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Agent Max and Agent Maria recruited in theUSSecret services agency in 1990. Under US arm forces their dutyisto protect US nation security. Both agents are competent andfullytrained to face any challenge and enemy strike and nightmare.A spylife is nothing more than stealth operations, stealsecretinformation from secret departments, have ability toinfiltrate inenemy secret buildings, areas and hideouts. They knowall tricks toescape if they got arrested. Jail break or prisonbreakout is asimple game and not big challenge for them.

Both agents Max and agent Maria are fully skilled to operatealltype of weapons like rifle guns, sniper guns, assaultsuppressorrifles and also have ability to assassinate enemy withstealthskills.

Both agents have successfully completed number of secretmissionsbut the mission in this game Secret Agent Jail Escape istotallydifferent mission as the mission is to get secreteinformation ofRussian secret service agency. Agent Max was alreadydropped inRussia stealthily and his co-agent Maria will travelRussia throughAirplane. But unfortunately somehow Russian secretagency came toknow when agent Maria have to land at SheremetyevoInternationalAirport of Moscow and Russian police special taskforce arrestedagent Maria on her arrival.
Now the whole game is to how agent Maria escape from Jail andhowmeet up with her co-agent Max. In different levels she issupposedto breakout the prison, also her survival is only to runaway fromjail. Jail security is very tight and have appoint specialtaskforce of Russian army to keep eyes on her.

Agent Maria know that success of mission is in her hand asallplan to how to steal the information. Mission deadline isveryshort as before Christmas they have to go back to US and havetospend Christmas holidays and new year 2017 withtheirfamilies.

Game Play Instructions:
In this game secret agent survival; your survival chanceonlydepends upon your good planning. All the solid time spent afterthebars need to pay off in your faultless jail break mission.
You also need to get your hands on the sniper rifle to helpyourpartner escape without getting caught. A crime simulator gamewitha new concept where you play as a prisoner to escape thejail.Police is roaming everywhere so you need to be careful whileyouescape. The thrilling adventure awaits as there is no turningback.The only way to live is to successfully escape theprisoncell.

You have to kill all the Security police man on the waysotherwiseit is very difficult for you to Escape from the Jail. Makea properplan for escaping from the jail. You will face a lot ofdifficultlyon your way. Use hidden side and Escape silently thiswill help youa lot.

• New and Amazing Prison Environment
• Multiple Game play Tasks in the Prison Break and Escape
• Tactical Planning, Stealth, Sniper and Car and 4x4truckDriving
• Real Thrill of Escaping the Prison
• Thrill of Playing the Role of a Criminal
• A Complete Prison Escape Story to Accomplish

Please download and feel to share your feedback. Our nextandnewest game will give you better user experience, intese gameplayon Google Play for free. For my detail about Mole V Studio,pleasevisit our facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/molevstudio