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Toy baby dolls sweet game you chose dollfromthe coolest kids enjoy the prettiest dolls games children andcaresa lot of parents to raise their children, and to developtheircreativity, especially in Western countries, are keen toalwaysstart with their children in nursery for the definition ofthechild colors and geometric shapes, and cleaning games that relyonintelligence, amongst others,

Featuring children's innocence, they don't have bad ideas,butlimited their thinking to play and play just as girls games, soyoumust provide them with a number of games such as dress up gamesandnew games, and play with them as much as possible, becausethatmakes them more comfortable and happy, and multiple gamesavailablein shops including dolls which are divided into twotypes,long-haired dolls and dresses (bridesmaid) and dolls todesirableand loved by females than males, because this doll in theeyes ofthe girl child are similar to her long hair and her dressesFine,the other type is the dolls Theater wishes to all children andwiththe children of Lemuel time dolls cocked, looking for a change,themother in turn put the doll industry touches remain as a kindofexpression of her love for her child.

Puppet is a modern old industry, children's sitter anddollscan't do without them since a very young age, and wasfinalized bychild companion his energies, talents, and unleash theimaginationand ideas to show through his behavior and personalitywith histoy. A few old puppet possibilities were limited to somerawmaterials such as cloth, cotton, wool, and some wooden sticksthatserved as the internal structure of the doll, and I popped inthatperiod Dummies plays that tell many stories of children andadults,such as: stories of animals in the jungle, the mightymentournaments like Antarah, zeer Salem, and he called the name oftheart the art of diagnosis where almshkhsati to tell thestorythrough moving dolls connected clues tell cast eventsandtournaments attract the attention of the viewer and getapplaudedAnd satisfaction. Now, I accompanied the puppet ofprogress andmodernity to make dolls from various materials incountless formsand types, including minute-made industrialbembelmrat are madeclose to the feel of human skin matching dollsmade of children andtheir physical appearance altogether, inaddition to many rawmaterials that go into manufacturing the dolls,there are severalways to make simple puppets, we can recycle athome, includingneeds for tools and many ore it hard, for example,walgorab, clothdolls, manufacturing industry is easy Andentertaining as we'llshow now in the way the cloth dolls.

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Game cake chocolate desserts of the bestcooking games because it is one of the best games Olayn cakechocolate desserts of delicious dishes loved by adults and kids,and there are many different recipes for preparing varieties ofcake desserts, and these recipes recipes candy biscuits, a favoritein the summer, the fact that most of them served cold In this Alabhyou will learn how to prepare this cake, which is considered one ofthe best cooking games and games Arab girls.Cake chocolate dessertstypes of French pastries origin, usually eaten after meals, orbetween them as a kind of sweetener, served with tea or coffee, andthere are many types and shapes him, and in some cases are madesalty, and usually presents on special occasions and evening gowns,and it tastes delicious and distinctive.Are you ready to cook cakechocolate desserts Alabh very brilliant Let us with fun and playeven more beautiful on the Cooking Games Girls is well known thatthe cake is a favorite meal for girls so Play the game and Enjoypreparing this unique cake If this is the first time for you toplay this game if you will Tdkhlin However, if Conti familiar withplaying Click on the start to open up to the game and give playbefore you complete the components sugar salt oil obesity and milkand eggs Add a little milk to accurately located with cracking eggsand put a small amount of oil and Follow the instructions insidethe game until the cake appear as required she cake Marvelouswedding must be a very good look until you open the appetite of theguests of this wedding is known and will be attended by the eminentpersonalities so you must be present to prepare anything after thiscake after you play this game you will be may Akmmelta task andTamutai how the cake as required play now game cooking cakechocolate desserts.Ankhali flour and salt on a piece of paper, thenArtkih aside. Ankhali soft powdered sugar in a pot blender, thenadd the butter, Thbta Tennis networking, then Whisk for a periodranging from 3-4 minutes, until you get a light creamy mixture oftextures, and have a yellow color opening. Add the egg yolk andvanilla and a teaspoon of milk, then Beat on slow speed until theyolk disappears into the mixture. Lift up your tennis networked,and then proved racket flipping, and add the flour, then my jobmixer on slow speed for about a minute, until all ingredients aremixed with each other, and so you get a cohesive dough somewhat.Prepare the oven at a temperature of 190 ° C, and then Bring traysshort edge. Put the dough in the amount of piston biscuit, thenClick it until you get the desired shape, then put the pills in theready-oven tray, and make sure to leave a space between each beadand the other. Enter your oven tray, and leave for a period rangingfrom 8-9 minutes, until golden berry color. Chinese Get out fromthe oven and leave aside to cool completely, then Ankulaiha to aserving dish. My little jam between two pieces of the homeimmediately, then Olsquihma each other, and Zinni parties pistachioground. Advice when preparing.When you place the dough in thepiston biscuits, Click well on the dough until filled within thepiston cavity and get rid of all the blanks, and keep clicking overand over again until the dough out of the piston parties, may needto make more than one piece of homework as soon as the aim of theexperiment, so that gives piston definitely form a regular basis,and if you notice that the dough is very cohesive, add to it therest of the milk. When you put the dough in the piston biscuitClick on the dough so that the piston cavity is filled with goodand get rid of the blanks.
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Jeu Cuisine pour fille : Le jeu Cuisine pour fille est un de nosmeilleurs jeux de cuisine Viens jouer au jeu Gâteau au chocolatsans farine, un de nos super jeux de Cuisine gratuit. Marjorie adécidé de tester la recette du gâteau au chocolat sans farine. Faitle avec elle. Fait préchauffer le four à 300. Bat les 3 oeufs avecle mixer. Huile le moule. Saupoudre de chocolat en poudre. Faitfondre le chocolat et le beurre au bain marie. Ajoute le sucre, lalevure, les oeufs, la vanille. Met dans le moule, puis au four faitcuire, sort du four, démoule puis décore avec de la chantilly etdes cerises. Voilà je pense un délicieux gâteau cooking fever auchocolat sans farine. Mélanger tous les ingrédients ensemble, créerle plat fini avec du papier de cuisson et l'huile. Prenez une pellespéciale mélangé la pâte sous la forme de cookies, puis faire cuiredans le four. Après les biscuits sont finis frits, vous pouvezcommencer à faire de la crème, ajouter tous les ingrédients dans lebol et mélanger le tout maintenant vous est crème prête, maintenantprendre les biscuits et les mettre sur la carte et que vous ajoutezsur le dessus de la crème et comme un autre cookie sur le dessusafin que vous avez fait une belle biscuits merveilleux, etmaintenant vous pouvez aller décorer les biscuits au chocolat etchoisissez la couleur désirée aussi décorer avec des noix et desbonbons. Préchauffer votre four à 200°C (thermostat 6).Faire fondrele beurre puis l'ajouter au sucre dans un saladier.Ajouter les œufspuis la farine, le bicarbonate et la levure. Bien mélanger le toutpour éviter les grumeaux. Ajouter le lait et la vanille.Remplir lesmoules à cupcakes au 3/4. (En cas de moules papier : les disposerdans un ramequin ou autre pour éviter qu'ils ne s’aplatissent.)Enfourner pendant 20 min à 200°C.Laisser refroidir sansdémouler.Quand les cupcakes sont bien refroidis, préparer la crèmebeurre: Battre avec un fouet (électrique ou non) pendant 3 à 5 min,le beurre mou et le sucre glace. Ajouter du lait + ou - selon laconsistance. La crème ne doit pas être trop liquide ni tropcompacte afin d'avoir la consistance idéale pour la poche àdouille. Décorer vos cupcakes avec la crème au beurre et une pocheà douille (pour faire plus joli) : Astuce, si vous n'avez pas depoche à douille, prenez un petit sachet de congélation dont vousaurez coupé un tout petit peu de l'un de ses coins ! Pour colorerla crème au beurre : colorant alimentaire ou chocolat en poudre,sirop de menthe, grenadine... Décoration : pépites de chocolats,vermicelles, sucres rigolos et tout ce que vous imaginezd'autres... Les filles ont prévu de faire un barbecue samedi midi.Va faire les courses avec elles pour acheter tout ce qu'il faut.Puis prépare le poulet: coupe le en morceaux. Fait le mariner.Prépare une bonne sauce tomate. Fait cuire le poulet sur lebarbecue sans oublier de surveiller la cuisson et de le retourner.Met la sauce dessus puis sers le pour manger. Le poulet au barbecuec'est excellent.
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Dressing makeup is one of the Ohsmon games in the Arab Net due toits suspense and dressing Nancy makeup is pregnant, we, themanagement team of this allocation for the Games Girls application,and we are pleased to offer you this new game here on our sitebecause we are sure you will appreciate so this is the mostimportant thing when it comes to a game here on our application, wewant you to love every single one of them and we are aware of thefact that you like girls games a lot, and this is a game that isvery special because you get to play with the bride Nancy girls.This bride is preparing a unique, special day and they need yourhelp in order to be the most beautiful bride be until I saw her shewas pregnant, so this game the girls have everything, get to do herhair, you get to do her make-up, which must be perfect, and ofcourse you have to choose from a magical bride dress she is goingto wear on this special day. Good luck and God guided you!