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This app will give you real applications in the use Golang You willsee the full source code of the demo. You will see how use: 1.Declare Variables in Golang 2. Declare Variables with Initializersin Golang 3. Short Variable Declarations in Golang 4. TypeConversions in Golang 5. Concatenation in Golang 6. StringFormatting in Golang 7. If Statement in Golang 8. If Else Statementin Golang 9. If ElseIf Statement in Golang 10. Switch Statement inGolang 11. For Loop in Golang 12. While Loop in Golang 13. Do-WhileLoop in Golang 14. Declare Functions in Golang 15. Functions withReturn Values in Golang 16. Create Custom Package in Golang 17.Read Characters of String in Golang 18. Convert String to Lowercaseand Uppercase in Golang 19. HasPrefix and Contains in Golang 20.Compare Strings in Golang 21. Split String in Golang 22. DeclareArrays in Golang 23. Initialize Array in Golang 24. Declare Arraywith Shorthand in Golang 25. Declare Array Without Length in Golang26. Pass Array as Parameter to Function in Golang 27. Sum ArrayElements with Conditions in Golang 28. Count Array Elements inGolang 29. Find Max and Min of Array in Golang 30. Sort Array ofNumbers in Golang 31. Sort Array of Strings in Golang 32. DeclareSlices in Golang 33. Append Item to Slice in Golang 34. AppendSlice to Slice in Golang 35. Slice Length and Capacity in Golang36. Create Slice with Make in Golang 37. Pass Slice as Parameter toFunction in Golang 38. Pass Arguments By Reference with Slice inGolang 39. Sort Slice of Numbers in Golang 40. Sort Slice ofStrings in Golang 41. DateTime in Golang 42. Format DateTime inGolang 43. Calculate Dates in Golang 44. Declare Pointer in Golang45. Pass Pointer to Functions in Golang 46. Pointer and Slice inGolang 47. Declare Map in Golang 48. Pass Map to Functions inGolang 49. Nested Maps in Golang 50. Declare Structure in Golang51. Pass Structure to Functions in Golang 52. Return Structure inFunctions in Golang 53. Declare Slice of Structures in Golang 53.Initialize Slice of Structures in Golang 54. Sum in Slice ofStructures in Golang 55. Count in Slice of Structures in Golang 56.Check Exists in Slice of Structures in Golang 57. Min and Max inSlice of Structures in Golang 58. Search in Slice of Structures inGolang 59. Sort Slice of Structures in Golang 60. Nested Structuresin Golang 61. Pointer to Structure in Golang 62. Create Object inGolang OOP 63. Pointer Receivers in Golang OOP 64. Inheritance inGolang OOP 65. Interface in Golang OOP 66. Polymorphism in GolangOOP 67. Marshal in Golang 68. Unmarshal in Golang 69. Create NewFile in Golang 70. Read File Information in Golang 71. Remove Filein Golang 72. Read Text File in Golang 73. Read Line by Line inFile in Golang 74. Read CSV File in Golang 75. Write String to Filein Golang 76. Append String to File in Golang You also see theresults after the demo with the illustrations. You can also copythe code in this app and use it on your project.