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What are the most popular puzzles in the world? Of course,puzzlesand tetris. But if in their classic games it is already fedup withyou, try to download BlocksGuru - 10x10 game. Thisexcitingapplication combines both of these logic games. With thisiq blockpuzzle you will spend time with interest, make the brainwork moreactively and develop the skills of innovative thinking.How to playBlocksGuru puzzle block app? BlocksGuru is a blockpuzzle game forchildren and adults. It is extremely easy to manage.The intuitiveinterface of cube block puzzle game and the absence ofextrasettings allow you to play it even for people far frommoderntechnology. Download logic games for free for adults andchildrenin a couple of clicks. Opening cube block puzzle, youimmediatelyfall into the playing space. Below you can see threeblocks. Itneed to be placed on the field and fill the blocks (matchblocks).But remember, the game is logic. Therefore, the blocks mustbepositioned so that in the future they form a continuous line.Thisis a tetris style game, and therefore the blocks have aclassicshape, invented 36 years ago. Advantages of box puzzlegameBlocksGuru BlocksGuru has several advantages over itscounterparts.Among them are: • Versatility. This brick puzzle gameis for girlsand boys, children and adults. Anyone can play it,while improvingtheir thinking. Not all puzzle quests can boast ofthis. • Thepresence of pleasant background music. It does notdistract fromthe game. This cube block game is especially suitablefor boys whoare always more difficult to concentrate. A light,unobtrusivemelody will help you concentrate on the process. • Easygameplay.When playing original tetris, you have to use both hands.Here, theblocks are moved with your finger, there are no additionalbuttonsand functions. Thanks to this, BlocksGuru puzzles for adultsandchildren will become your favorite game. • BlocksGuru - freeblockpuzzle game without the Internet. You can play anywhere.Networkconnection is optional. Such logical games for adults arethe bestpastime when they turn off the Internet or you are in aplace wherethe Wi-Fi signal does not pass. • You can play 3d tetrispuzzlesfor free. The application has a paid subscription, but youcan setrecords without it. Therefore, these puzzles for childrenareideal. By downloading BlocksGuru you get not only logic freeblockgames, but also a lot of fun. You will not spend your freetime invain. Such tetris puzzle games for adults and children helptotrain the brain and make it work more actively. BlocksGuru –newblock puzzle 2020 Like other logic free block puzzle gamesforadults and kids, BlocksGuru develops thinking. But its gameplayhasseveral features: • Automatically save results. The results oftheblock-tetris game will be saved for free in the applicationafterit is closed. • There is no time limit. Сlassic game hastimelimits. The longer you play, the faster the blocks begintocrumble. From this you are nervous that it makes it difficulttothink. BlocksGuru doesn't have that. Playing puzzles for free,youcan build the logic of the process without rushing, eachtimefinding new and innovative ways to solve the problem. • Doesnottake up much memory on the phone. You can download puzzles forfreeon any smartphone with Android version 4.4 and higher. To runit,just 27 MB of free memory is enough. You do not have touninstallother applications. Box puzzle game: download for freePuzzle gamesfor adults and children remain relevant at all times.Exciting willbe puzzles for girls and boys. You can playblock-tetris puzzlewith the whole family. Arrange a competition -who will score themost points and determine the smartest of you.