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The official App for members of Dasha Mewada Vanik Gnyati. Get infoabout things that went and the things that are about to come.Register to events. Get News and Announcements. Participate in theMember’s Forum. Access to Member’s info. Access to officialcirculars. Manage your profile. Get notifications. Happy Apping!

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WELCOME TO THE AHMEDABAD TIMBERMERCHANT'SASSOCIATIONOne can gain access to their News Snaps,Announcements,Newsletters, Projects, Events, Members and muchmore.This app provides features to communicate ATMA withregisteredmembers.More than 135 years back, few leading businessmen of Timbertradeset up an association namely Katpitia Mahajan at Kalapur Laat(GrainMarket). Formerly the timber market was set up at what todayisKalupur grain market and is owned by Katpatia Mahajan. Withchangingtimes and space constraints the market was shifted toSarangpur -Astodia road and eventually the shops at Kalupur wererented out togenerate revenue. A philanthropic trust was set up inthe name of"Katpatia Charitable Trust" and the income generatedwas used forgood causes and to help needy people.
JENYS is Female Only mobile catalogue APP. The APP is connectedwithnumbers of national and international brands. You as a user ofJENYSget hooked with prominent brands and get huge benefit fromall ofthem. JENYS has everything for you which includes clothing,ethnicwear, foot wear, bags, accessories, jewellery, fragrancies,beauty,grooming and much more.Once you are with JENYS you do not really need to lookbeyond,all of your needs are very well taken care. You getimmediateinformation about new launches, special offers andpromotions. Notonly that as a part of JENYS you are always treatedspeciallywhenever you visit the store. You are as such prioritycustomer forall registered outlets.Many of the brands at JENYS may accept orders from yourmobiledevice and ship you the order.JENYS would not only connect with you premium brands butwouldsave you considerable money on your shopping as you getexclusiveoffers and loyalty points.
SSS 360 Health 4.0 APK
Living Healthy is not difficult with help of360 Health. With proper Life Style Healthy Living could be areality which would not only bring happiness but will also savehard earned money.SSS 360 Health takes simple inputs about your current life styleand provides you a status of your current health throughinformative Health Card. Wherever necessary you are suggested withmodification in life style with regular reminders to make thathappen. You will also get useful Education Tools relevant to yourway of living. These Education Tools are in the form of Video,Audio and Text.You may not be aware but simple things like eating habits,physical activity, sleeping pattern, weight etc. have deep impacton overall health and wellbeing. SSS 360 Health does scientificanalysis for all of these and helps you to remain healthy.The App also measures possibility for you to have certainChronic Health Conditions like Diabetes, CVD, and CHD etc. andgives you preventive recommendations.You may find yourself having some health conditions and facingdifficulty to manage them. With SSS 360 Health it is really easy tomanage those conditions and prevent further deterioration.SSS 360 Health is an essential tool for anyone willing to liveHealthy.
The official App for members of Dasha Mewada Vanik Gnyati. Get infoabout things that went and the things that are about to come.Register to events. Get News and Announcements. Participate in theMember’s Forum. Access to Member’s info. Access to officialcirculars. Manage your profile. Get notifications. Happy Apping!
GCET 360 Health 4.0 APK
There is much wider understanding now withincommon citizen about wellness and life style for healthy living.Following three facts are catching attention of the population inthis world.Fact 1Four determinants of health account for significant amount of alldeaths in the world – smoking, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity,and alcohol use.Fact 2Very negligible population on the earth do all of the relatively“simple” things to stay healthy – i.e. exercise for 20 minutes 3times a week, don’t smoke, eat fruits and vegetables regularly, andremain at their appropriate BMI.Fact3Cost of missed prevention opportunities and inefficiently deliveredmedical services cost significantly to payers of healthcare, i.e.Government, Health Insurance Companies, Patients.Even with the knowledge of above facts, most of the people donot get any knowledge about their current health status till thetime they are identified with some disease. Even after that theyare not aware of changes needed in life style in addition tomedication.360 Health is the system for people which would take simpleinformation from them and provide very informative Health Card.This includes statement on current health condition and recommendedchanges in life style, food and other habits to maintain overallhealth and wellbeing. Depending on symptoms being experiences bythe person Health Card provides useful guidelines and studymaterial to overcome that.GCET 360 Health is initiative of G.H. Patel College ofEngineering & Technology with Anant InfoTech Private Limited tospread awareness towards wellness.
Hemraj Kamdar 4.4.1 APK
Architects. Planners.Interiors.Designers.Our field of expertise includes,URBAN PLANNINGARCHITECTUREINTERIOR DESIGNLANDSCAPE DESIGNHOUSINGCONSERVATIONHemraj Kamdar had been honoured as an architect for two andahalf minute speech in inaugration of LakuLish Yog Universitybynone another than Shree Narendra Modi when he was the C. M.ofGujarat.Address:B-805 GANESH PLAZA OPP. NAVRANG PURA BUS STOP NAVRANG PURAAHMEDABAD380009Mobile no.- 9825005333E-MAIL- earthconsortium@rediffmail.com
Anant Health Vault 1.0 APK
Anant Health Vault is Electronic HealthRecords(EHR) system which provides access of records to all stakeholders.With distinct user accounts Clinics, Hospitals, DiagnosticCenters,Pharmacy, Health Insurance Providers, Patients andPatientauthorized persons can access health records.All stake holders can view print, fax, email and sharehealthrecords in a secured HIPAA compliant environment.
EZeeOrder – Customers 3.0 APK
EZeeOrder – CustomerseZeeOrder is your tool for placing orders using your cellphoneto your favorite outlets. These Outlets could be GroceryStore,Cosmetic, Restaurant, Coffee Shop etc. Once you areregistered withthe outlet you can place orders and request homedelivery or youmay pick up the item from the outlet.Use of eZeeOrder provides you host of benefitsagainsttraditional way of placing orders by phone. Following aresome ofthem.• While making purchase using eZeeOrder you can see allitemsavailable in Outlet on your mobile phone with rates and alsoseevalue of purchase before sending your order.• Outlets often put certain items on promotion with reductioninprice for limited time duration. You can see list of such itemsonyour cell phone and take benefit of that while makingyourpurchase.• Normally you get benefit of Special Offers only when youvisitthe Outlet and make purchase. These Special Offers could beinvariety of formats, i.e. you may get a bottle of Shampoo freeonpurchase of pack of soaps or may get 10% discount if buy 10 Kg.ofSugar. If you are using eZeeOrder, you get this advantage onyourcell phone and make purchase with special offer.• Significantly you can place orders from any placewithoutdisturbing surrounding. You can order from your office,fromrestaurant or even while you are travelling.• eZeeOrder also makes you a member of Loyalty Program oftheoutlet. You can see your point balance and can redeem themwheneveryou wish.eZeeOrder is future of easy and economical shopping,importantlyyou will be making payment to the outlet on receipt ofitems.Register now with your preferred outlets and start saving onyourpurchase. It is absolutely free for you.