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The Mech Factory offers a complete,searchable, categorized database of Classic Battletech mechs,battle armors, combat vehicles and protomechs, with all relevantstats, histories and record sheets. It provides information aboutall Battletech components and their board game rules too, andcontains brief descriptions about the CBT powers, fractions, clans,worlds and history. This app could come handy when you playBattletech Board game, or simply read Battletech fiction. If youare a mechwarrior, this reference is just for you. And beside allthe library info the app features a complete Mech Editor, a RosterEditor and a simplified combat trial simulation to test out new orexisting designs.
Because this app uses the database of the Mech Factory(http://battletech.rpg.hu), it requires internet access to downloadlarger texts or pictures. After you downloaded a design, it willremain on your device, and it will be accessible offline. To enablecontent downloading you have to register your free account on theMech Factory (if you don't have it already). With a valid MechFactory user name you can use both the web page and the mobile app.You can even star your favourite designs to build your own list,and favourites will be syncronized to the web page.
First time you use this app, a simple graphical tutorial will helpyour initial steps.
The app features a roster editor with a built in unit generator inonline mode. Rosters can be syncronized to our online space to keepthem safe and enable roster printing. When using the Mech editoryou can save your mech creations to our server to keep themsafe.
The app needs registration to use it's all features. If you haveproblems with registration please contact us or try registeringonline (see page below).
We have included a complete BMR and a MW3 rulebook, because wethink that they are abandonware. If you have problems with that,please report us by mail. Note, that we won't feature contents fromTotal Warfare due legal considerations.
Our combat trial feature let you run simulated boardgame combatsbetween two mechs. It is a great tool to evulate combat performancein regulated environment and to get a raw feeling what a mech iscapable.
The Mech Editor is a complete tool to design new mechs from scratchor redesign existing ones. It sports the rules from Tech Manual,Tactical Ops and other rulebooks to validate designs. It willcalculate Battle Values and Costs on the fly. In online mode youcan share your mechs or print their record sheets too.

NOTE: Registration is needed to use all the features. That policywe cannot change - it is mostly due security reasons. Read ourprivacy policy about that, if you are worried about your data. Ifyou have technical problems with registration, please send us yourreport.
NOTE2: Commenting and rating our app low WON'T help your problem.It will just make us angry. This is a free app, we do it fromenthusiasm, sacrifying many months of our free time, without anycompensation for it. If you don't like it, just uninstall, noproblem - that is the civilized way. And if you are treating uswith friendship, we can and will always help you. :) If you behavelike a troll, we will respond the same manner.
(As a quick fix, please try to uninstall/install, and thenregister. It might help. Be sure that you are online during theregistration process.)