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A dark entity has taken hold of the blockyworld of Cube Gun. Once a peaceful land, the clans turned againstone another in a jealous rage. Where children once played in thestreet, instead, the blood of innocents spilled over thecountryside. This rival between worlds so angered the gods, theSoul Guardian descended from the skies, dealing a punishment towarlords and innocents alike. Without warning, without exemption,young and old alike began to transform. Now monstrous enemies coverthe land, their intent to kill and destroy anything and anyone intheir way to ultimate defeat.

In order to bring you the most explosively awesome experiencepossible, this super hit game has levels that are MASSIVE. We jampacked your game play with killer enemies, traps, and extensiveweaponry to locate and utilize. Because of this, load time canoften take awhile…
Rate kindly! Please don't penalize us with a one-star review, afterall, this is a FREE game, and we just wanted to ensure you enjoyedan action packed thrill ride of a game so we jammed as much epiccombat as we could into this #1 highly anticipated arcade game.

Monsters have invaded the lands, hiding among the towering trees ofthe forests, planning an ambush in the gardens, and creepingthrough the winding hallways of the mansion. These mighty fightersmake up the risen army of the gods. Walk the edge of survival alongthe frontline of this fast-paced first person shooter worldcraftstyle game where you must hunt the enemy that outnumbers you andprevail through the levels to become the ultimate victor andrestore peace to the block world.

In a freak occurrence, you alone have been untouched by thispunishment. With this favor comes responsibility and now it lieswith you to save the blocky world from this terrible curse andrestore order to the worlds. Your mission is to battle these largerthan life enemies and fight for survival. During your quest, pickup special hidden weapons and rock awesome slow motion and megaspeed action! If you want to survive and thrive, quick reactionsare a must in this life and death struggle where explosivechallenges await you as you fight for ultimate bragging rights.

**** EPIC LEVELS ****
Amazingly crafted, each level is intense with its own set ofchallenges. Set against gorgeous backgrounds, you'll have to forceyourself to keep your eye on the prize and not let your gaze wondertoo long over the rolling expanse of awesome graphic scenery.Danger lurks around every corner, so keep watch on your healthlevel and the entity map provided to you. Navigate the night anddominate the battlefield, you are the hero of this brave frontier,act like it!

Hidden melee and firearm weapons
Entity map
Health meter
Precision aiming
Strategic game play
Slow motion and speed up action
Hand-to-hand combat