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Fun Games has arrived.The best simplefungames! Play all the games and have fun

Bloxx,ButterflyKyodai,Boxman,Jetpacked,TwoPipes,LabyrinkTwo,Globby,CargoShipment,Diamond Rocket,Stick Challenge,Tower ofPresents,FattyGenius,Bubble Master,Over the Moon,Coin Cave,PapaSalad,SuperSlider,Spider Sphere,LabyrInk,TrappedBall,WackyBalls,CaveJump,VioletSky,Helidropper,JungleJons,PuzzleCraft,Up DownUp,BlueBlox,CoolWest,Rapid Machine,Moony Boom,IceClimberPenguin,RagdollSpree2,ABC Juuggle,Perfect Balance,ShiningMine,ColorMore,Imperfect Balance,and Candy Clash are the fun gamesfor you toplay.
Description of some of the games are here.
Click on groups of adjacent blocks of the same colour to cleartheplaying field. Larger groups are worth more points.
Match two identical wings to complete the butterfly and let itflyaway.
Help BoxMan to reach the door in each level. Jump around anduseyour mouse to solve the puzzles in each room. Can you earn 3starsin every single level?
Play as the brave astronaut and launch yourself into space.Dodgethe falling comets and try to collect gas at the same time, orelseyou'll crash back down to Earth! Can you finally make it totheNarwhal Planet?
Move the ball through the labyrinth and try to find all 3 partsofthe key! Once you've collected these parts you can advance tothenext maze. How long will it take you to finish each level?
Play as Globby and try to collect all the coins in each levelasfast as possible! Push objects aside to create a bridge orclearthe way.
Try to achieve the highest score by flying higher and higher!Therocket uses diamonds as fuel, so collect as many as you can!Dodgeall the obstacles and stay ahead of the rising water!
Help the girl reach the top of each level by jumping on herpogosstick! Try to collect as many stars as possible withoutgetting hitby any of the enemies! Can you achieve the highestscore?
Create a looming tower by stacking the presents. Keep yourtowerbalanced and make sure you click at the precisely the rightmomentso your construction doesn't come tumbling down!
Our fatty protagonist is a huge genius in a every respect! Helpthechunky inventor find a way through the levels by using hisremotecontrolled ball to access the hard-to-reach places. Can youtakeall the elevators and get him to the top of the building?
Master the bubbles! Avoid being hit by the bouncing balls and trytodestroy them all by shooting your harpoon. But be careful, theballssplit in two when you shoot them! Enjoy 12 levels, threedifficultymodes, several different powerups, online highscores andthesatisfaction of becoming a Bubble Master!
For centuries, cows have had only one dream: to jump over themoon!Now, with the invention of the cow-launching barrel and yourhelp,they can achieve their age-long goal. Aim your cows well,collectcoins for points and make the jump over the moon!
Jump over the gaps and collect as many coins as you can inthisdangerous but gold-filled cave. Play against one of yourfriends,play alone or try to control both characters at once.
Quickly slice all the ingredients on the screen to make adelicioussalad. The finer you slice, the more points you get. Watchout forrotten ingredients, frogs and mirrors!
Based on an ancient Japanese block puzzle game, Super Slideroffersa whopping 100 levels. The objective is to guide the blocksto theexit squares. This might seem easy at first, but as more andmoreobstacles arise, it will prove a worthy challenge.
Guide your Spider Sphere through this candy-coloured, butdangerousworld, using the built-in grappling hook to navigatethisridiculous rollercoaster. Avoid spikes, deep drops and otherperilsand try to get as far as you can!
Find your way out of the labyrint! Collect all parts of the keytounlock the door to the next level. Use inkblots to change colorandthe labyrint itself to get into previously inaccessible parts.Anddon't let time run out..