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Aircraft Puzzles - cool game for fans of Aircraft. A large numberof pictures and levels of difficulty will not let you getbored.Aircraft Puzzles features:- A large number of pictures withplanes- Once you collect puzzle, you will be able to set it as abackground image.- Aircraft puzzles contain more than 40 colorfulimages.- Here you'll find a number of different Aircraft.- In thisapplication, you have the ability to set their own images andphotos.-Ability to play on the phone and on the tablet.- Numberpuzzles depends on your device and resolution. The applicationautomatically determines the number for each device.- If you areusing a tablet, then you have the opportunity to collect puzzlewith a maximum size up to 12x12. Mobile phones 7x7.- Has excellentstatistics, which stores your data on the game, the score and thetime you spent.- To flip the piece of puzzle, you need to click onit 2 times.Please rate and comment our app to help us to make itbetter.For real fans of the aircraft - We have some interestingfacts about aircraft for you:- An aircraft is a machine that isable to fly by gaining support from the air, or, in general, theatmosphere of a planet. It counters the force of gravity by usingeither static lift or by using the dynamic lift of an airfoil, orin a few cases the downward thrust from jet engines.- The maindifference from the aircraft airframe is the availability of thepower plant, with which he can independently collect the necessaryspeed to generate sufficient lift. To disperse the glider used byexternal forces, such as a winch cable or long starting from thewindward slope of the mountain, either directly to the point ofdelivery of free flight by another aircraft.- A lifting body is anaircraft body shaped to produce lift. If there are any wings, theyare too small to provide significant lift and are used only forstability and control.- Powered aircraft have one or more onboardsources of mechanical power, typically aircraft engines althoughrubber and manpower have also been used. Most aircraft engines areeither lightweight piston engines or gas turbines. Engine fuel isstored in tanks, usually in the wings but larger aircraft also haveadditional fuel tanks in the fuselage.- The approach to structuraldesign varies widely between different types of aircraft. Some,such as paragliders, comprise only flexible materials that act intension and rely on aerodynamic pressure to hold their shape. Aballoon similarly relies on internal gas pressure but may have arigid basket or gondola slung below it to carry its payload.