each card is located.An all time favorite is the traditional Easter egg hunt. Thismaynot have the same allure as an Easter egg hunt with realEastereggs, but it's much less expensive and the printables don'tgiveoff the same smell that a real egg would if it isn't found.Theseare only a few of the many activities you can do if you're onabudget this Easter season, but given these tools and ideas I'msureyou can come up with a few of your own creative easy Eastercraftsto do with your children, or the children in your life.Rememberyou don't have to have a big budget to do these easyEastercrafts.Edible Easter crafts are a fun activity for kids of all ages.TheseEaster recipes are a great way to spend some quality familytimetogether and satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. So get out theEastercandies, get ready to bake and let's make some edibleEastertreats.Easter Craft Idea #1Edible Easter crafts are always a favorite in our house. Not onlydowe have a blast making these items but eating them is just asmuchfun. One of our favorites is an edible bird's nest. This is afingerlicking good craft project for kids of all ages.How to Make an Edible Birds NestSuppliesChocolate Cake MixPaper cup cake holdersCup Cake PanCrumbly Chocolate Bars (like Butterfingers)Easter Candy EggsMarshmallow PeepsFrostingBake the cupcakes as directed and let cool. Give each childacupcake, candy bars, Easter candy eggs, frosting and peeps.Havethe kids frost their cupcake and then add the crumbly chocolatebar(breaking into stick like pieces) around the outer edge to formthenest. Then add Easter egg candies and the marshmallow peeps.Thesecute nests are totally edible and will look great at yourEasterdinner table.
DIY Recycled Old Denim Jeans 1.0 APK
Denim fabric is one of the few things inlifethat actually looks and feels better as it ages. And, unlikeothertextiles, denim never falls out of fashion. As a result ofitstimeless style, used denim, in the form of old jeans, isaninexpensive and easily available craft supply for justabouteveryone. (See also: Practically Free UpcycledCraftProjects)If you don't already have an old pair of jeans languishing intheback of your closet, collect a few pairs from your friendsandfamily for free, or buy a stack of them at a charity shop orgaragesale for less than $10. With a little planning andcreativity, onepair of jeans can be cannibalized into more than oneproject. Eventhe grungiest jeans can be turned into somethinglovely, as spotsand holes can be cut out.Whether you are a novice crafter or a advanced sewist, old jeansarea great starting point for a huge number of DIY projects, thatrangefrom charmingly primitive to sophisticated. (See also: GreatUsesfor Old Ties)QuiltsThere are tons of great examples of denim quilts (withfreepatterns) available on the Internet.Rugs and Floor MatsBy the way, denim quilts are very heavy and can also be easilyusedas area rugs.In addition to quilted floor mats (AKA the quilt you put onthefloor), denim can also be used to create woven rugs, rag rugs,orbraided rugs.Place Mats and Table RunnersSmaller strips of fabric left over from other project can be usedtomake mini quilts as place mats or table runners.PillowsAlthough denim patchwork has long been a staple of country style,itcan look surprisingly modern. I like the idea of makingdenimpillows appliqued with punctuation marks rather than atraditionalmonogram.Jeans have long been associated with the American West. However,aUnion Jack pillow, made from vintage denim can inject alittleEnglish Punk Rock into any decor. (See also: Home DecoratingIdeasfor Under $5)Floor Cushions, Poufs, and Pet BedsBecause denim is so tough, it's also a good fabric choice forfloorcushions, poufs, and pet beds.CoastersYou really don't even have to know how to sew to makedenimcoasters. Use fabric glue or hot glue to makespiral-shapedcoasters from the seams of old jeans. Pro tip: put athick rubberband around the outer edge of the coaster while theglue cures. Itwill keep the spiral tightly rolled, and preserve theroundedge.Outdoor FurnitureThe woven denim straps on this charpai (Indian string cot) gave meagreat idea for refurbishing old-school, fold-up lawn chairsthathave lost their uncomfortable nylon webbing. (See also:SimpleTricks to Make Old Furniture Shine)Director Chair CoversInstead of buying new canvas, create padded seats and backsfromsalvaged fabric.HandbagsThe Internet is full of patterns for denim handbags that rangefromchic to hideous. Use good judgment.Firewood TotesThis firewood tote would also make a great picnic basket. (Yes,theyre-use and recycle in Russia, too.)Storage BinsAlthough craft maven Betz White originally designed theupcycledDo-It-All bins to hold craft supplies, they would also begreat forstoring toys. Make these as gift baskets for food gifts.They wouldalso be the perfect wine or water tote.Sewing Machine Pad/OrganizerKeep all your tools handy for your next crafting binge.Baby BibsBecause used denim is soft and washable, it's a perfect materialformaking baby bibs. (See also: Tips for Having a Baby WithoutGoingBroke)ApronsAdult bibs, AKA aprons are a good way to use up random pockets.Thisapron tutorial is in Korean, but the photos show thestep-by-stepprocess of turning denim fabric and a washcloth into acutewrap-around apron.House SlippersThere are a number of free patterns for house slippersfloatingaround on the Internet, but I thought these were thecutest. Protip: To make your own pattern, trace around the soles ofa pair offlip-flop sandals for a more custom fit.
DIY Party Decorations Design 1.0 APK
Do you love to entertain, but think yourbudgetdoesn't allow for it? Think again. Party decorations andfavorsdon't have to break the bank. You can try creatingDo-It-Yourselfparty favors and decorations for extra savings. Theyoffer anexcellent way to create everything you need while savingmoney. Notonly do DIY favors save money, but creating your ownfavors willallow you creative freedom and add a unique personaltouch.All it takes to decorate a party while on a budget issomecreativity, free time and determination. Here are a few greatideasto get you started:InvitationsDIY invitations are an easy way to cut down on party costs. Theyareperfect for adding your own personal touch and unique style.Makingthe party invitations yourself allow you full creativefreedom. Itwill be really easy to tie your party theme into theinvitations orsend a personalized message to each guest.The possibilities are endless when you are creating yourowninvitations. There are many ways you can decorate invitations,sochoose a technique or a variety of techniques and startcrafting.One of the most important aspects of an invitation is thepaper.There are countless styles, colors, textures and patterns ofpaperavailable. Choose one that will compliment your party theme orwillwork well with the decorating technique you use.Using pen and ink is a fantastic way to decorate invitationswhileon a budget. If you are gifted with drawing you can doodle ordrawimagery or embellishments on invitations to add a personaltouch.Calligraphy is an elegant way to decorate andpersonalizeinvitations. Stamping and scrapbooking can add awhimsical feel andreally turn your invitations intokeepsakes.Table DecorationsCreating table centerpieces is an easy way to set the mood foraparty. The first thing you need to figure out is what themeyourparty is going to have. Is the party geared towards childrenoradults? Is it relaxed, formal, fun or elegant? Once you are setona theme or look all you need is creativity to achieve it.One inexpensive way to make a centerpiece for a variety of eventsisto utilize containers. These can be anything from vases and teapotsto fish bowls and old lunch boxes. Once you have yourcontainerspicked out, you can fill them with a variety of items,such as,marbles, pebbles, flowers, mini balloons, stuffed animals,candy orglass ornaments. Let your imagination run wild. Candlesare anotherspectacular centerpiece idea. They are perfect forgiving the lookof elegance and they create a warm glow for thetable. A spread ofcolorful fruit and vegetables is a fantasticidea for fall parties,family gatherings and formal events. Simplychoose an array ofproduce and arrange it in an eye-catching wayand you'll have acenterpiece that people will love and you caneven eat it whenyou're done.Party FavorsIf you want to leave your guests with a special treat at the endofa successful party do-it-yourself party favors are the way togo.You don't have to spend a bundle to give out fun andmemorableparty favors. Edible favors are an excellent idea becausepeoplelove to eat and you can do it yourself. Baked good makeperfectfavors for any event. You can make a favorite treat and wrapit upbeautifully. Little bundles of individually wrapped candyisanother delectable idea. Personalized coasters and coaster setsarea long-lasting favor that is perfect for more formal parties.Evensimple keepsakes such as origami swans and flowers can be areallyunique way to say thank you to guest for attending.As you can see, it doesn't take a huge budget to make yourpartyfeel like a million dollars. With a little creativity youcancreate beautiful invitations, elegant table centerpieces andsendyour guests home with personalized party favors. Startplanningyour next party today and apply some of these handytips.
DIY Garden Decoration Ideas 1.0 APK
Oh, how the great outdoors calls to us – oratleast to some of us! Even if we barely have a dime in ourpocketsand only a small plot of dirt that we try to call a yard,many ofus have a yearning to transform our outdoor spaces intosomethingbeautiful.The best way to save on outdoor decorating is todo thecrafting and/or labor yourself. Even if you are a novicegardener(at best) and not too handy with the tools (at best), thereareways to fashion outdoor decor and decorate your greatoutdoorswithout breaking the bank. From tiny patios to a big backyard,these fun yet budget-friendly outdoor decorating ideas willhaveyou transforming your outdoor space in no time. And many oftheseoutdoor decorating ideas are green in more ways than one -they aregood for our earth, too!So let these fabulous photos ofoutdoorspaces and inspiring outdoor decor ideas from across the webgetyour creative juices flowing. Be sure to click on the linksbeloweach photo for great tutorials and more information.If you have a garden but you don’t want to spend a lot moneytodecorate it, rocks and stones may be a good idea for you. Rocksandstones are natural, so you can spend no money getting them.Theyare everywhere and you can spend no effort to find them. Butthencan add a few beautiful elements to your garden but requirelittleor no maintenance. All you should do is to collect them andmakethem beauty your garden according to our ideasprovidedfollowing.The ideas here have given the fullest tutorial or most details,socan completely do it yourself. Don’t be late, takeactionnow!1.DIY Stepping Stones.2.A gabion wall creates a dramatic feature in a garden.3.Make a rock caterpillar.4.Spiral Rock Mosaic Path5.Stone garden bench.6.Handmade stone tree, car…7.Painted rock garden markers.8.Garden bench made with beach pebbles9.Make a Tic Tac Toe Garden Table10.Wire and Stone Heart11.Strawberry Rocks12.DIY Rock Cactus Garden13.DIY Stacked Rock Fountain.If you have a garden but you don’t want to spend a lot moneytodecorate it, rocks and stones may be a good idea for you. Rocksandstones are natural, so you can spend no money getting them.Theyare everywhere and you can spend no effort to find them. Butthencan add a few beautiful elements to your garden but requirelittleor no maintenance. All you should do is to collect them andmakethem beauty your garden according to our ideasprovidedfollowing.The ideas here have given the fullest tutorial or most details,socan completely do it yourself. Don’t be late, takeactionnow!1.DIY Stepping Stones.2.A gabion wall creates a dramatic feature in a garden.3.Make a rock caterpillar.Advertisement4.Spiral Rock Mosaic Path5.Stone garden bench.6.Handmade stone tree, car…Advertisement7.Painted rock garden markers.8.Garden bench made with beach pebbles9.Make a Tic Tac Toe Garden Table10.Wire and Stone Heart11.Strawberry RocksAdvertisement12.DIY Rock Cactus Garden13.DIY Stacked Rock Fountain.14.Rock Foot Prints EASY to make.15.Paint small rocks with glow in the dark paint.16.Dog cat stone.17.Rock Concert Stone Art18.Stone Patio Benchs19.”Our Family Rocks” Seriously cute idea for the garden.20.Pebble garden art.21.A Mini Stone Hobbit Cottage22.Cute Stone Birdhouses23.Paint the stones in your garden.24.DIY rain chains from river stones.25.Beauteous Stone Basket Planters26.Cute rock ladybugs.Warmer temperatures, bright blue skies, and sunny days areluringyou outside. And if you're planning to do any of youreating,entertaining, or lounging out there, then it's time torethink howthat area looks and feels. Short on space? A few squareinches cango a long way. Tight budget? Work with what you alreadyown. Nogarden or greenery? No big deal. From yards and terraces topatiosand porches, these easy decorating ideas can work for anyspot youhave big plans for beautifying. Have a peek...
DIY Cardboard Box Project 1.0 APK
Like many people, my family are feelingthefull weight of the recession, so the most aggressivelymarketedtoys and video game consoles are definitely off theshopping listfor now! However, when I was clearing out some oldcardboard boxesfrom my office a few weeks ago, I was reminded ofthe old cliche:that kids get more enjoyment from the packaging thanthe gift. Idecided to put the theory to the test, and I think theresults areworth sharing with other parents.CaveatsFirst of all, I know that many people will read theopeningparagraph above and wonder if I'm a tree-hugging,anti-commercialluddite, so I want to assure you that this is notthe case! Likemany parents, I sometimes find it difficult tosuggest activitiesfor my kids to do, and I probably resort to usingthe TV more oftenthan I should. This article is simply one littlegem that workedfor me, and hopefully others will benefit too. It isalso worthpointing out the ages of my children: my daughter is 4,and herlittle brother is 2.The PitchArmed with enough old, torn cardboard to bury a small car, a rollofpacking tape and a scissors, I gathered the kids together."Whowants to make... a ROCKET", I asked. Immediately, their eyeslitup, and I had their attention, although I did have to explainthatit wouldn't really fly.The BuildIt was at this point I realized that I was going to have to do alotof the initial work myself, because the cardboard was too thickforlittle hands to cut. A few of the boxes were reasonably intact,so Iquickly stacked them on top of each other to make the body. Togetthe kids more involved, I lay it horizontally on the ground,and gotthem to lie down beside it, so I could measure where to putthewindow. After that, they 'helped' by crawling in and out ofthebody, which had now been dubbed 'The Tunnel'.While they were busy, I cut out a few more pieces: one for thenosecone, and a few for the fins. Putting it all together was asnap,and took maybe 10 minutes from start to finish, andadmittedly, itshowed. In one sense, the finished piece lookedexactly like anassemblage of old cardboard stuck together withtape, but to thekids, nothing could convince them that this wasn'ta rocket. Thefact that it reached up to the ceiling only made itmoreimpressive!The ResponseMaybe my kids are easily amused, but the excitement in our homethatevening was palpable! The fact that it was big enough to housebothof my children was a big bonus, and soon their imaginationstookover. They were enacting little stories, playing hide andseek, andthey even figured out a way to move the rocket while theywere stillinside it. Bedtime stories that night revolved aroundflying todistant planets, but in the back of my mind, I expectedthe noveltyto wear off quickly.Over the following days, the initial excitement did die down, buttomy surprise, it was replaced with a different kind ofenthusiasm:decorating the rocket. Every day for the past fewweeks, they'vebeen painting small patches, drawing little peopleon it, evensticking a little bit of kitchen foil on it to make itlook morelike a spaceship. I was especially impressed when theyfound someorange tissue paper left over from Halloween: they stuckit to thebase of the rocket because they thought it looked likefire!ConclusionI wrote at the beginning that I wasn't a frugal parent thatwoulddeny my kids everything their peers took for granted. However,I nolonger look at this project as building a cheap toy, but ratherasan engaging, ongoing activity. There is a big difference betweenatoy and an activity, and I sensed that my kids got a lotmoreenjoyment out of this, than they did out of manyfly-by-nightbranded products.
DIY Name Card Design Ideas 1.0 APK
The success of any business or companydependson the efforts put into marketing its products or services.A namecard can be one of your greatest assets in making it big inyourfield. The name cards come with much more than just thecompanyname. They are practical enough to share the most importantfactsabout the business with prospective clients. They come inhandy inletting interested individuals know what your currentoffers areand even the location. The name cards serve as a reminderof whatyou are about and offer an easy way of passing allimportantdetails without the risk of forgetting.With a name card you will be in a position to make alastingimpression on your clients and potential customers. Byglancing atthe company card, they get impressed and could end upgoing forwhat you have to offer. This is especially so consideringthat youcan have any design and style you want when creating thecards tomake them as eye catching as possible. People have atendency ofgetting moved by what they see and when you get it rightwith thedesign, colors and the content on the cards, you will makeapositive impression every time.The cards offer you endless opportunities to make them as uniqueasyou wish for them to be so they achieve what you have in mind.Youcan actually include photos on the cards to personalize them.Namecards which include a specific person have a way ofdisplayingprofessionalism and they can boost the popularity of theindividualamongst the clients. You can make changes to the namecardsaccording to the current needs of the business. Consideringthatthey are not as costly, you can have dozens printed at a pricethatis reasonable for you. They will offer you an easymarketingplatform without asking for too much of yourfinances.With the inexpensive nature of name cards and their versatility,youget the chance to print different cards and dishing them out toyourclients to maximize on all marketing and advertising chancesopenfor you. When you give out several, you increase the chancesofclients sharing the cards with other people out there who mightbelooking for the services or the products you are dealing with.Theyoffer more value over word of mouth since they come withreliablereference, making it hard to forget the mostimportantdetails.1. Include all your business's vital contact information.Alwaysinclude information such as your name, company name, cellandbusiness phone numbers, fax number, physical address,e-mailaddress and Web site. In doing this, you make it easier forclientsand customers to easily contact you.2. Use full-color printing to make your business card standout.Black-and-white printing is outdated and visually boring,butfull-color printing allows you to design a custom card thatisunlike any other business card out there. Whether you decide tousewhite card stock with a full-color design and text, or if wanttobleed the color off your card, your customers willdefinitelyappreciate the aesthetics of your full-colorinformationcard.3. Make your card legible and easy to read. Using fonts andcolorsthat are hard to read do not make for a good business card.If yourcard is hard to read or the font is too small, most peoplewill notgive it a second look. Use clean fonts that are simple andeasy toread with contrasting colors for optimum legibility.4. Use double-sided printing to get the most out of yourbusinesscard. Most printing companies do not charge extra fordouble-sidedprinting, so there is no reason to not take fulladvantage of allthe print space available. Double-sided printingallow you toprovide your customers and clients with as muchinformation as youcan. Use one side of your business card to writein appointmentdates and times, or include a calendar of specialdates.
DIY Eyebrows Tutorial 1.0 APK
People with hooded eyes often timeshavenaturally lower eyebrows. The eyebrows often times have less ofanatural arch, therefore many women try to tweeze and waxtheireyebrows enough that they have more control over thebrowappearance.Nowadays, eyebrows is like a haircut you you needtochoose the best design of your eyebrows. Simply getting rid ofsomeof the outer part of my eyebrows gives me so much more controloverthe angle and arch of my brows. The outer parts can becontrolledto give a much better arch to open up the appearance ofthe eyeshowever where your brows start should not be messed withmuch. Youcan't change where your brows naturally start on yourface.After you've carefully filled in your brows to create theperfectshape, it's essential to seal them into place – especiallyif youhave oily skin, or will be out in the hot sun. Hot, humidweathercombined with skin oils will cause pigments in makeuptodeteriorate quickly. Using an eyebrow sealer willdrasticallylengthen the amount of time your eyebrow color stays inplace. Hereare some steps you can take for extra-long wear of youreyebrowpencil or powder. This is very easy if you see the tutorialon DIYEyebrows Tutorial application to help you to apply that withthepicture step by step.Fill in and shape your brows using your regulartechnique.Waterproof eyebrow pencil works best for long wear &is easy toapply, but some people prefer using powder eyebrow filler+ waxoverlay. That works well too, just be sure to apply the waxlayerover the powder, or your brows will smudge in no time!Forfirst-time users, brow pencils are a bit easier to apply. Thelasttips from DIY Eyebrows TutorialOnce your brows are filled and shaped to your liking apply athincoat of clear eyebrow sealer. Some brands come with amascara-typewand, to create fuller brows. Other brands have a nailpolish stylebrush, with which you can seal the entire brow. Theyfeel lightweight, and provide a soft & matte shine free finish.Browsealers prevent pencil and powder brow fillers from smudgingforhours, and will provide heat, sweat & oil resistance.There are some tips of for yours eyebrows from DIY EyebrowsTutorialif you are getting trouble with this description you needtodownload this application and enjoy your new style of youreyebrowsfrom DIY Eyebrows TutorialThank you for downloading DIY Eyebrows Tutorial and have niceyournew eyebrows !
DIY Creative Project Ideas 1.0 APK
Awesome DIY Projects that You've NeverHeardofDo you know what's great about DIY projects? Everything. Whenyoumake items yourself, you can choose projects that suit yourtastes,create them in your choice of colors/textures, and then usethem toyour heart's content.Whether you're aiming for efficiency, decoration, fun,orself-sufficiency, there's a awesome DIY project just waitingforyou. Here are just a few that you might like to try out:1. Bird Feeder WreathA circular mold, wide ribbon, some birdseed, and some meltedsuetare all you need to help feed our feathery friends over thewintermonths.2. Upside-Down Tomato PlanterJust save your plastic soda bottles, cut the bottoms off, ease inatomato plant seedling, and pour in some earth. Then hang itup,water it regularly, and watch your tomatoes grow! This alsoworkswell for herbs and peppers.)3. Yogurt CheesePlace a few layers of cheesecloth in a colander, pour inplainyogurt, and let it drain overnight: you'll have a creamycheesewhen you wake up the next day.4. Yarn-Wrapped Painted JarsWrap some yarn or twine around a jar, paint it, and peel theyarnaway once it's dry: you'll be left with a gorgeous luminary fortealights or candles.5. Baked Salt Dough TagsPerfect for Valentine's gifts, baby/bridal showers, or anyotheroccasion.6. Leafy Stepping-StonesIt's easy to make beautiful stepping-stones for your gardenwithlarge leaves (like rhubarb), cement, and a trowel.7. Shoe Holder PlanterUse an old over-the-door shoe holder to grow all kinds ofplants.This is great for growing herbs outside your kitchen, or onabalcony wall.8. Tea or Coffee Cup with a MessageGrab a teacup and a Sharpie marker, write a message on theinsidebottom of a cup (or on the side of it), and bake for 30 minat 350F to make the writing permanent. Great for bridalpartygifts!9. Pebble PlacematUse a hot glue gun to glue flat beach pebbles to circles of feltorwood. These placemats are perfect to use beneath teapots andwarmserving bowls, and they look great at garden parties.10. Needle-Felted ToysUse a barbed needle and some wool roving to make Waldorf-styletoysfor kids of all ages.11. Water-less Snow Globe, via Salt TreeGrab an empty jar, a dollhouse miniature, some glue, and fakesnow,and you'll have a water-free snow globe decoration.12. Hanging Garden BasketA wire basket, some moss, and some seedlings are all that'sneededto create a gorgeous hanging basket of edibles. Try a mixoflettuce, herbs, tomatoes, or even strawberries!13. Reusable “Swiffer” PadsIf you know the basics of knitting or crocheting, you cancreateyour own reusable pad covers for your sweeper.14. Lip BalmMake your own amazing lip balms with carnauba or bee's wax,acarrier oil (olive, almond, etc.) and yourfavouritescent/flavour.15. Floor StencilsInstead of throw rugs, consider dressing up old wooden orconcretefloors with painted stencil designs.16. Laundry DetergentJust in case you run out of laundry soap (or want to makeacost-effective detergent in the scent you like best), make yourownwith a few household ingredients.17. Cake StandsUse industrial-strength adhesive to glue thrift shopglasswaretogether to make cake stands and pedestal bowls.18. Nail Polish Key IdentificationUse different colours of nail polish on your keys so you caneasilytell them apart. Just remember which colour you used foreachdoor…19. Cassette Tape WalletYou might have never played a cassette tape, but chances areyou'veseen them lying around. Transform one into a wallet for a bitofretro fabulousness.20. Painted Garden StonesKeep track of what you've planted where by painting large stonesforyour garden.21. Wood-Burning Camp StoveAll you need is a large tin can, a few metal tent pegs/stakes, andadrill to make this camp stove.