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Get your free app & credit card reader today. Call 866-925-5007or download the app, activate your account and have your cardreader within 24-48 hours. This Credit Card Reader app allows youto accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime. All funds will bein your account the following day and you only pay 0.39% onqualified debit transactions. Mobile Credit Card Reader AdvantagesA 2014 U.S. Federal Reserve study found 199,800,000 citizens areverified credit card holders. The study also showed some twobillion credit cards are currently in use, as most own an averageof two to three credit cards. As credit card use is so prevalent,it follows that more and more businesses, large and small alike,are utilizing mobile credit card readers in addition to stationaryversions. So why switch to a mobile credit card swiper, or add oneto your business? Let’s check out a few of the many advantages thataccompany mobile readers: Affordable Celebrated as highlycost-effective, mobile credit card machines don’t cost nearly asmuch as their stationary counterparts. Additionally, transactionfees are generally less than 3 percent. Ease of Use Mobile creditcard readers are easy to operate, as quality options take paymentsalmost immediately after set up. For best results, use a readerthat works across multiple platforms, such as Android and theiPhone. Numerous Features and Capabilities Traditional credit cardmachines have limited functions, but mobile readers offer a varietyof features and capabilities. Mobile options offer the ability torun reports and keep track of every transaction and receipt, aseach card swiped is automatically saved to your mobile POS account.With everything on record, it’s much easier to track fraudulentcharges. Many systems offer customization options as well, such asprice structure adjustments. Flexibility Mobile credit cardterminals are ideal for those who frequently take their business onthe road. This includes restaurants that operate food trucks,makeup artists and other individual proprietors who travel oftenfor work, and those who appear at trade shows and festivals inaddition to operating a brick-and-mortar establishment. Rather thanlimiting business to cash transactions when on the road, owners andoperators are able to accept credit and debit cards, whichcontributes to an increase in customer base. Validity Using amobile credit card swiper helps small businesses appear more “real”and “valid.” Studies indicate customers feel a company is“established” when credit card readers are used. AdditionalTransaction Options Mobile credit card readers generally offer morethan one transaction option, such as manual entry in addition tousing the swipe function. This means never having to write a signthat reads “Credit Card Terminal Down,” which results in lostrevenue and unhappy customers. The advantages of using a mobilecredit card terminal are many! Add one to your business and see ifyou don’t notice a positive difference immediately.https://www.merchantaccountsolutions.com/?utm_source=app&utm_campaign=APPSTORE-PLAY