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Bring it on all or nothing, are you tough enough to fight off theenemy strike of the rise of darkness in the form of Dr Zek Mechanixbrainless drones and fight them off until dawn? This third personshooter is the perfect thing to do when bored, start a total warwith your action hero and battle for dominance on the surface andfight off drones in the mighty dungeons of Greenstone.Badass vsRobot is a sci-fi action adventure saga about a conflict on a smallmoon in the outskirts of the Andromeda galaxy. This indie game withchoices let you choose your story by picking the right (or wrong?)answers.The first playable character is a 5'7", 211 lbs, a guttyand not the most trenchant, 46 year old construction worker fromthe main planet. Bart Bacharach just filed an application on agovernmental web site. He was picked out of thousands ofapplicants, so here he is on Greenstone, working as an imperialagent. He's got no skills in military weapons training and have noclue what an imperial agent's supposed to do, so what's going onhere? This seems like an impossible journey but the thing is, hisneural network's been reprogrammed, supervised by senior robotTrexx Robotnyk, who's working directly under the emperor's chief ofstaff. This is quite a painful (but very effective) process bothphysically and mentally, but for some reason all agent's modifiedthis way seem to loose their memories just before and after theoperation. How convenient.While Bart's gathering and analyzingresources on the moon, evidently frustrated by the boring tasks andhaving problems staying alive, riot's led by the Greenstoneliberation movement are breaking out in the nearby Greenstone City.The Emperor's sending the secretary of foreign affairs, Dr ArthurBrimstone Goodbye to Greenstone to initiate a dialogue between theprotestors and the ruling authorities. At the end of the day, inthis game with choices you need to find out who your enemies andallies are.If you're into agent games with guns and question gameswith choices this is the perfect fast pace action challenge foryou! This is one of those games that let you pick your own choicesand a game that works well on most Android hardware.Badass vs Robotis an action adventure rpg where you can buy guns and rise againstthe steel legion of robotic drones of Dr Zek Mechanix. Explore thedeadly dungeons of Greenstone and initiate a quick action combatstrike on the neverending stream of evil battle robots. Pick adeadly fight against the bots with your super action hero in thisaction quest rpg. Gather resources games? Look no further! Thethings to do when your bored is spelled forces of war and totalarmageddon in the form of Badass vs Robot.This ultra advanced gamealso are in the strategy games building a base genre and anexciting resource management game. It's a construction mode,gathering resources and gaining science levels. Badass vs Robot isa robot game that makes perfect adaption of base building gameswith skill trees and free indie games, not to mention the intuitivescience tree, here you can get important upgrades to defend thebase in future robot attacks. If you're looking for a funny gamefor free and adore science fiction games, look no further! This isa game with guns, but a responsible shooting game, only mindlessdrones are destroyed in this tactical rpg.Future episodes willintroduce a city level, more indoor levels, vehicles and otherunits, and the hilarious, but still serious, storyline willcontinue with new bizarre fictional characters. If you likedecision games with story lines out of this world and a good firstperson shooter in the action arena that is Greenstone, press thedownload button right now and enjoy this elite killer game free forall. This blow up game with stories is great fun with a splendidgame engine and that one game that just may make you the wild manwith the force of will to make sure you'll see the rise and fall ofan empire.