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Dog whistles emit different frequency range. Humans can only hearup to 20 kHz, but dogs have much better hearing. Since dog whistlesare silent to humans, but loud to dogs, they are perfect fortraining dogs. This Dog Whistle app can emit different frequencysounds that is 5 Hz, 9 Hz, 15 Hz, 19Hz Dog Whistle can be used totrain your dog, stop your dog from barking, and teach your dogtricks. Remember, just because you can't hear it, doesn't mean yourdog can't. Please use this application responsibly. Dos whistle appis a Canine whistle simulator and is great for training your dog.Uses of Dog Whistle App ++++ Your dog stops barking when guestsarrive to avoid disturbing. ++++ Call your dog when you need it++++ Adjust the behavior of the dog. ++++ easy to use application

App Information Dog Whistle - High Frequency Dog Trainer

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    Dog Whistle - High Frequency Dog Trainer
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    January 22, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    K-202 Pan Oasis , Sector 70 Noida (UP) India
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Voice Recoder HD is full of Features and best voice recorder forAndroid with stunning interface for business man, audioprofessional, sound engineer, journalist, lecturer, school/collegestudent and anyone else who needs to manage voice memos. VoiceRecorder makes life easy, with a simple and a user-friendlyinterface. it is one of the Best Voice Recorder for Androidcurrently Available in the Play Store. Key Features: • Quick andsimple to use • Long time audio recording High Quality (Tested upto 10 hours) • Background recording in High Quality(You can openother app / turn off the screen while recording) • Supports alltypes of OS(Mac,Windows,Linux, etc) for playback. • Share recordingby email and other social media Apps. • Upload the Voice Filedirectly to DropBox • Transfer audio files to computer(PC/Mac)using USB. • Supports external mic to record long distance sound.This feature is ideal for sound engineer, vocalist and journalist.Record your kids voice while he/she grows up. You will love to openthis gorgeous app every time. Why you love this? • Handy audiorecorder • FREE voice recorder for android • You can use it asmobile recorder. • A replacement of Tape Recorder and IC RecorderPlease Rate us 5 Star if you find the App useful .
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Do you know!!! your destiny is also associated with your Name?Every Name has a hidden meaning , and in Numerology weassociatethe meaning of Name based number calculation based onChaldeanSystemUse this Free Name Numerology Number Calculator Toolto getDestiny number of yours, your friends, spouse, colleagues tosee ifit comes out as lucky or not. Keeping the Name of your Baby ?checkthe name numerology first to understand how his/Her name canhelphim reaching the goals.You would be surprised to see theresult. Ifyou have wondered 'What does my name mean?', this is theapp foryou. Just enter your full name &see the meaning ofyourname.The App provides you with your Destiny Number , HeartDesireNumber Personality Number and provides you the interpretationofthe same . If you like it, you can try others names to see ifthemeaning of their name comes out correct as well. This wouldhelpyou understand more about your destiny, your desire , andyourpersonality. Numerology is like astrology / horoskop / horoscop/tarot / horoscope in certain ways. However, it is differentincertain ways.It answers 'What does my name mean?' in a logicalway.Ever wonder why some famous personality , Movie names appendanextra alphabet to there name . the reason is same , they wanttokeep the name Number according to there lucky number. Use FreeNameNumerology Calculator (also called Top Trending Name NumerologyorNumsiii) to decide on lucky numbers in the lottery or luckybabynames for your kids/company/your game. Astrology and horoscope/horoskop / horoscop / tarot are similar, however, numerologygivesone control in their hand as they can change their name.Luckynumbers in the lottery can be found using numerology. Try ourAppand find your name numerology number anditsinterpretation.Detailed Steps:Free simple easy way to findyourname number. Lucky numbers in the lottery can be foundusingnumerology. Features:a. Enter your/someone else's'FullName'/'First Name'b. Press enter/'Calculate' button - this isbasedNumerologyc. Read - Your Name Numbere. Read - Meaning ofthisNumber as well as check your destiny andpersonalitynumber.Numerology takes into account date of birth,name, fullname, signature spellings, and gives you a reading.Astrology andhoroscope / horoskop / horoscop / tarot are similar,however, youcan change your name or signatures spellings, whichmeans you canchoose lucky numbers for your name or spellings.ENJOY!!!