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This is the original Spider on the Hand Prank App. YouTube: "I toldyou not to do that"Do you know anyone who is afraid of spiders?Everyone is, right? Then this is the perfect magic trick/prank foryou.My Pet Boris app is the scariest app for the Android. Inspiredby Jim Pace's magic trick "The Web" where a spider magicallyappears on the back of your spectator's hand. Bound to get amazingreactions. The app uses the idea of "Augmented Reality" mergingreal life objects with computer generated graphics to create atruly frightening effect.THE MAGIC SPIDER EFFECTYou take a photo ofthe spectator's palm (secretly loading a plastic spider on the backof their hand) and place the phone on their palm to hold.Your PetBoris - an Australian Red back spider (black widow) creeps onto thescreen and they can feel the vibrations as it walks. You can tapthe screen and even slide your finger into the animation to scratchthe spider's back. Boris walks off the screen.You tell them thatthe phone has special sensors that when you wave your hand over thescreen it makes the spider come back. He does.You get them to wavetheir hand over the phone. It is just then that they glimpse arealistic spider clinging to the back of their hand and they FREAKOUT!!Bound to get BIG reactions. Finger tone and size can be set tosuit your own. Start-up screen can be customized to suit yourperformance style. An actual photo of their hand, solid white orany image from your library can be used as a background.NOTE:Requires a plastic spider or cockroach and adhesive dots toperform. You should be able to find these locally or you canpurchase from our website.. See our websitehttp://www.mypetboris.com for more details, spider and cockroachsupplies and video presentation & instructions.Like ourFacebook page to keep up to date with changes, tips andsuggestions. http://www.facebook.com/MyPetBorisTHE MAGIC SPIDERWITH CARD REVELATION You can force a card and vanish a torn cornerof the card then have Boris bring the corner back using the Appface up or face down. The corner can be moved around the screenthen reproduced from under the phone. (From V2.0)THE MAGICCOCKROACH EFFECTThe app also comes with a cockroach animation forthose who think they are scarier than spiders.THE MAGIC BUTTERFLYEFFECT - IN-APP PURCHASE - (for the Professional Magician). TheMagic Butterfly is an additional effect within the Magic Spider –My Pet Boris App. It is enabled as an “in app purchase” for around$1.99 depending on your local currency. The custom finger featureis also unlocked when you purchase the butterfly effect. This is aperfect routine for those times when you want to perform abeautiful effect for a little girl or woman, leaving her with amagical gift at the end. You will get similarly strong reactions tothe Magic Spider effect without the scare factor.PRESENTATION:Themagician simulates a grand illusion in the palm of the spectator’shand. A tiny foil covered “Magical Egg” is placed in the palm ofthe spectator’s hand and then photographed. The phone is placed ontheir hand. The egg transforms into a Chrysalis and then into abutterfly. The magician’s finger is seen to tickle the virtualbutterfly on screen which then flies away. Using a magical gesturethe magician brings the butterfly back briefly before it flies offagain. The spectator is asked to try and make it return. When theytry, they find a matching butterfly (in an impossible location) onthe back of their hand. The original foil egg hasvanished.Accessory packs and supplies are available at:http://www.mypetboris.com/store.htmSee our "Frequently AskedQuestions" section of our website for further details.http://www.mypetboris.com/faq.htmContact: support@mypetboris.comfor any assistance.