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DIY plastic bottle craftsFree download!! Images of DIY plasticbottle craft ideasBefore throwing plastic bottles or useful itemaway, you have various options.Try to swop it, arrange a swop meetin your local area. See if one of your friend wants it, maybe theyhave something you would like.Give it away? Yes that's what I said.offering your items for free. Look through the other items onoffer, you might find something you can use. Just consider it longterm swopping. But even if you don't find something, you won't haveto pay to get it taken away. Plus you will be doing your bit forthe planet.Here, I offer you to do creatively on your plasticbottle. it can be a useful item or creative crafts you can use. Byrecycling not only can help us individually. But can also improveour global environment. This application gives you some inspirationon how to deal with your bottle plastic crafts. It provides a lotof pictures which may inspire you. Just install it on your phone,then follow the instruction, and the crafts will be yours. Goodluck!!

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Men Sherwani & Salwar DesignsFree download!! Hundreds images ofSherwani and Salwar Kameez designsFashion is considered to be animportant part of our life. Everyone wants to look different fromothers. Fashion world is changing very quickly .Fashion is not onlyabout wearing western dresses. One can look handsome and beautifuleven in traditional Indian dresses as well.If you are looking forsome inspiration about wedding suits for men, wedding sherwanidesign is the right answer. Here I am providing some images of menssherwani collection. It may inspire you about which sherwani youshould wear on your wedding party. If we talk about men's fashionworld Sherwani is considered to be the fashion of all time. EvenCenturies ago Kings also used to wear Sherwani on special occasionlike marriages .It still holds its place in fashion market that'sbecause of its charm .if you are not able to decide what to wear onyour marriage then do not worry you can make wedding sherwani suchas black sherwani, indo western sherwani, groom sherwani.There is alot to talk about men's fashion world. It is changing day by daybut Sherwani is the fashion of all time for men .Although designand hand work on Sherwanies keeps on changing time to time.Sherwanies design available in different colors today, like blacksherwani, indo western sherwani. All men consider Sherwani to bethe best option when it comes to marriage parties. If you areplanning to go to some marriage party and wants all eyes onlylooking at you then you should be dressed up nicely. You can makeuse of sherwani for this purpose with stone, beads and zar handworkover it .You can buy party wear sherwani onlineIn today's worldeveryone wants to just show up that's why everyone remains up todate. In earlier centuries Sherwani was considered as a marriagedress for the bridegrooms only but as time changed Sherwani emergedas a party dress up for all the fashionable men and this trend isgoing on till date although fabrics and hand work on Sherwaniesgoes through heavy changes. Now day's designs on Sherwanies are alot heavier than traditional sherwanies. Sherwani comes indifferent variations of colors and price .you can easily select oneof them according to your choice and you budget. You can buy latestdesign designer sherwani for mens online.One should not alwaysthink from others point of view. One should live its own life so ifyou think this dress up suits you then one should go for it withoutworrying about others and their points of views.
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DIY plastic bottle craftsFree download!! Images of DIY plasticbottle craft ideasBefore throwing plastic bottles or useful itemaway, you have various options.Try to swop it, arrange a swop meetin your local area. See if one of your friend wants it, maybe theyhave something you would like.Give it away? Yes that's what I said.offering your items for free. Look through the other items onoffer, you might find something you can use. Just consider it longterm swopping. But even if you don't find something, you won't haveto pay to get it taken away. Plus you will be doing your bit forthe planet.Here, I offer you to do creatively on your plasticbottle. it can be a useful item or creative crafts you can use. Byrecycling not only can help us individually. But can also improveour global environment. This application gives you some inspirationon how to deal with your bottle plastic crafts. It provides a lotof pictures which may inspire you. Just install it on your phone,then follow the instruction, and the crafts will be yours. Goodluck!!
Salwar Kameez Designs 1.0 APK
Salwar Kameez DesignsFree download!! hundreds images of latestsalwar kameez designsSalwar kameezs are famous all over the worldand its popularity has reached to every corner of fashion world. Itis also the most popular comfortable dress in Indian society. Theversatility in design and colour of salwar kameez has added morecharm to it which keeps changing according to season and occasion.The changing trends further add elegance in the newer version ofIndian salwar kameez. Some of the varieties of salwar kameez areembroidered salwar kameez designs, casual, formal, Indo western forevery occasion and wish.Latest Salwar Kameez Designs are symbol ofchanging look of fashion world. Fashion today has come to be a wayof expressing oneself and a reflection of one's personality.Clothes say a lot about the personality, choices and attitude of aperson.Salwar Kameez designs have also been preferred by theyounger generation, because it is easy to carry out at home andeven at work. As the fashion has changed, Salwar Kameez has alsochanged from its traditional look. Now it is more trendy andfashionable and fulfils all the demands of looking classy, elegantand charming.Broadly, embroidered Salwar Kameez can be divided intotwo categories1. Hand Embroided Salwar Kameez Designs2. MachineEmbroided Salwar Kameez DesignsHand embroided salwar kameez is aresult of the efforts made by the craftsmen. In such type of SalwarKameez, the embroidery work is embellished not only with threadsbut it may be embroidered along with Sippy, stars, beads, Moti,Ghungroo, laces, stones and jewels etc.In machine embroided SalwarKameez, the main component of embroidery is threads of differentcolors and fabric like cotton, polyester, silk, resham, silver,gold etc. Machine embroidery has limitation but it has better lookthan the hand embroided Salwar Kameez material.Clothes give thefirst impression about your personality. The fabrics which are usedvary from cotton to silk, crepes to georgettes, satins to chiffons.There is a lot of work involved in embroidery like sequins,handwork, chicken work-which is very popular among the peoplebecause of its unique appeal with zardosi, block print, beadworkand rubber print. Latest salwar kameez designs looks sexy incontrast color, bandini work with embroidery, checks and stripedpatterns.Varieties of Salwar kameezChuridar Style Salwar kameezdesigns:Churidar Salwar Kameez is not exactly a traditional Salwarkameez. It is not as wide as in traditional Salwar kameez. There isa lot of difference in between the curve and cuts of Churidar andtraditional salwar. The Kameez may be same as it is in the IndianSalwar kameez.Patiala Style Salwar kameez suite:Patiala Salwarkameez or Patiala Salwar kameez is having some special historicalbackgrounds. There is a story behind this name. Patiala is a placein Punjab at North India. In ancient times, Maharaja (King) ofPaliala was very famous. His dress was a pleated and baggy typesalwar with long loose kameez with full sleeves. He used to wearthis dress as a king and for comfort also.Anarkali Style Salwarkameez designsIslamic-attire has in store for our clients, a widevariety of Anarkali Salwar Kameez. The gorgeous outfit is availablein various color combinations and design patterns for there clientsto choose from. Inspired by attire worn by ‘Anarkali' in the Mughalera, these Salwar kameezs are back in the fashion arena and havecaptured the interests of fashion conscious customers.Islamic-attire offers our range of Anarkali Salwar Kameez invarious sizes and lengths to suit the demands of our clients.
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DIYa Recycled Craft IdeasFree download!! Hundreds images ofRecycled Craft IdeasIf you are looking for some inspirations how toexploit the recycled objects to be useful craft or even valuableart., here is the application you should install. There arehundreds images of recycled arts and craft ideas from differentrecycled materials that can inspire you. It can help you toincrease your creativity. Below is some advice for recyclingdifferent types of materials. Recycling can help the environment inmany ways and it is essential that you don't underestimate what youcan do. There are many kind of easy recycled craft ideas forchildren.Carrier bags and twist ties. Carrier bags can be reused inthe shops or as bin bags around the house. Paper bags make usefulwrapping paper and twist ties can be used to secure loose itemstogether, such as computer wires.Envelopes By sticking labels overthe address you can reuse envelopes. Alternatively, old envelopescan be used as scrap paper to make notes on.Jars and pots. Bycleaning glass jars and small pots, you can use them as smallcontainers to store odds and ends.Newspaper , cardboard and bubblewrap Make useful packing material when moving house or to storeitems.Old clothes - can be made into other textile items such ascushion covers or teapot cosies.Packaging Such as foil and eggcartons can be donated to schools and nurseries, where they can beuse in art and craft projects.Scrap paper Can be used to make notesand sketches. Don't forget to recycle it when you no longer needit.Tyres Old tyres can be given to your local petrol station wherethey will be recycled. Or you could make a tyre-swing by tying astrong rope around a tyre and attaching it to a tree.Used wood Canbe used in woodcrafts for making objects such as a spice rack or abird table. Alternatively it could be used as firewood.UsefulAdviceOld Electrical Equipment Donate old electrical equipment toschools or community centers so that others can reuse them.DonateOld Clothes and Books Other people can reuse your unwanted clothesand books when you donate them to charity shops.Car-boot Sale Havea car-boot sale and get rid of some unwanted items. Other peoplemay find a use for them, plus it gives you the opportunity to earnsome extra cash.Rechargeable Batteries Rechargeable batteries canbe reused many times before they need throwing away, opposed toregular batteries that create unnecessary waste.Build a Compost BinYou can reuse many waste items, such as eggshells and old tea bags,using a compost bin. This waste then degrades and turns intocompost that can be used to help your garden grow. easy crafts forkids or christmas craft ideas.Grass Cycling After mowing your lawn,instead of throwing the grass cuttings away, leave them in yourgarden. The nutrients from the cuttings go back into the soil andact as a fertilise. crafts for toddlers
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DIY wood craft ideasFree download hundreds images of creative woodcraft ideasWood is most versatile and flexible material; this makesit an ideal choice for craft work. Since ancient time, wood hasbeen used for craft, household furniture, houses and other utilityitems. It can be crafted into any shape and size; it can bepolished and painted. Wood is durable and anti resistant to rust;wooden furniture is most popular and expensive type furniture tilldate. From generic to artist craft can be created from wood. Woodentoys are popular worldwide; due to its flexibility threedimensional wood crafts are made and available for children. Homecraft has regained immense popularity in recent years. Earlier, dueto unavailability of resources, people use make daily utility itemsat home from; furniture, toys to beds, cabins etc. After industrialrevolution, consumer durable are manufactured and marketed toconsumers. Today, art and craft has become a hobby and luxury thannecessity. Various specialty stores offer all kinds of craftmaterial to create and enhance your interest in craft work.In Homecraft, wood craft items are most popular. Retail specialty storeoffer Home Craftsvariety of wood craft supplies to help you developyour creative talent. From wood boxes to woodcraft tool kits areoffered to customers. Some specialty stores also conduct craftworkshops to help customers with new ideas and design. To createyour own craft work has many benefits. If craft work is your hobbythen you can design and make your gift items for your close friendsand family. Decorative wood boxes are ideal gifts for all purpose.They are simple to make and can be used in many ways. Craftspecialty stores offer unfinished wood boxes in different sizes andshape. You can pick the size and shape of your choice and decorateit with almost anything; beads, ribbons, pictures, embroidery etc.If you want to start a craft business; there are suppliers thatsupply bulk wood box and craft material in wholesale prices.Recentpopularity in wood craft has also increased the demand for woodentoys. Earlier generic wooden toys were available like; woodenships, cars, animals etc. They were simple toys that were more ofwood craft items. Now, Wood craft supplies stores offer wood crafttool kits for children. With the help of the kit, children canbuild three dimensional toys like; ships, airplanes, houses etc.These kits come with simple instructions, the toys are detachableand can assembled and reassembled easily. They can be orderedonline. Since they are detachable, they are stored in a compactbox. It is easy to ship and store them.
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DIY greeting card design ideasFREE DOWNLOAD a lot of greeting carddesign ideasIf you are looking for an inspiration on how to make agreeting card design on your own ideas, here is the application youneed to install on your smartphone. Designing exclusive greetingcards with your own style is highly affordable. You are justrequired to purchase the greeting card tutorial once and. You arenot required to purchase the software every time you want to designany greeting card. Making a greeting card design ideas on your ownway will increase your creativity how to exploit the materialaround. Greeting cards are considered the most impressive way toexpress your feeling and sentiments to someone dear to you. In thisfast era everyone lacks time so it becomes really very difficult tomeet someone personally and wish him the occasion. Due to greatdistances and busy life schedule, it becomes hard to express yourfeelings personally. Here, greeting cards come to play a majorrole.Greeting cards help you in expressing your feeling just theway you want. Greeting cards help you in showing your love,sentiments, passion and emotions to your loved ones. Greeting cardsare available in many kinds and styles like postal cards, ecards orprintable cards etc. There area variety of greeting cards that aremade to attract anyone towards them. They become the best option toexpress your feelings and make the other person feel special. Youcan find a good variety of greeting cards for birthdays,anniversaries etc in market. Each greeting card consists of aremarkable and loving message in it that makes the greeting cardmore special and your even one line turns an ordinary card into apersonalized greeting card.Greeting cards are the most affordableand passionate way to express your feeling to your loved one. Nodoubt a large variety of attractive greeting cards are available inmarket but a self made greeting card has its own value. You can buya greeting card software that is easily available. The greetingcard maker is highly user friendly that does not require the userto take prior training or have designing knowledge. The birthdaycard maker contains wide number of card templates that the user caneasily make use of to create his own self made greeting card inminimum time.Designing exclusive greeting cards with the help ofgreeting cards maker is highly affordable. You are just required topurchase the greeting card software once and install it on yoursystem to design as many greeting as you want. You are not requiredto purchase the software every time you want to design any greetingcard. Buy a greeting cards software today and get ready to becomean expert greeting card maker.
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DIY Bracelet Tutorial IdeasFree Download DIY tutorial of braceletideasIf you are looking for some inspiration how to make a braceletby yourself. Here I am providing it for you free. Bracelet is thefashion accessory, which was only seen on the wrists of younggirls, in the start. But now people of all ages are wearing it.These bracelets do have a history that starts from Neolithic eraand Egyptian periods. In the past it was worn because of differentreligious and spiritual concepts and beliefs. But today it hastruly become a fashion item. Now it is very popular and has gotnumerous names according to distinguishing qualities. For instance,photo charm bracelets, vintage charm bracelets, beaded charmbracelets etc. Many reputed jewellery designers and companies havegiven their own specific names after modifications and by addingsome more features. Pandora charm bracelets, Italian charmbracelets and Chinese charm bracelets are a few to name.Recentlythese bracelets are also being used as friendship bracelets. Thesebracelets are normally hand made and are given to others for makingfriendship. Making bracelets and their charms are easy. Materialslike hemp, wool, and beads can be used. Then it is placed on thewrist of friend. You must not remove it yourself because if you dothen it indicates the termination of friend ship and if it isremoved by itself that may not affect your friendship.Nowadayspeople mostly prefer to customize their own charms and stringbracelets as handmade bracelet ideas. By doing this they create aunique piece that is really appreciated. Observing this fact,manufacturers have produced bracelet-crafting kits and made themavailable in markets. These craft kits normally have all basicthings that are required to make charms and bracelets for differentpurposes. This kit is really a very meaningful gift for younggirls. The girls can craft bracelets according to their needs andalso makes friendship bracelets with heart charms, white birdscharm, small flowers of numerous colors or two small hands shaking,leather bracelets for women, leather bracelets for men.These charmbracelets can be crafted in different colors. In prevailing fashionbracelets for friend ship are usually made with hemp or rope. Andtheir charms are adorned with beads. Bracelets are considering aschromatic where beads reflect the personality. When you present afriendship bracelet to whom you want to make friend ship if sheaccepts then it means she is interested too.Making friendship charmbracelet is not very complex. If you don’t know from where to startthen visit a reputed bookshop, which deals in best books. Ask himabout the booklets that provide information about making ownbracelets. These booklets contain hundreds of ideas and thousand ofinstructions for making bracelet. The most easy type of bracelethave looping and cording of rope with beads. Once you are finishedyou can attach the both ends.Mostly the friendship bracelettutorials are plainly tied on the wrist. Once it is completed youmust tie it by your self on the wrist of your new friend. Thelength should be appropriate. It must not be snugly tied on thewrist. There should be some space left that a finger can easilypass through.It is the necessary that before making friend you mustjudge your friend properly. After you have decided to make thatfriendship long lasting, then you must present a bracelet that mayrepresent few qualities of your new friend. Paracord bracelettutorial anf loom bracelet tutorial.