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If you have old bottles laying around yourhouse, you can recycle them by making easy, fun crafts. Everythingfrom wine bottles to plastic soda bottles can be reused and turnedinto a pretty craft or educational product. Your old bottles can beturned into decoration or even a useful addition to your garden.Gather a group of girlfriends or recruit your kids to help youconvert junk into a unique project.

Decorative Wine Bottle
Wash the wine bottle thoroughly. Remove the label using a razorblade, and then soak the bottle in warm water with soap. Scrunchtissue paper into several small pieces. Brush decoupage onto thewine bottle and stick the bits of tissue paper onto the decoupage.Coat the tissue paper with decoupage.Glue marbles onto the winebottle using your hot glue gun. You can continue decorating thebottle with spirals of craft wire. To make spirals, wind the wirearound a pencil.

Bird Feeder
Poke holes through the sides of the plastic bottle, on the bottom.Make sure the holes are directly across from each other since adowel will be snaked through the holes in order to create a birdperch. Cut a "U" shape into the bottle, 2 inches higher than theholes for the perch on both sides of the bottle. Bend each U-shapedcut outward. Poke two holes through the bottom of the bottle'sneck. This will be for the hanger. Pour birdseed into the feederand screw the cap on the top of the bottle. Hang the feeder outsidefor birds to access.

Cut off the bottom two-thirds of the bottle using a scissor.
Create a hole that goes through the bottle cap. Tie the bell to astring and snake the string through the hole in the bottle cap. Tiea large knot at the top so that the string doesn't fall through thecap. Decorate the bottle using stickers or markers.

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Enjoy and make your own wine bottle crafts!

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DIY Craft at Home 1.4 APK
Looking for a productive and conducive hobby?If yes, you can always choose one from the numerous do-it-yourself(DIY) hobbies in the market. Hobbies are not solely limited ondoing needlework, cooking, sports or artworks, but you can alsoconsider DIY crafts as your hobby. If you find it difficult tochoose the right hobby for you, read on and follow these articlesmentioned below.Do it yourself work is not only fun and fulfilling, but you canalso earn and save money from it. With it, you can learn and makeso many things with your own hands in just a matter of days orminutes.Previously, it is associated with home improvement works andjobs, but at present, it is applicable to variety of works andhobbies that a person can do it their own.To find the right hobby for you, ask referrals from friends,family and colleagues or surf the Internet to know the different doit yourself hobbies suitable for you. You can also read variety ofcraft magazines and journals on needlework, woodworking, knitting,crocheting and many more.Interest - in selecting a craft, you should consider andevaluate what are the things that you find interesting to work on.If you like cooking and experimenting on recipes, you can alwaysconsider baking pastries and cooking dishes as your hobby. If youfind carpentry interesting, you can choose woodworking as yourcraft. If you find stitching things as fulfilling, you can alwaysconsider needlework as a suitable craft for you. If you likecreating things out of paper, then paper-mache is suitable for you.There are hundreds of options available for you, all you need is toassess and evaluate which one you really like doing.Spare time - no matter what craft you select, be sure to haveenough spare time to finish the task.Dedication and will - without dedication, you cannot finish thetask that you pursue, no matter how grandiose or meager it canbe.Skills -- choose a craft that you have experience in doing.However, you can always learn something new by enrolling inspecialized schools for crafts or by asking the assistance of yourfamily member or friends. You can also follow directions andguidelines found in guidebooks or manuals.So do you want to try this kind of hobby? No more waiting!Download this application of DIY Craft at Home to help you out withyour DIY craft project!Enjoy your hobbies!
Make Up Tutorial 1.4 APK
To enhance your natural beauty, you don't needheavy foundation, dark blush, a dazzling array of eyeshadow colorsor glittery powders. Makeup that looks natural shows that you havenothing to hide. Achieving a natural makeup look can mean applyingjust as many cosmetics as you usually do, and sometimes more. Justremember the simple rule: less is more.The Natural FaceThink of your face as a canvas. However, instead of painting itwith heavy oils, use sheer watercolors. Women with a naturally goodcomplexion should never need to trowel on heavy foundation, noteven for an evening event.Similarly, concealers are a requisite for the woman who wants tocamouflage dark eye circles. Avoid concealers that look cakey orthat look greasy after a few hours of wear. When it comes toselecting blush, choosing the right hue is imperative to achievinga natural look. If you're in a quandry, conduct a simpleexperiment: What color are your cheeks when you come in from thecold or after you engage in physical exertion? Your blush shouldmatch your "flush" as closely as possible.Eyes and LipsCreate a natural-looking eye by using mascara only while avoidingthick eye pencils and liners. Mascaras are formulated for specificpurposes, some give a dramatic, thick-lashed look, while otherssimply lengthen and separate the lashes. If you want shiny, longlashes consider using a mascara such as Sephora's ProfessionalClear Mascara, which adds no color to your lashes but gives them anextra boost and soft sheen (this can also be used to shape anddefine eyebrows). Or use one layer of mascara that most closelymatches the shade of your eyelashes.For natural-looking lips, heavy lip-liners and matte lipsticks areout, and stains, sheers and glosses are in. Choose the shade ofnude pink that's closest to your lip tone. And for more make uptutorial download this application of Make Up Tutorial. Thisapplication provides you make up tutorials and pictures which cangive you inspiration to create your own make up syles.Enjoy and be a make up pro!
Shower Glass Designs 1.4 APK
Glass shower design isn't a one-size-fits-allsolution. You can get custom shower glass doors in a wide range ofglass sizes, types and tints, but what you really want to focus onfirst is glass thickness. Think you can get by with lightweight,thinner doors? Sure, you can, but you'll end up replacing them moreoften. Here's what you need to consider if you want your glassshower design to go the distance.Shower Glass PanelAs a general rule, a stationary shower glass panel is made out of ½inch glass. However, for a door that opens and closes, it's best touse 3/8-inch glass. It's not about making the shower door thinner;it's actually making the panel thicker.HingesCustom shower glass doors rely on hinges that are strong enough tosupport ½ inch glass. But when only 3/8 inch glass is used for thedoor, you'll find that the hinges operate better, easier andlonger. Why? It's simply because they're not taxed or burdened totheir limits.Tempered GlassGlass shower design is typically made with tempered glass, givenits safety value. It's made by heating flat glass to approach itssoftening temperature and quickly chilling it with cold air.Decorative ElementsIf you'd like to include a decorative accent strip on the inside ofyour shower walls, select one that does not have heavily texturedor severe raises in the finished surface.SafetyIt only takes one moment for a shower glass panel or door tobreak or shatter. If you build custom shower glass doors RIGHT fromthe beginning, they'll be safer and will last longer no matter howoften the shower is used on a daily basis. When you choose to savea bit of money by choosing thinner glass, you're actually puttingyour safety at risk.If you're renovating your existing bathroom shower or startingfrom scratch, your best bet is to reach out to a professionalshower door installer. Rather than selecting the pieces on yourown, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing your shower glassdoor thickness and other elements are not only beautiful, but alsosafe.So what are you waiting for? Now open this application of ShowerGlass Designs and find out more stunning, creative ideas aboutshower glass designs. By downloading this application you can makeyour own shower glass design!Enjoy your shower time!
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A sweater vest is a versatile accessory itemthat looks good on almost anyone, from infants to adults, men andwomen. Crochet your own version by making the front and backseparately, then sew them together and add a border round or two.Make your vest warm and snuggly with tight stitches, or light andlacy with open stitches. The possibilities are nearly endless.Step 1Crochet the front and back pieces. You will work them the same wayin most cases; sometimes you may want the back to come up higherthan the front. An easy way to do this is to crochet a basicrectangle to the point where the neckline will be. Crochet only thefirst third of the stitches in the rows, back and forth to the topof the shoulder. Finish off, then crochet back and forth across thelast third of stitches from the row where you stopped the neckline.Now you have worked the whole front and both shoulders. You canrepeat this for the back and the vest will be reversible and easyto put together.Step 2Sew the seams together by placing the two sides of the vesttogether, right sides facing. Sew the shoulder seams then down thesides, leaving room for the arms where you do not sew a seam. Makea whipstitch with a large-eye blunt needle and an extra length ofyarn to sew your seams.Step 3Turn the vest right side out and crochet for three rows in theround around the bottom hem. Then crochet in the round for threerows around the neckline and arm holes. This will give your vest amore finished look and help to hold the pieces together.Looking for more DIY crochet vest for your babies? Find it hereby downloading this application of DIY Crochet Baby Vests!Enjoy and make your own crochet baby vest!
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Creating a wardrobe design to make your ownwardrobe can be the best way to ensure that you get a wardrobe thatis created specifically for you. Creating a custom wardrobe designwill allow you to factor in the various elements of your room'sdecor, your use of the wardrobe, and how much use the wardrobe willreceive.All of these factors can be worked into your wardrobe design toensure that you get the best custom designed wardrobe to use inyour home.The first thing to consider is where the wardrobe will go.Evaluating the space will allow you to know what type of wardrobeyou want, whether fitted, built in, walk in, or freestanding.If you are an architect or an artist, you can easily draw up theplans for your own website. If not, you can simply draw a basicsketch with the measurements and rough layout of your wardrobe totake to a wardrobe designerThere are hundreds of sample wardrobes that you can choose from foryour custom design, and you can easily find the style, color, andsize of custom wardrobe that will fit in your room.Take into account the important factors like the doors, what typeof storage space you need, and what will be stored.The last step to take is to settle on a price with the designer.The price will vary according to the type of wood that you use, thestyle and design of the wardrobe, and the type of wardrobe that youwant. Once you have agreed on a price, sit back and let thewardrobe installation professional work on installing your customwardrobe made from your own wardrobe design.So are you looking for new wardrobe design? Or you just want toredesign your wardrobe? Find our more adorable wardrobe design bydownloading this application of Design Wardrobe!Enjoy and design your wardrobe!
DIY Photo Frame Ideas 1.4 APK
Customized picture frames add interest andappeal to photo displays and make thoughtful gifts for family,coworkers and friends. Showcase your favorite photos in uniquepicture frames that you create yourself. Decorative-themed framesenhance the pictures they contain and are sure to become cherishedkeepsakes. And these are the ideas:Children's Photo Frame IdeasCreate a delightful hanging frame for your child's photo from acommon kitchen utensil. Tie a colorful ribbon through an open-endedcookie cutter that is shaped like a star, heart, flower, bell orapple. Insert the photo into the cookie cutter and hold it intoplace with glue dots or clear tape. Making frames can be a funfamily project. Let the kids make their own creative picture framesby gluing macaroni or pasta onto cutout cardboard.Masculine FramesFrame his favorite fishing portrait by hot-gluing fishing luresaround the front edge of the frame. Glue colorful tees around theframe to display his golf picture. Think of other small items topersonalize his frame such as word game and puzzle pieces, postagestamps, dice, theatre or opera tickets, playing cards, coins andmemorabilia from school or travel.Feminine FramesCreate a picture frame with style and personality. Glamour girlslove glitz and glitter. Spray paint an old frame with shinymetallic paint. While the paint is still tacky, sprinkle withglitter. Add faux jewels, sequins and beads for extra sparkle. Anywoman would love a pretty mosaic frame. Assemble colored papersquares and paste them on an easel-backed cardboard frame. Paintthe frame with a protective coat of decoupage finish that driesclear. Insert photo, add a cardboard backer and a thin magneticstrip. Use your imagination to create other shapes and designs andfind out more inspiration by downloading this application of DIYPhoto Frame Ideas!Enjoy and make your own photo frame looks awesome!