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Spore Monsters are coming back and they evolved! Now thesecreatures are even more insatiable, fierce and hungry. No one knowswhere did they come from. Are they aliens, climbed out of the deepocean abysses, or were genetically created by scientists in celllabs? Anyway, this time there are much more angry monsters than itused to be. More different species and evolutionary forms.
This bayis too small for this amount of creatures! Take part in a fierceclash for the territory, becoming one of the terrible deep seamonsters. Destroy your enemies, absorb their genetic code (DNA) andevolve in order to truly dominate those players who dare tochallenge you. Become a monstercrafter and decide by yourself howyour new monster will look like. Feed and grow your own fightingmonster. Don’t make monsters starve! Use genetic code collected inclashes of monsters and create a new organism. But remember, inthis dangerous universe there is no space for herbivore species ofmonsters. Only carnivorous predators can survive and evolve. Thisplace is for meat eaters only.
*The strategy is simple:*- Attackthe weak and flee from the more mighty and angry monsters or hidesomewhere and stay invisible until they pass or get distracted byanother victim.- Improve your armor, claws and thorns to survive inthis dangerous and evil world- Help your horrifying spikes growinto powerful claws and demonstrate your strength in the groupbattles- Enjoy the view of the remains of your enemies andatmospheric game music
Mighty monsters and fierce creaturesconstantly lead a permanent clash of monsters against each otherfor the territory, food and survival. Go deeper into it and learnmore! Conduct a microtrip in this amazing world of fightingpredator creatures. You can not only try to play survival game andhide in the sandy field but also become best friends with otherspore monsters. Anyway, it is one of the really relaxing andaddicting games. 
*Features:*- 3 new unique evolutions of mightymonsters.- Plenty of new objects on the map- Special quest- Newevolutionary tree and store
Since last time this bay become areally busy place, where now not only one kind of monsters isdwelling. Now many more furious creatures set their heart on thisterritory. Giant sand worms who are ready to absorb and devouranyone who dare to come close enough to its abyssal jaw. Giganticcrab who does not take part in this war, but who constantly observethe fight of its smaller genetically similar species. Start as atiny nasty wood louse looking creature that can hardly surviveseveral seconds in this unsafe environment. Run away if you seeanother moving objects like monsters, deadly spiky balls, wormholes, devour DNA of other wild monsters and just collect DNAscattered over the territory. Try to find your ark of survival. Theonly way how you can survive is to constantly evolve, acquire newskins, improve parameters of the insect and constantly change thetactic against other insatiable monsters. 
There are three mainevolution stages available but each of them has hundreds ofconfiguration allowing to make your creature truly unique! Just eatDNA all four seasons long and evolve! The tactics available forplayers vary tremendously! Depending on the monster’s evolutionstage it can become a tiny weak but very fast monster or, incontrast become a furious, mighty and dangerous monster easilydevouring other inhabitants of this tiny universe, showing itspower in clashes. It is completely your decision on which skins andparameters to spend the DNA collected in the battles and whichevolution path to choose. Choose and evolve wisely!