9.0 / February 10, 2019
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DIY Pallets and Crates is very nice app that offers lots of ideashow to turn old crates and pallets into wonderful garden furniture,storage ideas and many more unique and original things. If you wantto make pallets furniture for your garden, you will find lots ofideas in this app. Detailed instruction are available for each ideathat you can easy follow and recreate diy pallets projects. Overthree dozens diy pallets and crates ideas are available in this app– storage space idea, worktable for your garage, comfortable sofawith cushions and many more. If you need storage space, then youwill love diy crate ideas included in this app. The app is veryeasy to use – start and see the full list of projects and ideas.Click on one and you will see bigger picture with detailedinstruction. There is “Share” button for easy sharing the ideas youlove. “Save” button will allow you to save the picture and use itlater. === Added in version 2 === - Added more new ideas withdetailed description - Improved application speed and reduced filesize - Fixed minor error === Added in version 5 === - Fixed problemwith SAVE button

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    DIY Pallets and crates
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    February 10, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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