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The game features 58 playable characters withatotal of 90 playable forms. If you are familiar with theUltimateTenkaichi Super Saiyan, you won't find anything new intheprogression through this game's plot-driven singleplayermode.

The games are quite different from the often-comparedxenoverseseries; they use a "behind-the-back" third-personcameraperspective. Also different from the budokai series, eachform istreated as its own character, with varying stats, movesetsandfighting styles.

The game bridges the gaps between fights with a top down view oftheplanet, where you can move a chibi-style character betweenpoints ofinterest. This allows for some exploration betweenfights, where youcan take on mini-missions for characters found onthe map.

The Ki gauge can also be used to use moves referred to as Blast2skills. Every character has a unique set of Blast 2 skillsthatallow the character to use special moves such as Ki blastsandphysical attacks. Characters also have a self-rechargingnumericgauge called Blast Stock that allows players to usetechniquescalled Blast 1 skills. Blast 1 skills usually have asupportiveeffect such as allowing characters to regain health orimmobilizethe enemy. Players can also power up into a mode callednormally bybuilding up their Ki beyond full at the cost of BlastStockbars.

For example, in one of the first maps, a character asks youtolocate a capsule he lost. You can find it and bring it backtocomplete one of the stage's multiple objectives. Otherobjectivesinclude winning fights with different partners, locatingkeyobjects, fighting optional monsters, etc. It's asimple,one-dimensional system, but it adds variety to the same oldfightafter fight progression found in most other games of thistype.This is not to say the fights are boring, though; but we'llget tothat.

[Game Mode]:
The story mode of the series progresses similarly to the storymodesin previous games. Players can select battles from differentsagasand proceed through the story.

Similar to the same mode in the Budokai series, the player canentera World Tournament and try to win their way to the top. Therearethree levels of the basic tournament and a Cell mode.Sincecharacters can fly, characters can leave the perimeter ofthearena, but will be called for ringout if they touchtheground.

- Z Battle Gate: progresses similar to the story modes inpreviousgames.
- Ultimate Battle: This new mode pits whichever fighter theplayerchooses against 100 characters.
- World Tournament: the player can enter a world tournament andtryto win their way to the top.

The best game "Ultimate Tenkaichi Super Saiyan" turned out to beafast-paced brawl of a fighting game, with a fun story mode,greatpresentation and a ton of stuff to unlock.