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Application "Boy or girl?" is useful for plan pregnancy anddefinition gender of your future baby using a few approaches. ✓Make a personal order to the stork! Using the app "Boy or Girl:predict the baby's gender" you can more exactly predict the genderof your unborn child. There are a lot of methods of planning thegender of your unborn child: "Chinese Gender Predictor", "Bloodrenewal", "Japanese method", "By parents' blood types", etc.Everybody knows that storks deliver babies… But not everyone knowsthat storks check with this app to know exactly who you’re arewaiting for! “I am pregnant! What’s next?” - There always is timewhen every woman asks herself this question. You’ve eventuallypassed through the planning of your baby’s birth, and now you’repregnant at last. But there is still remains the main question:“Who?” Boy or girl? Adorable doughter or smart son? Chineese genderpredictor along with another methods of this app will help you topredict the gender of your unborn baby before it would be possibleby ultrasound investigation. So it’s not a challenge for the storkto deliver you a long-awaited baby girl or a baby boy. Whatapproaches does this application consist? 1. Blood renewal. It isbelieved that the blood of a man is refreshed during every fourthyear of his life, and a woman’s on every third. At the time ofconception, the person whose blood is younger (dad or mum)determines the sex of a baby. 2. By parents' blood types. Peoplehave little marker things called antigens on the surface of theirred blood cells. The two most important ones are ABO systemantigens and the Rh system. The combination of parents' blood typesdefines the possibility of birth children with different gender. 3.Chinese Gender Predictor. This approach uses information about ageof future mother and when she got pregnant. Legend says the chartis more than 700 years old and was discovered in a royal tomb. 4.The Maya Chart. The ancient Maya deified numbers and treatednumerology as a very important thing. They calculated an auspiciousday for weddings and other important ceremonies with the help ofnumbers. The sex of the future child was calculated on the basis ofthe mother's age and the current year. If both numbers are even orodd - a girl will be born, if not - it will be a boy. 5. TheJapanese method. This method goes back to the ancient emperors ofJapan, who were eager to have a male heir for the continuation ofthe family. The forecast is made on the basis of two tables. One ofthem indicates the number at the intersection of the birth monthsof the future baby's parents. Another table determines the greatestprobability for the birth of child of the required sex according tothis number and the month of fertilization. [Suggestions andwishes] Your opinion is important for us. You can write at our [email protected]