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Beautiful lady, have you ever wished thatfairy tales will come true?
"Alice: Love & Labyrinth" is the first otome game (dating sim)title of the brand new "Alice" novel series, brought to you byKoyonplete.
The second title, "Alice: Love & Murder" will be a spin-offstory of the same characters in a parallel world. Please staytuned!

Mysterious creatures from "Alice in Wonderland" are turned intohandsome ikemens!
- Gentleman x Mysterious: White Rabbit
- Goofy x Cute: Cheshire Cat
- Sadistic x Gangster(?): Hatter

Other major characters including March Hare, the Dormouse, Billthe Lizard, the Caterpillar and the Queen of Hearts - and of courseAlice - are also waiting for you in this new Wonderland of a modernAlice!

[Charismatic Characters]
You can choose your interest of love from 3 charismatic charactersof distinctive personalities; White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and theHatter!
Beware; the Queen's murderer could be among one of them. Keepsilent for love or to fight for justice, it's all up to you! Trydeducing the truth behind, and through the truth you shall findyour own path - our dear "Alice ".

[Multiple Endings Depending on Your Choice]
Your relationship with different characters and the story endingsall depends on choices you've made in the game. Enjoy the storiesin various flavors!

[Heart-throbbing CGs]
This time, Koyonplete has further improved the quality of CGs. Youmust not be disappointed with the high-quality character andbackground graphics!

[Alice - Characters]
♠White Rabbit
Love of Protection
"Loving those roses is my job...but if that is what would hurt you,I shall not allow it to happen."

Identity: Lord of the House of Spades
Appearance: Wears a white shirt with blue vest, has red eyes,silver hair and huge white rabbit ears. Always standing straightwith the perfect posture like a butler.

Used to be the butler of the Queen of Wonderland. Well-trustedby the Queen, a gentle-mannered master of housework.
The gardener of the Rose Garden and enjoys the soothing time oftrimming roses.
Not really good friends with Chershire Cat and Mad Hatter.

♦Chershire Cat
Love of Freedom
"Hmph...that was cute. But that's only gonna make me want to teaseyou more darling.
Lucky! You're my bride."

Identity: Lord of the House of Diamonds (Used to be in charge ofprotecting *???*)
Appearance: Wears fluffy, soft costumes. Has super cute catears.

A man full of mysteries. No one knows what Chershire Cat's jobused to be, and he appears to be jobless and fooling around all thetime and never stays in his own castle. A creature of moods justlike a cat.
Yet if you talk to him, you'd find him warm and bright like asunflower. His soft brown hair and glossy eyes like candiesfascinates everyone - even his words sound like honey.
Would there be something hidden behind his always-smiling face?

♣ Mad Hatter
Love of Conquest
"Looks like you've caught a cold. Your lips are on fire.
I hate you...that is the only reason I'm staring at you."

Identity: Lord of the House of Clubs
Appearance: Has black hair and a eerie smile. Always wears a tophat. A heavy smoker.

Very capable and reliable. Generally a cool guy but can bestubborn at times. Deeply trusted by people in the Wonderland. TheMad Hatter could seem quite sadistical from the way he talks, butinside he is actually a nice person. Treats non-living thingsseriously with care and emotions.
What would be hidden behind his scary looks?

Note : "Alice" is a free-to-play app, but fees may apply to someof the contents. We need your support in order to bring morequality games for everyone!

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