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Remember the days when games were simpler? When rather than complex3D graphics, and complex story lines, they were simple challenges,where you would play a simple, but addictively fun game, fightingto get the best score you can? Well, now you can revisit thosedays, with this new creation!Tap those red squares as fast as youcan - the more you tap, the more points you earn, but avoid greens!Those take away 2 points each! But don't think you can just mashthe buttons and get a high score, because guess what? If you miss,and touch the background, you'll lose a point! Also, keep your eyespeeled for the elusive golden tiles - two will appear in everygame. They don't last long, but give you a cool 5 points! Tap thosetiles quickly, though - you'll only have 30 seconds to earn all thepoints you can - and beat those all-important highscores!And, justin case you want to beat me (the developer) at my own game, my topscore is 123 points... Beat that!Like this game? Then share it!People won't be able to share your joy if they don't know about thegame! And don't forget to give it a good rating!Something wrong?Don't just give it a 1-star, please tell me what the problem is!Especially for bugs, as I CANNOT FIX BUGS IN THE GAME IF YOU DO NOTREPORT THEM! Just contact me at [email protected], and I willrespond as quickly as possible.A Quick Word About PermissionsInorder to function, my game needs to use several permissions, and Ithought I'd explain them: •Wakelock: This permission allows thephone to stay awake without hibernating, while the app is in use.•Access vibrator: Speaks for itself. You can turn off vibration inthe settings menu of my game •Read from/write to SD card: My appwill automatically write to the SD card, to save highscores andsettings. These files are harmless, but if you really want todelete them, they are stored in the generated folderSuperdavo/Nine. •INTERNET - Used for ads •ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - Usedfor ads •ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Used for adsThis program wascreated with the help of the framework designed by KiloboltStudios. I would recommend following their tutorials athttp://www.kilobolt.com/game-development-tutorial.html if you areinterested in game development yourself.NOTE: Although much of thegame does not use text, those parts that do are in English only,due to my lack of linguistic knowledge. The game is still very muchplayable though - it's only the credits and help screen that arebadly affected by this.Want rid of the ads? I tried to avoid makingthem too intrusive, but in case you don't like them, you can buythe ad-free version for just 50p, or equivalent currency (Theminimum Google Play would let me charge!),