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Do you have some old shoes that are sitting in your shoe rack for along time? Maybe they are still in good condition but just look tooworn to wear (e.g. the color of the fabric has faded). Here is anice tutorial showing you how to refashion your old dress shoes.With some creativity and patience, you will have a pair offashionable dress shoes that look like brandDownload thisapplication and you can getting many ideas about diy shoesrefashion art. This application is very interesting and easy touse. FEATURES OF THIS APP- Easy to use - Best selection of graffitiletters- User friendly interface- Offline version- Set aswallpaper- Pinch zoom- Have sharing function - Free Download Note:All the designs are copyrighted to their respective owners.

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Girls and boys braided hairstyles ideasLong, strong and silky hairis a dream of every girl. However, braiding such a long hair is ahassle especially if you have no clue about the braiding styles andtrends. Keeping in view all such hassles of moms who struggle on adaily basis, I came up with few easy and creative ways of braidinga long hair. I've compiled easy ways of braiding a long hair whichcan be made at a flip of a second. The hair styles mentioned arequick, easy, and creative and make your kid more cute and adorable.These hairstyles are compiled especially for school going kids whoprefer to have a braid which is lovely at the same timesophisticated and intricate-looking too.Out of the many braidmaking styles, a handpicked number are being described here with aview to give you a rough idea on how to choose the one that suitsyour kid and at the same time; the most easy to make.• The Fishtailup do - It is the hairstyle that is perfect for kids with longsilky hair. For this, you must divide the hair into two parts andthen cross blend smaller pieces from each of the two parts.• Flowerbraid pony tail - This hairstyle is especially for kids who havegot long hair and can be made during any special occasions. It isso simple and easy, you just got to divide the hair into twosections; Upper and lower. Then, braid the upper section and rollit in to a flower shape and then make a pony. You are done!• Sidebraid pony tail - It is the hair style that fits a longer hair andit is certainly a trend setter as can be called as the verypolished hairstyle. All you got to do for this is just wrap onestrand of your hair around the base of pony tail and there you go!The trendy and polished hairstyle is all done.• Lace braided bun -It is the hairstyle that is easy but it does look complicated andwill compliment your princess for her straight locks. In thisstyle, simply use a bun and adjust the hair to get a shape of yourchoice.• The Duct side braid - It is the hairstyle that bringsclassy and stunning look to your little one as it is pretty easierto copy and is just as simple as the other hairstyles. Simply braidher hair from one side and continue the same till the end of thehair and band it. Pin light flowers in between the braid to get aprincess look.Now, try a new and intricate looking braid on yourlittle girl and get compliments for her. There are just lot moreideas on braids for long hair to be explored.This application isvery interesting and easy to use. FEATURES OF THIS APP- Easy to use- Best selection of graffiti letters- User friendly interface-Offline version- Set as wallpaper- Pinch zoom- Have sharingfunction - Free Download Note: All the designs are copyrighted totheir respective owners.
Kids Birthday Dress 3.0 APK
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Who would not want to dress their children with baby girl clothes?These clothes are all adorable and would make your baby girl thecutest baby in town. You can have many choices for the clothes ofyour baby girl from cute tops, adorable sleep wears and attractiveswim wears for her. There is a wide range of selection that you canhave for your baby. You can shop at the nearest department store inyour area or have it from any online sites that you can browse.These online sites would help you in choosing the best and stylishclothes for your baby girl.- Choices for Baby Girl Clothes Thereare many choices for the clothes of your baby. You can have diffThebest thing to do is to buy larger sized baby clothes, and your babywill be able to use them for a longer period of time. You do nothave to buy expensive and extravagant clothes for your little onesbecause babies grow fast and they easily outgrow their clothes.So,you must account key factors such as quality, comfort, design andprice to accomplish your shopping process in a profitable manner.Buying branded clothes is always a better choice. They generallylast longer and the quality is far superior to other regularchildren's clothes.Baby clothes, infant dresses, baby layettes andbaby shoes also need to be well organized so that when needed theyare at hand. I am a mother myself and I really saw the differencein organic baby clothes. As parents we want to keep our babies safefrom things that might harm them, that's why every parent needs toshop kids clothes that are organic for their babies.When lookingfor baby girl clothes, you can choose the clothes that would fitwith the budget that you have. The best baby clothes that you canhave are those that would make your baby look good and happy whilewearing it.This application is very interesting and easy to use.FEATURES OF THIS APP- Easy to use - Best selection of graffitiletters- User friendly interface- Offline version- Set aswallpaper- Pin zoom- Have sharing function - Free Download Note:All the designs are copyrighted to their respective owners.
cartoon Princess Bedroom 4.1.1 APK
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Little girls and princesses... since the invention of the fairytale, they go hand in hand. The magic of Disney has brought greatprincesses to life: Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, andBelle from Beauty and the Beast. The Disney Princess even reignsunderwater: The Little Mermaid has brought the beautiful ocean andundersea world to life with the invention of princess Ariel. Andwhile your daughter has the toys, the movies, the books and theaccessories... nothing will compete with designing the ultimateDisney princess bedroom for her to lay her pretty little head downin. So let's get started!Disney Princess room adornments areeverywhere, and this is the good news. The bad news is that it canoften be overwhelming, so you'll need to decorate smartly. FromDisney Princess bedding to wall decor, from curtains and valancesto beautiful rugs depicting Cinderella's magic castle... perhapsthe most comprehensive and complete collection of Disney Princessbedroom decor can be found at a great website called KidsDecorating Ideas.Wall Color - Begin planning your Disney Princessbedroom with the general wall color. Your main choices are pink andpurple. Make sure you go with light pinks and lavenders, as thesewill open up the room and allow for better options later on whenchoosing complimentary princess wall decor. You can even work atwo-toned effect: pink on top and lavender on the bottom with athin white stripe or pretty lattice pattern marking the separation.For a fantasy feel, get creative and add wisps of puffy whiteclouds to the upper portion of the walls. Your daughter's princessbedroom should feel light and delicate right from thestart.Princess Bedding - There are a variety of companies that sellDisney Princess bedding. Choose between quilted comforters orsatin/sheen type materials that allow prints to be silk-screenedright onto the fabric. Individual princesses are available, so askyour daughter if she has a favorite. Other princess quilts featureseveral of the more famous princesses together, and these catch-allsolutions can be cute as well. Above all else, choose bedding thatcompliments your wall color and avoid patterns or colors thatclash.Flooring and Area Rugs - Your Disney Princess bedroom shouldbe a soft, luxurious place for your little girl to sleep and play.If you choose to carpet the room, go plush and high. Again youshould pick colors that blend nicely with the walls, but you canoffset softer colors with a slightly darker color floor forcontrast. Whether you choose carpeting or not, you can add DisneyPrincess area rugs to strategic places in the room such as the footof the bed. These rugs come featuring the princesses themselves, insilhouettes of Cinderella's castle, glass slipper circular rugs,and other beautiful choices. Find the shape, size, and color rugthat fits your daughter's Disney Princess bedroom.Furniture - Whilethere may not be an abundance of Princess furniture, this is a goodplace to get away from the Disney theme for a minute. Beautifulscrolling finishes and beveled edges are what you should be lookingfor when buying a bedroom set. Sleigh beds and day beds and evenfour-poster canopy beds can all look fit for a princess if ornatelyyet practically detailed. Whites and off-whites will go nicely inany princess room, and you can even add finishes to certain piecessuch as hand-painted scrollwork, tiaras, jeweled details and otherroyal themes. Remember that the rest of your room will contain manyDisney Princess references - including the bedding - so non-themedfurniture is not only okay, it's probably for the best.
Drawing anime couple 3.0 APK
KBJ Apps
Drawing Anime CoupleWith today's hit anime programs and the growingpopularity of the various genres associated with Anime, there is nodoubt as to why anime is as popular as it is. Children, teenagers,and even adults love anime and enjoy watching it. Something thatmany fans from the old to the young want to do is learn how to drawanime. There is nothing more exciting then drawing your favoritecharacters, and showing off your drawing ability to your friendsand family.Anime Drawing Books are they worth it?Honestly from myexperience no, books on how to draw anime often fail miserably atteaching the reader basic concepts and often distract them withsenseless drawings that show no relevance to the task at hand. Thepopular "How to draw Manga" Book series has become an often choicefor many begging artist and sadly many of them find themselves lostand over whelmed with all of the information. Instead of going in astep by step start to finish motion, they jump and skip to developskill while skipping over basic fundamentals. Another thing aboutthese books is that they cost so much money, an average book willcost you at least 25.00.Where to go to learn how to draw Anime?Wellin today's modern world you can use your very own computer to teachyou all that you need to know in terms of drawing and creatinganime characters. The internet is home to many tutorials and videosthat cover how to draw anime. The thing about these onlinetutorials is that some of them feature technology that allows youto see a drawing from start to finish, yet they allow you to pauseand go back when ever you need to. Best of all online anime drawingtutorials are free. This application has many ideas about drawinganime couple so you can download and learn it.This application isvery interesting and easy to use. FEATURES OF THIS APP- Easy to use- Best selection of graffiti letters- User friendly interface-Offline version- Set as wallpaper- Pinch zoom- Have sharingfunction - Free Download Note: All the designs are copyrighted totheir respective owners.
Awesome Art Drawing Ideas 5.1 APK
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Awesome Art Drawing Pen IdeasSometimes, the hardest part aboutdrawing is deciding what you want to draw. Finding an idea thatseems worthwhile of your time can be a task on its own. Butremember, not every piece you draw will be a masterpiece. Youshould draw anything, as much as you can, because what is reallyimportant is practice. Here are four ideas that will have youdrawing in no time.Portraits Portraits allow for quick inspirationand great practice. There are so many features on the human face --you could spend your whole life trying to master drawing it. Andthe great part about portraits is that you can grab a friend orlook at a face in a magazine for something to sketch.RepeatedDesigns All that time you spent doodling in class may not have beena waste of time. Repeated design is a popular and interesting artform. Make patterns come alive and guaranteed your eyes will not beable to look away.Landscapes Landscapes can be found anywhere. Evenif you live in a city, there are buildings and other architecturalwonders that deserve recognition on paper. So look out your windowand start drawing.Copying If you are really stumped forinspiration, grab one of your favorite drawings and try to recreateit. You will become closer to your favorite piece and the gettingcloser to the techniques used to create it will improve your skillsdramatically.So what are you waiting for? Go get drawing!Thisapplication is very interesting and easy to use. FEATURES OF THISAPP- Easy to use - Best selection of graffiti letters- Userfriendly interface- Offline version- Set as wallpaper- Pinch zoom-Have sharing function - Free Download Note: All the designs arecopyrighted to their respective owners.
How to Draw Fashion Clothes 5.1.1 APK
KBJ Apps
Learn How to Draw Clothes step by step tutorialIf you want to turnyour sketches up a notch, then there are special croquis to do thattoo. You can learn how to draw clothes in a more realistic way,using model croquis that show the lay and twist of the fabric andthe human-like bends of the body. These are the same type offashion sketches you would see in magazines, pinned up behind theactual sewn clothing sample.Draw Clothes like fashion designerIt'sa common misconception that fashion designers must be good artists.Especially with the internet as a resource, there are lots ofcreative shortcuts. Even the worst artist can learn how to drawclothes.Drawing fashion clothesNowadays a huge assortment ofdresses is made available for kids of all age groups. In theearlier days, kid dresses were simple and were available in fewervarieties. Today, there are dresses for both boys and girls indifferent styles and fabrics. Earlier, girls wore white frocks withsmall belts and boys wore shorts and vests. Cotton clothes wereworn during summer seasons and woolen clothes were worn duringwinter seasons. Silk dresses were expensive and worn during specialoccasions.Kid dresses included similar styles for both infant boysand girls with a color difference. Blue colored dresses were wornby boys and pink colored ones were worn by the girls.Do you want todesign female clothing quickly?Fashion design tutorial forbeginnerStudying and analyzing fashion design sketches helps them alot to get new ideas and make new fashion design sketches anddesigns. They come equipped with measurement tools, patterns andflat drawings, information on stitching and knitting, color andprinting and almost anything else a pioneer of drawing clothesdesigns.This application is very interesting and easy to use.FEATURES OF THIS APP- Easy to use - Best selection of graffitiletters- User friendly interface- Offline version- Set aswallpaper- Pinch zoom- Have sharing function - Free Download Note:All the designs are copyrighted to their respective owners.
Awesome Wedding Cake 2.0 APK
KBJ Apps
Awesome wedding cake designsThe bride and the groom are of coursethe center of attention in any wedding. Even so, you would want tohave the right decorative touch to make your photo and videosouvenirs worth looking at. Part of your wedding design plan isyour wedding cake design. The wedding cake design will always bethe center of attention at the reception regardless of your cake'ssize and shape. The following are some important concerns to thinkof before picking a wedding cake design.Complementary PieceYourwedding, theme, colors, gowns and decorations are all a reflectionof your personal taste. You should never forget however, that yourwedding cake design is also part of your unified decoration. Thecolor, shape and decorations included in your wedding cake designshould also therefore complement your theme. The trick is to planall the other details of your wedding decorations, dresses andcolors before choosing a wedding cake design. This will help youpick a design that will fit the whole picture.The IngredientsYoumay choose to have an experienced baker come up with your weddingcake design. You can also ask your wedding planner to take care ofall the cake details or you can take care of the wedding cakedesign yourself. Whatever option you choose, it is not enough thatyou look into a portfolio or watch a cake making video. You shouldalso know the different ingredients involved in cake making and howthese can affect your whole wedding cake design.Butter cream forexample is the common choice for cake icing. You may however alsouse white margarine and fondant icing. The latter is a great choiceif you want to have a smooth and elegant look. Aside from thewedding cake design however, you should also think about theflavor. Fondant may really look good but butter cream still tastesbetter. You should also look into the butter cream mix. Too muchshortening will make the eating experience a greasy one.
Cake Icing Designs 5.1 APK
KBJ Apps
The most common as well as most popular cake icing is undoubtedlybuttercream. Buttercream icing is incredibly easy to design &decorate with, it's cheap, and it tastes great to boot. Thedrawback to this icing is that it bleeds easily as the temperatureclimbs.Another tasty wedding cake icing is marzipan. Marzipan canbe used to in the baking of the cake as well as for the coveringand filling of cake. Ingredients in this icing are sugar, eggs, andmost importantly almonds. This particular cake icing isn't thecheapest, so be prepared to spend a bit more if you want it foryour cake.If you're cake is going to have numerous intricatedecorations and designs, then fondant and/or sugar gum paste willbe the likely choice. Both of these icings harden after they're puton so that the details remain in place. The big drawback to theseicings is that they aren't very tastier -- in fact, some people maygo as far as saying they taste pretty bad. If you can, do withoutthis icing or use a very little amount.Royal icing is the definitechoice for simple cakes with simple designs & decorations. Thisicing is easy to work, cheap, and quite tasty -- making it aperfect choice for amateur bakers whom want to try making &designing their own wedding cake.Remember to put give some seriousthought toward your wedding cake icing. Although a seemingly simpleaspect, your cake's icing will effect taste, appearance, and eventhe price!This application is very interesting and easy to use.FEATURES OF THIS APP- Easy to use - User friendly interface-Offline version- Set as wallpaper- Pinch zoom- Have sharingfunction - Free Download Note: All the designs are copyrighted totheir respective owners.