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WhoIsCalling is an application that will speak the caller IDinfosearching for contact name in your agenda and if not found,willspeak the number of the caller (digit by digit).

WhoIsCalling uses the built-in Android TTS(text-to-speech)engine (or anyone that you have installed) to speakthe caller idwhen he/she calls you. It will check if there is anyTTS engineinstalled and if not, will redirect you to the AndroidMarket toinstall it.

IMPORTANT: Fixed issue with all Android version 2.1 (ForceClosejust after the app open). Please let me know if you still seeanyForce Close using this application ! Thanks

- Speak caller id together if your ringtone
- Customize if it should reduce ringtone volume whilespeaking
- Customizable start and end message.
- Customize the number of times it repeats and time interval
- Customize voice pitch and speed
- Customize volume (related with ringtone volume)
- Customize language (from the already installed ones) specificforthe app.
- Customize if should speak if there is a current callongoing
- Backup of App data in your google account (so if you changeyourdevice and reinstall WhoIsCalling with same google account,allyour previous setting will be restored)
- Enable or disable WhoIsCalling
- It is only executed when a incoming call is in place(batterysave!)
- Customize audio stream to be used (Atrix and Nexus One users -andpossible other phones - could be facing this issue wherenothing isspoken when a incoming call arrives. Just try to changeaudio streamto ALARM and test again. Let me know if it is stillnotspeaking...)
- Move 2 SD feature implemented. Now you can move the app toyourexternal storage.
- Customize contact name format to speak (Display Name, GivenName,Family Name, etc..)
- Customize if it should speak contact phone type (Home,Mobile,Work, etc...). Can be enabled or disabled.
- Ability to silent the WhoIsCalling speak if you shake yourphoneduring incoming call
- Ability to silent the WhoIsCalling speak if you flip downyourphone during incoming call

- Ability to filter to speak only for calls from contacts,onlycalls from selected contacts, or only calls fromnon-contacts
- Ability to mute ringtone and only speak the name for allcontacts,or for specific contact..
- Ability to choose specific TTS engine for the app (from theonesinstalled into device).
- Pro version (only Ad free. We will keep Pro and Free versionwithsame functionally forever, only removing ads from Pro !!!)

If you are having trouble, find any issue or have any suggestiontobe implemented in the application, please contact me in theemailbelow (website will be online soon).

Required to be able to display Ads
Required to be able to read phone state and check if it isreceivinga call or not (so the app does not to always run, justwhen a callis received, saving battery then !)
Required to be able to read contacts in the agend when tryingtofind contact name from incoming number