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Flower making is a great craft to getinto.There are so many stunning variations you can make, especiallywithall the material available on the market today. A lot of peoplearemaking their own wedding flowers and corsages, as well asusingtheir own hand made flowers for parties and special events.

Make your own flowers to put on gifts instead of bows, itwilladd a special personal touch. Decorate around the house withyourhandmade flowers to add a splash of everlasting color, ormakeseasonal bouquets to change the mood. Children love art thatiscolorful and fun. Making flowers is a great way to spend alazyrainy afternoon.

How to Make Simple Paper Flowers

These paper flowers are quick and inexpensive to make. Theyarealso so simple, that children tackle them with ease. Crepe paperortissue paper is the best paper to use when making paperflowers.Each type of paper has its own particular advantages, andboth comein a wide variety of beautiful rainbow colors. Crepe paperisparticularly useful for flowers which have large petals. It canbegently stretched between thumbs and forefingers to give petalsthatcharacteristic curl.

If you wish to stretch crepe paper, make sure that when youarecutting it the grain of the paper is running in theoppositedirection to the way you want the paper to stretch. Tissuepaper ismore suitable for making delicate, fragile lookingflowers.Depending upon the number of tissue layers used, the petalscan bemade to appear more or less transparent.

These flowers are a bit time consuming to make, but theyreallyare not difficult! If you have the time to prepare for anevent orspecial occasion, you can work on them overtime. If you areneed aguide for paper flower project, then you can download thisapp.This app will guide you because there are a lot of tutorial initabou DIY Paper flower art

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New Baby Frock Designs 1.0 APK
Appearance is important for everyone, evenababy. Parents just love dressing up their babies in cutelittleoutfits that would make them look like a celebrity baby.Acelebrity baby is dressed with utmost care and a lot of moneyisspent by the parents to get a designer to design the cutestoutfitsfor them. They are photographed often and many mothers oftenwishthat their kids look like those celebrity babies. An averagefamilymay not have the time or the resources to spend to dress uptheirkids in the same fashion.resses for girls, generally frocks or jumpers, are made usingavariety of fabrics and materials; for instance, clothes made outofcotton and polyester can be put on regularly whereasthosefashioned from net, velvet etc., can be donned duringfestiveoccasions and parties.Frocks and jumpers are designed to look glamorous by workofpleating, ruffling, smocking and other stitching patterns.Suchtechniques enable one frock to look completely different fromtheother. Besides, there are surplus choices when it comes tocolor.Frocks and jumpers are designed for the baby girl to lookprettyand confident while also insuring comfort and relaxation.Unlike dresses, sets are in the form of pair - a top forupperbody and a skirt, knickers, trousers or jeans for the lowerbody.These clothing are mixed and matched to make the baby girllookcute and chirpy. The color contrast enlivens the spirit ofgirlsand makes them shun away all the shyness.you don't need confuse to choose clothes for your baby.Thisapplication has available many design about baby frockmodern,casual and stylish. Get this guide with little size downloadandyou will have the best of baby clothes guide on your hand!
Easy Paper Flower Crafts 1.0 APK
Paper flowers are crafted usingsimplematerials, but the time spent making them is what makesthemspecial. In addition to paper, other materials such asglue,embellishments and ribbon are used to complete theirappearance.Paper flowers can be used in place of real or silkflowers and aresometimes the more practical option. They arehandmade and takemany hours to complete. Even so, the cost ofproduction is lowmaking them a great option for those on a budget.However, paperflorists are not as common as ones who work with realor silkflowers. In this article, I'll explain the reasons whypaperflowers are the better option.Kids love crafts and there are so many paper flower craftsyoucan make with them. If you let the child chose what type ofpaperflower craft they want to make you will be absolutely amazedattheir little imaginations!Do not be surprised if they make paper flower craft alphabetsorpaper flower houses! Kids are so imaginative if only we had asmallfraction of the imagination that a child has it would befantastic.When it comes to kids and crafts they can and will createwhat anadult sees as the impossible!Be sure to supply them with plenty of crepe paper, scissorsthatare age appropriate and clear drying glue and just watch themgo.If you want you can provide them with a few helpful hintsorguidance.Let's learn how to make paper flowers. Knowing how to makepaperflowers enables you to display your creativity for a specialeventin a way that will last and impress your friends. It's easy,thematerials are inexpensive and you are only limited by yourownimagination in making these floral beauties. A paper flowerwillnot require constant watering, will never wilt, and you haveaflexibility in display options that is not possible with theirtruealternatives.for your convenience , this application has provided a lotoftutorials on how to make paper flowers . so download it now!
Drawing for Beginners 1.0 APK
If you want to learn how to draw, youcanactually learn this skill and start practicing your hand withsometechniques and tips to be able to make your drawing morerealisticand more impressive. If you are a beginner in this skill,read onfor tips and tricks in drawing for beginners.Some people may be born as great artists but do not losehopejust because you don't find yourself a great artist. Take timetolearn a few tips and tricks and you will eventually improveyourdrawings. Here are some use things that you might find usefulinyour quest to learn drawing.When drawing, set aside time for just that. Do not bedistractedby anything else. Ideally you should have a place awayfromdistractions to use for a length of time. Do not overdue itthough.One hour a day is sufficient practice, without becoming atask.Choose models that are simple. When starting out, selectsubjectsthat are plain with no detail. Practice these, underproper drawingguidelines, before moving on to complicatedsubjects. In this apphas available many simple models for to beyour guide. Manuals andrules of drawing won't produce art genius,but you must learn themfirst before you can even begin working onyour masterpiece.Download this application and follow tutorialsthen you will surelyskilful.
DIY Bedroom Furniture 1.0 APK
The bedroom is arguably the most importantroomin your house. It's where you sleep and recover from therigors ofthe day. It's where you rest when you are sick. And it'swhere....Oh well, you get the picture! So if you are like mostpeople, whenyou start to buy furniture for your home, you probablystart withthe bedroom and the bed. After all, you spend anywherebetween sixand eight hours every day in it (and if you don't, thenyou should,considering that restful sleep is very important forthe body andmind to function smoothly). Beds apart, the term"bedroom furniture"usually includes dressing tables and wardrobesas well. In fact,mirrors too may be included, especially mirrorswith those ornateframes.Having a piece of bedroom furniture that will endure, thatispleasing to look at, and that will compliment the otherfurniturein your home. With planning, patience for sight, DIYbedroomfurniture can be helpful to you.Waiting for your new house? All it takes is planninganddesigning your bedroom accessories to suit your own taste.Come in, close the door and escape into your ownpersonalsanctuary. Your bedroom is much more than a place to sleep,so turnit into a retreat that's rejuvenating during your wakinglife too.For that, smart wardrobe and storage solutions are justasimportant as a comfortable bed.The important thing is that, you can choose your ownmateriallike teakwood, rosewood and laminated box. You decide theheightand width of your wardrobe with fitted sliding doors whereitoffers space solving storage and easy access to your clothes.Also decide the height of the bed, either high or low.Aheadboards that are handsome as well as utilitarian willlookbetter with cabinet tablets on each side for telephone,clock,radio and books. Telephone book and other articles can bestorebeneath. A table lamp on both sides will help to create orenhancethe atmosphere in a room. Lamps on the wall, floor or tablearegreat for this. You can use reflected light from cabinetlightingup to a picture or other decorations. This makes yourbedroom lookmore welcoming and inviting. All these depends on yourwish,desire, choice and selection.Do It Yourself furnitures are available this app. youmustdownload this application and start your plan for yourbedroom.
Art of Hand Lettering 1.0 APK
Intrigued by the hot hand lettering trend,andhaving always harbored a love of sketching and typography, Isetabout creating mini hand lettering challenges for myself, totakemy design skills to the next level.I won’t lie, it took time and persistence to learn theseskills.But in just a few years I’ve built a large reference libraryandgrowing portfolio of work, improved my ability to sketchmultiplestyles quickly, gained confidence in my lettering andillustrationabilities, and pushed my conceptual thinking andwritingskills.And whether you’re new to hand lettering or a seasoned pro,youcan benefit from these challenges, too.Give them a try!Each challenge focused on one or two skills, forcing me tobecomeadept in that area before moving on to something new.Lettering and typography are essential components ofgraphicdesign. Knowledge of these practices is indispensable, evenfordesigners with no professional aspirations in either discipline.Atypeface course or lettering workshop goes a surprisingly longwayin helping to recognize well-made letters. In appreciatinggoodlettering, it’s important that the artwork always fulfillsitsintended purpose. The letterforms should be suited totheirenvironment and perform well in the ultimate application.Whilefashion may sometimes overshadow readability, the content mustbelegible while stylistically complementing the message. Andtheletters should be impeccably produced, even in cases whereadeliberately naive appearance is desired.to be more easily understood, you can download this appbecausein it you can find many hand lettering and typography. Sodownloadnow and learn!
Easy Origami 3D 1.0 APK
Origami is a traditional Japanese art formthatinvolves the folding of paper into interesting shapes. Itbegan asan art that only the most wealthy individuals couldpractice becausepaper was so expensive. However, as paper becamemore affordable,people of all socioeconomic levels were able toenjoy the craft.Most people find the process of doing origami to be veryrelaxingand a great tool for reducing stress. Creating origamisculpturesincreases focus of the mind while quieting the noisefrom a busyday. As skill with origami increases, the less thoughtis involved,creating a wonderful focus in which the worries of theday vanish.Concentrating on a simple task like folding paper andcreatingshapes becomes almost meditative, and can be a great wayto releasestress, reduce worry and anxiety, increase relaxationand promote afeeling of well-being.Children can benefit greatly from learning and practicing theartof origami. In addition to learning to read and followdirections,origami also helps to enhance small motor skills andhand-to-eyecoordination. Because both hands and the whole brainare involved increating origami, researchers have also found thatthe languagesection of the brain is stimulated.Developmental benefits are not the only positives that comefroma child's involvement in origami. Children also gethands-onexperience with spatial relationships, reading forunderstanding,mathematics, and sequencing.Origami can also make a lovely gift. Enclosing a paper crane inacard can be a delightful surprise. Origami in rich colorsmakeslovely decorations or Christmas ornaments. Make a mobile outoforigami animals for a child's room. Leave an origami sculptureonsomeone's desk to give them a little surprise. Littleorigamipresents are simple, creative way to brighten someone'sday!These are just a few of the ways that origami is a funandcreative hobby with numerous applications and rewards. The bestwayto find out about the benefits of origami is to doityourself!So download this application now!
How to Drawing Hair 1.0 APK
Have you ever seen strange hair drawingbefore?Most of people tend to draw lines fully. They forget thatthey haveto make a volume. Unfortunately, they do not know exactlyhow tocreate volume. Actually they have to concentrate in thisway. Thereare many usual mistakes that are made by people whenthey draw hair.Sometimes people will ignore this part. Actually itis an importantpart in drawing people, especially the head andhair.It can be awful when you create many textures. Sometimes itiscompleted by line repetition. It will give bad scratch onthepaper. You have to make simple hair shadow and just focus onlittletexture. Shadow is needed in every types of hair likecurly,straight, wavy, long and short hair.You need drawing lesson to make your ability increases. Youwillknow the trick that will give perfect creation. Basically youwillbe taught about the steps that you should use. Try to get itandapply it correctly. It is about your willingness to createtheright hair. You have to do more practices everyday. If yougetdifficulties you can ask your tutor. Do not ever stopyourexercises. It is like trial and error process. You will masteritin a short time.Learn more lessons to draw, you can get in drawing lessonsinthis application. Download Now!
Baby Booties Crochet 1.0 APK
Crochet baby booties are one of thecutesthandmade products! All baby booties are pretty cute, ofcourse, butthere’s just something really special about the work andcare thatgoes into the handcrafting of crochet baby booties.Whether youmake them yourself or buy them from someone who crochetsthis isdefinitely something you’ll want to have for your own baby(or giveas a gift to someone with a new baby in the family)Do a little research into what projects you might like tostartfirst and enlighten yourself on the various stitches involvedincrocheting baby booties (you'll be shocked at how similar theyallare). If you find you are ready to make that adorable pair ofbabybooties you saw, but think they are a bit intimidating, tryfindinga pattern that doesn't make things too complicated.You can easily find free crocheted baby booties patterns ontheinternet for everything from blankets and hats to scarvesandvarious items of adult, child and baby clothing. Thesepatternswill tell you all you need to know about what type of yarnto use,what size hook to use and how to check things such as thegauge ofyour own stitching to ensure that everything comes out thesizethat is depicted in the pattern. You will find that eventhecrocheted baby booties will come in various sizes toaccommodatetiny growing feet. Although, crochet baby shoes alsomany availableon the internet but in this application you can findmany babybooties crochet designs. So you must download no and makea giftfor your baby!