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WARNING!, TO PLAY THIS GAME YOU NEED A HIGH RATE OF INTELLIGENCEQUOTIENT (Minimum IQ= 110)No Ads, better than CHESS. It is adifficult puzzle. If you do not like to think, do not download it.Tested in over 50 different models of mobile phones.Are you smarterthan Einstein? You do not need to build skills or pass levels inthis game, over a thousand puzzles available from the start for youto solve without any restrictions.You don’t need to be connected tothe Internet in order to play, you can create and delete playersand see their points which accumulated in the application’s owninternal database.The game’s GOAL is to put together an entiredrawing of different figures where each of these geometric figuresmust occupy their final position after completing their jumps. Thestarting point may be any of the numbered grids and each jump maybe in any direction within a single row or column, provided thatthe grid where this figure must land is unoccupied and that thejump is fully made in a single direction.Diagonal jumps are notallowed. To start the game you have to touch any numbered grid andthe figure will make its first jump, in order for it to make thesecond jump, you must slide your finger across the screen of yourdevice in the direction you want to move the figure. If therearen’t enough grids to complete the steps, you are informed that itis a movement that you can’t make.There are five levels ofdifficulty, each harder than the one before. The characteristics ofeach level are:-First level: figures always remainunchanged.-Second level: the figures rotate 90 degrees in eachframe edge before making the first jump.-Third level: the figuresare reflected every time they jump.-Fourth level: when the figureis not in its correct position, it can be rotated 90 degrees ifit’s hit by another figure that’s moving and lands next to it. Theway it rotates depends on the direction the other figure camefrom.-Fifth level: when the figure is not in its correct finalposition, it can be displaced if another figure lands on it. Allfigures that finished making their jumps and landed in theircorrect final position in the drawing remain unchanged, so thatthey do not rotate with side impacts nor can they be displaced.Theplayer will also have three levels of intelligence in which thetime on the clock is the main obstacle to score points. If youcannot complete the drawing in the set time, you will have theoption to continue with that drawing but you will not score pointsfor completing it nor will it appear as a completed puzzle in theplayer's personal profile.In the Einstein Plus level ofintelligence it’s extremely difficult to solve the puzzles.Over athousand puzzles, all of them in five levels of difficulty so youcan select the one you want to challenge your intelligence.If thefigures finish their jumps in the correct position, then theychange color, if instead they end in the wrong position, they willremain flashing.The game has an UNDO button so you can fixmistakes.The world's most creative puzzle.