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DIY Craft jewelry have been around for thousands of years, from thepharaohs of Egypt to the Native Americans. For enthusiasts today,making beaded jewelry is a fun craft that offers nearly endlessways to express your creativity. For the beginner, jewelry makingkits to help you master the basics, and once you get going on yourown bead crafting projects, you can find all kinds of jewelrymaking supplies, from charms to essential tools like jewelrypliers. As you know, we love making our own jewelry. It's fun tobuy special pieces from time to time, but handmade jewelry has acertain sentimental value, and let's face it, making something foryourself, a friend, or a loved one is the best feeling. If you'relooking for some inspiring ideas:Glittery gold thunderboltearrings: These glittery gold thunderbolt earrings are the perfectcombination of cool and fancy. Stamped initial bracelet: Make ahand-stamped initial bracelet or a stamped necklace for yourself ora friend! Braided rope necklace: This braided rope necklace is afun variety. Clay geometric necklace: Use some clay and yourfavorite paint colors to create this geometric necklace. Fancyfriendship bracelets: Whether you're in the mood for gold orsilver, something sparkly, or classic pearls, these fancyfriendship bracelets are perfect because you can make a bunch ofthem and mix and match. Handmade bauble necklace: Instead of usingclay, try making a bauble necklace with wooden beads..Jewelry-making is an inexpensive hobby because the materials don'tcost very much. Taking classes in jewelry techniques, however, canbe quite expensive if you do it in person. If you enjoy jewelry andhave an eye for matching beads, you may want to consider beadjewelry design. Beads come in a variety of materials from naturalgemstones, wood and pewter to sterling silver. You can createclassic pieces or modern artistic designs. So what are you waiting?Check out craft of jewelry on our application gallery, but first,download the inspiring design from our application! DIY jewelry isan excellent way to showcase your creativity, and the more youmake, the more your creativity grows. In order to have a solidunderstanding of each project, it's important to know the basics ofjewelry making. Make your skill up and do it yourself! Enjoy thetutorial!

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Sexy Short dress White 1.4 APK
It is easy to find yourself fashion conscious as you look for thatone dress among the many sexy evening dresses. You want to lookyour very best while flaunting that silhouette figure and here area few guidelines may suffice to help you.To get the right dress,the rule of the handbook is to never go alone. It's easy to getinto the final detail of doing the shopping after wandering fromstore to store but your best luck yet is if you carry a friendalong.Your friend will help be the second opinion you need to getthe dress that perfectly fits your figure. It is easy to want to gofor something oversized since all the dignitaries you know will bethere and you do not want to look all skimpy, but that just sellsout grandma and people will wonder why you did not take the time tofind the right dress. Since there is also no second chance to makea first impression and you do not want to show too much skin asthis will not only let people get the wrong impression elicitingthe wrong response but may sell you out as trashy which you arenot.You want to get something that is fitting, does not show offtoo much skin and is comfortable. Tight dresses are a completedisaster and you have to avoid them not matter how good they makeyou look. Sexy evening dresses that you cannot breathe under letalone move around with are curses which you do not need to imposeon yourself.If you are going out for your evening party after thewedding, the first rule you may want to remember when looking forthe dress is that if you are showing off your shoulders by goingfor a strapless dress then you are not allowed to show your legsand thus the dress needs to be long so as not to show off too muchskin. The reverse is also true and if you will be showing off thosegorgeous legs then cover your shoulders.Lastly, do not wear a coatover your dress no matter how cold it is you will get warmer withtime while in the party. You have worked hard to pick the dress,now show it off.We have the best choices when it comes to SexyEvening Dresses. For more information, you can download thisapplication of Sexy Short White Evening Dresses. Download thisapplication and you can even see many pictures of sexy eveningdresses which can give you inspirations! Enjoy!
Piercing Design 1.4 APK
Among the modish, body piercing seems the hottest fashion trend oftoday. People love to flaunt their ear, lip, navel, nose, cheek,chin, eyebrow, and even tongue piercing so assertively and boldly.Most people sport this practice for fashion, while some for theirreligious beliefs. However, there are many, who do not go for bodypiercing because of religious grounds - some religions restrictthis custom.Well, if you are a fashion geek, and feel that yourstyling is not complete without awesome piercing ornaments, youdefinitely need to save the URLs of a few wholesale body jewelryshops in your web browser. These online stores are the places, thefashion hubs, where you can find the body jewelry of latestdesigns.- Browse through the latest fashion. Fashion changesquicker than what you realize. Wearing out-of-trend, outdatedjewelry can make you look alien at some occasions - which may bringgreat disappointments your way. Therefore, it is paramount to stayaware of the latest release of the season. Online wholesale shopsdisplay latest and greatest options, trending hot in the market.Scan through their latest range, and you can freshen up your bodyjewelry collection.- Standard Jewelry. These online wholesale bodyjewelry shops design and produce standard jewelry that do notinjure the wearer. For many, body piercing is a painful affair;they fear to shuffle their style, just because changing and wearinga new body jewelry can sometimes be throbbing. These websites runby proficient designers, take care of all such points whiledesigning body piercing ornaments for their store. Further, apartfrom rough design, the material being used in the production isalso a major concern of the fashionista. While practicing bodypiercing, a number of people go to a level up, and get theirsensitive body parts (like tongue, genitals, eyelids, etc.)pierced. These body parts are more likely to catch infections andallergies from low quality fashion materials. When you choose tobuy body jewelry from a reputable online fashion store, youactually ensure that you get standard adornments.- Best Prices.Local body jewelry stores always ask higher charges that areunbearable for most fashion buffs. By electing to buy body piercingjewelry from an online wholesale supplier, you get yourrequirements at more affordable and reasonable rates. They designand produce their own range, thereby, they offer lower prices thanthat of local stores and distributors.- Doorstep Delivery. The bestpart of buying fashion body jewelry from online stores is homedelivery. They promise to deliver your requirements at your givenaddress, within the set time frame. You do not have to exhaustyourself in the local market, searching for a unique piece ofjewelry. You can search your style enhancements, without steppingout from your home.The most common designs of the body piercingjewelry available and popular among the youngsters are externallyor internally threaded barbells, captive bead ring, claw, Prince'sWand, spike, stud, fresh tunnel, and tongue rings, with new designscoming up every new now and then. Maintaining cleanliness andhygiene while getting the body pierced or while wearing thisjewelry is of utmost importance otherwise this cool look can end upwith ugly scars and infections.
DIY Crochet Bolero 1.4 APK
A bolero jacket may also be called a shrug. Shrugs can be made offur, cotton, lace, or covered with sequins. Boleros and shrugs cansimply slip over the shoulders, or provide more coverage if needed,but most boleros and shrugs don’t go down lower than the waist.Many are short and will only hit the area under the bustline. Itreally depends on what you need the shrug for; because shrugs andboleros can be matched to any outfit you have already and add somepizzazz to it or protect your arms on a chilly evening. Boleros canbe short or long sleeved. No matter what you need it for, there’sas bolero that’s perfect for your outfit and will complete it aswell as flatter your figure.Crocheted bolero jackets are lessformal than other types, offering women a way to simplify theirappearance. The crochet pattern allows an airy flow and is perfectfor any fall or spring wardrobe. When crocheted using lightweightribbon yarn, the fabric creates a dressy evening wear bolero.Abolero is a short jacket, covering the shoulders and upper torso,ending just above the waistline. You can wear a bolero for almostany occasion, choosing a fabric and style to match your taste andthe occasion. Boleros are available with sleeves of any length,from full to quarter length, and fabric choices include both lightand heavy fabrics, giving you the freedom to choose a stylish yetseasonally appropriate bolero for any time of the year.While mostwomen wearing a bolero jacket will not be in a wedding or fightingin a bullfight, they should consider both the occasion and the restof the ensemble with which a bolero jacket will be worn whenchoosing the bolero that is best for them.Boleros come in manydifferent styles, materials, and colors. A white bolero may bestreflect a ceremonious occasion such as a wedding, whereas a blackbolero can be very fitting for business or for a night out on thetown. The traditional Latin American wedding bolero is made oflace-embroidered tulle, but these boleros can also be made fromcrocheted or knitted thread. For weddings held during coldermonths, brides often wear a satin bolero with a laceoverlay.Planning to make your Bolero? But still confused how to do?So what are you waiting? This app is helping you to search moreideas on diy crochet bolero jacket collection in simple gallery,that easy to download and share! Browsing more Ideas and Patternsof diy crochet bolero in our application!Enjoy your day!
School Lunch Box 1.4 APK
Whether for school or work, packing lunch boxes is quite a chore.Stock up on the right goodies, whether sweet or savoury, so thatyou can guarantee that lunch boxes will always come home empty.Kids, then, won't be tempted to trade their snacks with friendswhen their lunch boxes are packed with tasty goodies. Packing alunch box day after day can become boring if you don't have thecorrect ingredients at hand.Whether you give your kids sweets orchocolates, sandwiches or burgers, giving them the tastiest lunchfor school is always a winner. You can get plenty of snack ideasfrom your local cash and carry wholesaler; plus you can buy inbulk.Firstly, you need to have the correct lunch box to pack allthe lunch items. Your nearest wholesaler will stock a variety oflunch boxes in different shapes and sizes. Some will include abottle for water or juice. With some of these lunch boxes you willfind a bag to keep their lunch boxes clean and hygienic; and youhave an option to put their names on it.Tasty snacks can be boughtin strip packs for every day packing and can be easily cut or tornoff. In addition, the contents come in small bite size shapes.Snackers bars are a good option and they can be bought in boxesthat will last the whole month. If your kids like peanut butter andjam, make the sandwich interesting by cutting it in differentshapes so it can appear to be more fun and appetizing. Some freshpopcorn every other day will also make a perfect healthy snack forthose peckish kids.Juice is a healthy option to include in thelunch box. These small cartons of juice are available in differentflavours. Ceres juices are healthy and don't contain a lot ofsugar. It is also easy to pack and can be discarded once finished.Oreo cookies are a nice snack idea for the sweet toothed kids. Theyare individually wrapped and are a tasty lunch break snack if theyaren't too hungry. Don't forget to add a few healthy fruits andvegetables to make sure that they get their daily minerals andvitamins. The general rule is to eat five fruits or vegetables aday.So are you looking for more ideas? Learn and get more stunningand amazing ideas from this application of School Lunch Box Ideas.Download this application and you can even see many pictures ofschool lunch box craft which can give you inspirations! Enjoy!
Prom Dress Ideas 1.4 APK
Proms are quite popular among high school students and white-collarworkers. For students, proms are typically held near the end ofjunior or senior year. A prom figures greatly in culture and is amajor event. At prom, boys often dress in black or white regardlessof the time of the event. And girls wear dresses traditionally. Nomatter whether their dresses are bought from specialized shops orboutiques or even internet retailers, they have to make sure thattheir prom dresses make them stunning and gorgeous.There arenumerous dresses for girls to choose from. Girls should be verycareful for different dresses could have different effects. Lovelydresses would make you a princess to your partner. Otherwise anightmare could come down upon you at prom. So pick up China promdresses and let your partner fall for you.- Short prom dresses area welcome change from the traditional long and princess stylegowns. Many girls want to stay trendy and hip and not look likethey are going to their wedding when they head out the door for anight to remember. Short prom dresses come in a host of differentdesigns and colours, enabling you to choose the best style to suityour body shape. It's always a good idea to keep updated on thelatest trends, giving you inspiration when you start your searchfor the perfect dress for the perfect night. Many girls start theirsearch early, this is a great idea if you want to make sure you getthe perfect prom dress. You don't want to leave it until thelast-minute, only to find out you choice.- High neck designs are agreat way to wear a shorter design to the ball. High neck andsleeveless designs are a fantastic choice for a medium size build.The neck, polar neck design, buttoned at the back, then cutting outthe arms to a tighter bodice and flowing skirt.- Strap-less designsnever go out of fashion and are very trendy now. Remember whenchoosing strap-less short prom dresses, you need the bodice to fitlike a glove, the last thing you want is to spend the night pullingthe dress up. Remember you're going for dancing and enjoyingyourself, the dress you are wearing should be comfortable andstylish at the same time. If you choose strap-less, find somethingwhich you can throw over your shoulders when arriving and leavingthe prom, you will be thankful for this as the weather cools,helping you stay warm. You can remove it when dancing or sittingaround with friends during the night.- Halter neck designs are alsovery popular when choosing short prom dresses. They offer a youngand relaxed finish to the gown design, while remaining elegant andstylish. Halter necks are more practical than strap-less, enablingyou to relax, enjoy your night and dance the night away withoutworrying that the dress will slip down.This is your prom night, sowhen choosing a short prom dress, try to keep the design gown like.You can do this by ensuring you choose a flowing skirt design,adding that special something to the overall finish of the gown.
Casual Dress Design Idea 1.4 APK
Casual dresses are the key to looking fashionable yet comfortable.They come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and styles and aredesigned to fit any woman’s wardrobe. Casual dresses have a rangeof lengths: full length, calf length, knee length, short, and mini.The sleeve length also varies. While sleeveless, cap sleeve, andshort sleeve dresses are ideal for the summer, three quarter sleeveand long sleeve casual dresses are better suited for coolerseasons.Examples of casual dresses are the shirt dress and the wrapdress. Women’s casual dresses are made of a variety of fabrics,such as light cotton, cotton blends, jersey knit, and linen. Thesefabrics are known for being easy to care for and most casualdresses are machine washable. The necklines of dresses can alsovary and range from modest to revealing and include the V-neck,boat neck, crew neck, plunging neck, and scoop neck. Women shouldchoose a neckline that is appropriate for their facial structure,body shape, and bust size.Dress comfortably in clothes that fitproperly on your body, that is stylish and in fashion. Casual wearcould include anything from sneakers to sandals, jeans or Chinopants. Don't forget about the accessories to complete your outfit.Casual wear allows you to create your own fashion look as you cancombine different brands and clothing options. It gives you theability to be more creative with your style.There are many thingsthat should be taken into consideration when beginning the questfor the perfect casual dress. The body of each woman is fairlyunique; however, the shape still fits into one of six categories ofbody shapes. Making sure that the dress fits properly is a veryimportant thing to consider as certain dress shapes lookdifferently on various body shapes. Finding a dress that fitsproperly also requires knowing what style of casual dress bestsuits the body shape so that the dress fits properly and iscomfortable to wear. In addition all play key parts in finding adress that makes a woman not only look great, but feel smart aswell.Sometimes finding the right type of casual dress is likefinding a needle in a haystack, especially when there are so manydifferent styles to choose from in this department. When a womanknows what type of body shape she has and also what type of dresssuits her body type the best, the choices are much more apparent.There is a science often involved in choosing a dress that looksgreat and fits properly because body shapes vary widely as do thedresses available to wear on them.So what are you waiting? Find agreat casual dress selection at this app. Find Amazing and TimelessCasual Outfits Suitable For Every Woman. Dresses for women thisyear are simple and elegant and this is a winning combination forany woman of any body type. Don’t waste your time, download andenjoy our app! Get thousands photo of casual dresses designhere!Enjoy!
Living Room Design 1.4 APK
The living room is not the only place where you and your familywill get spend time together relaxing and enjoying each otherscompany, but it is also the place where your guests will sit andprobably dine. For this it is important that when designing yourliving room you come with the best ideas possible. You don't haveto be an artist or interior designer by profession to do it, allyou need is the right choice of colors, furniture and your roomwill look spacious and lively.Dining room sets form one of the mostimportant accessories of any living room. And because of this, theyhave to match just about everything in the dining room. Sofas,fabrics and the wall should also blend in color so as give yourliving room an extraordinary look. When selecting color, you needbright colors that will compliment each other and at the same timemake your room appears more spacious. Colors such as lemon, white,lemon shades and even peach when combined will give your livingroom extra space together with a sense of comfort. Dark colors onthe other hand may not be the best for your room. Not only willthey make the room appear smaller, but may make it appear intenseand intimate.- Brightness. When coming with design ideas for yourliving room, you just have to consider the brightness. A livingroom should be bright and have all the happy and bright colorsvisible. A bright room will not only attract members of the family,but it will also provide a memorable experience for whoever paysyou a visit. A bright room will set the tone and mood for anythingtaking place, and you can also spice that up by adding some brightcolored flowers, curtains and furniture that will suit it. In yourdesign ideas, try as much to do away with dark and dull colors.-Reflection. Almost everyone loves a spacious room, and if your roomis small then you just have to do something about it. You can makeyour room appear bigger by placing mirrors in strategic positions.Doing this will increase the width and the breadth of your livingroom from the reflection.- Floor. The floor should be something youshould consider when coming up with ideas for your living room.Certainly you wouldn't want a floor where it is almost impossibleto walk, but would rather have one where you and other people canmove around without having to bump into pieces of furniture. Thecolor and material you use on the floor is also equally important.A common trick to the floor is by using ceramic and mosaic. You canalso put fine polished wood so as to give your living a fine brightlook.- Lighting is also something to bear in mind when designingyour room. The lighting can be from fluorescent bulbs or you canhave enough windows to allow more light.Choose styles thatinvigorate and enlighten the room. All homes are createddifferently, and this means different accents will look differentin each home. A little experimenting is all that it takes to createthe amazing space that you love. Do keep in mind that the lightingis one of the biggest factors in the overall appearance of yourliving room. Despite the furniture design, the paint colors or theaccents chosen, it is the lighting that ultimately decides theoutcome of the design.
Sofa Set Design 1.4 APK
Every living room needs a sofa set. It is basically an integralpart of this place as it serves two purposes. The first one is thatit is used to sit, lay & to get relaxed. The second purpose isthat it adds charm & elegance to the place. One cannot evenimagine a living room without these. They help in setting upsoothing environment where one can sit or lay on these whilesipping coffee or tea. These are the most important items ofdecoration. With these, the beauty of the place multiplies.Owing totheir high demand, sofa sets are available in an array of designs& sizes in the markets. The size of these depends on theirseating. The most prevalent sizes are three, five or seven-seater.The patterns comprises of classical & causal designs. These areoffered in attractive wooden frames with comfortable cushions &fascinating color fabric in order to make the elegant &stylish.If you are perplexed that which design perfectly match yourhouse, then there are some tips that can easily solve your problem.The classic sofa sets will be the perfect choice for your house ifyou just love traditional designs. These designs give the feelingof royalty & give perfect decoration to the place. The sizespecification depends on the available space. If your living roomis spacious then size doesn't bother you much. You can go for thegrand size that can accommodate five to seven people. The mainadvantage associated with the grand size is that it gives the royaltaste. This will surely multiply the charm of your living room. Ifspace is a cause of concern, then you can opt for smaller orcompact size. To meet this situation, manufacturers are offeringtheir furniture products in custom sizes. In this, these arespecially designed as per the available space.The wide range ofsofa sets is available in the market in classical & designerpatterns. You can choose the design as per your taste. The abovediscussed tips will surely help you in getting the desiredproduct.Looking for reliable sofa set manufacturers? Learn and getmore stunning and amazing ideas from this application of Sofa SetDesign Idea. Download this application and you can even see manypictures of Sofa Set Design which can give you inspirations! Enjoy!