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Pis Yedili (Dirty Seven) is a shedding-type card game for two ormore players, in which the object is to get rid of the cards inyour hand onto a discard pile by matching the number or suit of theprevious discard. Pis Yedili ("Dirty Seven") is the Turkish versionof Crazy Eights. There are many variations of the basic game, and anumber of different names including Craits, Last One, Mau Mau,Pesten, Rockaway, Swedish Rummy, Switch, Last Card, Screw YourNeighbour, and Tschausepp. Bartok, Mao, Quango, Zar, Taki and Unoare more extreme variations. Game Play Seven cards are dealt toeach player. The remaining cards of the deck are placed face downat the center of the table. The player left of the dealer startswith discarding a club. If the player does not gave a club, he orshe draws cards from the stockpile until getting a club.(Penalty/Special cards effects can not be used at this point)Starting with the player to dealer's left, and continuingclockwise, each player in turn must either play a legal card faceup on top of the discard pile, or draw a card from the undealtstock. The following plays are legal: * If the top card of thediscard pile is not a Jack (J), you may play any card which matchesthe rank or suit of the previous card. * A Jack (J) may be playedon any card, and the player of the Jack (J) must nominate a suit. *If a Jack (J) is on top of the pile, you must play any card of thesuit nominated by the person who played the Jack (J). But if a Jack(J) is on top of the pile, you can not play another Jack. As anexample: Once the six of clubs is played, the next player: * canplay any of the other sixes * can play any of the clubs * can playany Jack (J) (then must declare a different suit) If a player isunable to match the rank or suit of the top card of the discardpile and does not have a Jack, he or she draws cards from thestockpile until getting a playable card or pass to the next playerafter draw at least one card. Cards Requiring Special Actions Jack(J) : Change Suit A Jack can be played at any time and the playercan nominate any suit. If a Jack (J) is on top of the pile, you cannot play a Jack. 8 : Skip When an 8 is played, the next player inrotation misses a turn, and the turn passes to the followingplayer. 10 : Reverse direction When a 10 is played, the directionof play reverses, becoming anticlockwise if it had been clockwise,or vice versa. 7 : Draw cards When a 7 is played the next playermust either draw three cards or play another 7 (a Jack cannot beplayed in this case). If several consecutive sevens have beenplayed, the next player must either play another 7 or draw threecards for each 7 in the sequence. Ace (A) : Play another card Whenan Ace (A) is played, the player can play another card whichmatches the rank or suit of the Ace (A) played previously. ScoringThe first player who gets rid of all their cards wins, and theother players score penalty points according to the cards they haveleft in their hands: * 25 for a Jack (J) * 20 for a 7 * 15 for anAce (A) * 10 for a King (K) and Queen (Q) * spot cards at facevalue (two points for a two, three for a three and so on). If aplayer wins a game discarding a 7 as a last card, penalty points ofother players multiplied by 3. If wins a game discarding Jack (J)as a last card, penalty points of other players multiplied by 2.Also if the players run out of cards in the deck, the player withthe lowest point score in their hand wins. After 4 consecutivegames (deals) the player with the lowest point score wins.