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FilterLogs is a set of logging utilities.

Main features:
-Filter all logs for a specific app's logs (you don't have to sendadeveloper ALL of your logs when they ask - just send them thelogsfrom their app!)

-Once you have filtered the logs, you can filterthemagain!
--You can do a 'contains' search (not case sensitive), ormatchagainst a Regular Expression.

-Clear your logs (for security purposes - your logs cancontainmore information than you want them to)

-Get the logs from any app (process) that is running!

Instructions for use:

-To get the logs from an app:
*Touch the top left selector and pick your app from the list
*Touch the Filter Logs button
*Wait for the logs to be scanned
*Scroll through the logs
*You can then send them to an email address if you want, and youareable to remove anything that you don't want to send

If the app you want to get logs from is not in the list,here'swhat you can do:

Option 1:
-Ask the developer for the app's package (process) name
-Enter the process name into the Process field
-Enter the app's name (like Email) into the App Name field
-Press the Add button
-Select your app from the top left dropdown
-Press the Filter Logs button

Option 2:
-Start the app you want to get logs from
-Press the Home button and switch into this app
-Press the 'Get Running App's Process' button
-Scroll through the list until you see the app you want, thentouchit
-Touch the 'Add Selected App' button (fill in the App Name fieldifyou need to)
-Select your app from the dropdown
-Press the Fiter Logs button
-Review the logs and send

Option 3:
-Open the Play Store in a web browser on your computer (not onyourAndroid device)
-Search for the app that you want to add
-In the URL bar at the top of your screen, you will seesomethinglike this:
-The Process Name is what comes after 'id=' andbefore'&feature='
-In the URL above, the process nameis'com.ravenblast.handylight'
-Enter the Process and App Name and press the Add button
-Select your app from the dropdown and press the FilterLogsbutton

If you discover any bugs, please contact me about them. I do trytorespond quickly. Please also contact me if you'd like to seesomenew features in this app.

Visual resources for this app were created with the AndroidAssetStudio. The license terms are here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/