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■玩法:此款遊戲是類光線槍射擊遊戲。著名的同類型作品有「VR戰警」、「死亡之屋」、「火線獵殺」等。玩家只需要在螢幕上觸碰即可對著該地方開槍,按下HUD左下方的彈匣圖示即可裝填彈匣。詳細玩法以及操控說明請遊玩教學關卡,會有領航員Jane替您輔助。=============================大家好,我是影子-shadow★。嚴格來講,這並不是我的新作。這款「Zena」是我在2014年巴哈姆特遊戲設計大賽得到佳作的遊戲作品。當時設計這個遊戲並不是為了手機遊戲的方向去製作的,所以我在投稿之後並沒有這個打算。不過時至今日我還是決定重製這款遊戲了。不過因為兩年前的我遊戲程式的功力並還未啟蒙,所以現在的我就算重製修改補救也依然無法完成一些功能(ex:關卡中暫停)不過還是盡自己的努力修改了一些遊戲內容、修正一些BUG,讓遊戲玩起來更加流暢。最後,謝謝大家的遊玩,希望大家會喜歡這個射擊小品遊戲。巴哈小屋網址,我大部分的作品都會放在這:http://home.gamer.com.tw/creation.php?owner=jeremy7986■How to play:This game is kind of light gun shooter.The same type ofwell-known works include "VR-Men," "House of the Dead," "Firehunting" and so on.Players only need to touch the front of the fireplace on the screen, press the bottom left of the HUD icon magazineloaded magazine.Details play and manipulate NOTE play teachingpoints, there will be pilot Jane for yourassistance.=============================Hello everyone, I am ashadow -shadow ★.Strictly speaking, this is not my new work. The"Zena" I got excellent work in Game Design Competition 2014Bahamute game works.This game was not to design the direction ofmobile games to make, so I was not after the submission of theplan.But today I decided to remake this game. But because of myskill game program two years ago and has not been enlightened, sonow I can even remake modify remedial still unable to complete someof the features (ex: the level pause) but still make their ownefforts to modify a number of game content, Fixed some BUG, ​​letthe game play more smoothly.Finally, thank you to play, I hope youwill enjoy this shooting game pieces.Baja cabin site, most of mywork will be placedhere:http://home.gamer.com.tw/creation.php?owner=jeremy7986