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For maximum effect, Karate strikes should have; - Correct Tensionin the striking surface - Thrust kime to strike deep anddecisively, or - Use of a fast snappy whip-like action to shock -Use of the other arm as a counter action - Straight wrist (usually)Targets for Karate Strikes Of the basic Karate moves Karate strikesare the most versatile and the list of targets is endless. Studentsof all types of Karate train to maximize destructive power bytargeting vulnerable parts of the body. Exposed areas of softtissue ie the neck, throat, solar plexus and groin are primarytargets. Karate Kicks Keri Waza Somehow Karate is not best knownfor its kicks which is crazy because good Karate kicks areextraordinarily powerful. For optimum effect a Karate kick relieson flexibility, a stable stance and good balance. The ball and theedge of the foot, the heel and the instep are all used as strikingsurfaces or ‘weapons of the body’ in kicking. Karate kicks aredelivered with one foot on the floor or both feet in the air. Theycan come from any direction; front, side or back as a snap, athrust, a turn, jump or a spin. Some creative ‘kickers’ havedevised clever variations to standard Karate kicks. Key Features -Control of the knee - Target and Speed (of course) - Position ofhips and direction of the standing leg - Total stability andbalance before, during and after the kick More important than theactual kick ...is the return path and ‘landing’. Even if a Karatekick reaches its target, it will lack destructive power if it isnot withdrawn sharply. This ‘pull back’ hiki ashi in Japanesecreates power in the same way as a whip does. It also gets the legback under the kickers control and safely out of the opponentsrange. Famous Karate Kickers Masahiko Tanaka, Seiji Nishimura, Bill‘superfoot’ Wallace, Masao Kagawa (pictured), Frank Brennan,Hirokazu Kanazawa