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Take control of the cosmic dance between two blazing fireballshurtling through space. Tap left or right to rotate the twins asthey remain synced in a circular orbit in 60+ levels. Avoidcountless obstacles through the stages of increasing celestialdifficulty to unlock their mystery! You can play it on your own orcompete with friends, either way will provide you with everlastingfun as you strive to beat the records you've already set. Get readyfor the newest addicting app! Two Hot Balls is an up-and-coming appjoining the ranks of popular, “simple yet addicting” games. Aboutthe App 7 WORLDS - This dual game requires unprecedented skill,coordination, timing — and a steady VERY hand! - Explore the entireuniverse of 9 challenges over 7 worlds. - Replay or jump to anyworld, but be warned — you'll never survive the advanced levelsunless you have earned your place the hard way!The app consists oftwo balls rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise to avoidstationary and moving beams. As if that wasn't challenging enough,the rounds must be completed within a certain number of moves. Thiscreates additional play value since you will want to keep playingthe same round, even after you beat it, to improve on your score.In the game ,,Two Ball Game'' there are 7 stages. Each stage of theapp consists of several levels. As the stages increase in number,they also increase in difficulty and speed. For example, in levelone you may be dodging a few stationary beams, but in level seven,the beams are different shapes and sizes, they may rotate and movein different directions, and they may turn invisible. The levelsbecome very challenging and addicting to conquer, so it is greatthat you don’t get a certain number of lives. When you die you justgo back to the beginning of the game you were already on, no dyingand going back to level one! This game will definitely test yourspeed and reaction time as moving beams zip by and you have toadjust the position of your balls accordingly. With the largenumber of games in each level and the large difference in skillrequirements between levels, it’s great for those who are new togames as well as experienced gamers.App Features The home screen issimple and clean. Containing only three icons (play, settings, andgame center), it is quick and easy to navigate to exactly where youwant to go. The settings screen is also simple, containing controlsfor the music and sound volume. The game has a pause feature so youwon’t lose your spot if you get interrupted, though this shouldn'tbe a problem since the games move so quick! It is easy forbeginners to learn the app controls with the help of the quicktutorial at the beginning of Level 1. It illustrates that when youtap the left side of the screen, the balls rotate counter-clockwiseby a fraction, the longer you hold it, the farther they will move.When you touch the right side of the screen, the balls rotate in aclockwise direction. The app also allows you to share your progresswith friends, via Google+ and Facebook so you can stay competitive!MESMERIZING MUSIC = Audio in Two Ball Game features the electronicstyling of a world-renowned DJ. = Each hypnotic track has beenspecifically designed for the game. Why It’s Great The app issimple and challenging, fast paced and fulfilling, addicting buteasy to pause… It’s the perfect app to have while waiting in a longline or when you have a free minute between classes. It can keepyou entertained for an hour, or you can sneak a quick game in just30 seconds. And you can be an expert gamer or someone new to gameapps to enjoy it! UNIVERSAL APP | Enjoy Two Ball Game on youriPhone, iPad, or iPod touch!ULTIMATE SUPPORT = Contact us at[[email protected]]Website: http://appidea.com Facebook:https://facebook.com/554637954658621 Google +:https://plus.google.com/106406031217657105509