1.4 / February 24, 2021
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* Survival game with different weaponry and ammunition. * Damagingzone over the map. Move or die. * Different houses and environmentto cover from enemies. * Cars and bikes. You’ve been dropped in thefight zone. Dozens of enemies. Weapon scattered around the map.Will you survive? Don’t mess around. The deadly zone is constantlymoving and you should move too. Find the best gun you can and fightfor your life. Constant firefights. Tactical maneuvers. Breakthrough the enemy squads with a rampage or get round from the coverand shoot with the advantage. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

App Information Dome of Doom

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    Dome of Doom
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    February 24, 2021
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Naxeex Studio
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    30B Gladstonos, 3041 Limassol, Cyprus
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Real Gangster Crime 2 2.1.190 APK
Naxeex Studio
Great new city. Multiple profit tasks with cool rewards. Explorethe city and evolve as a great gangster. Sand beaches, greatarchitecture, one of the best tourist city is waiting for you tojoin the game. Meet the feuding fractions and select your own road.Observe the great city from above using the helicopter. Don’t everturn your back on strangers and bandits. Don’t lay on cops support.Only the great selection of weaponry will help you to survive inthis dangerous place.
New Gangster Crime 1.7.1 APK
Naxeex Studio
Welcome to a brand new crime world simulator with interesting anddynamic gameplay. Advanced game mechanics and cool third-personaction are waiting for you. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere oflife in a big city. You have to climb to the top of the criminalworld. You will start your path to success from the very bottom asan ordinary gangster, and then everything will depend on yourskills. Take a chance and challenge this huge empire. You have tofight for the urban areas owned by your wargs, they will fiercelydefend their possessions. Get ready for a serious confrontation.The game takes place in a modern metropolis with a developedinfrastructure, located in a tropical climate. Such places willalways attract various forces wishing to control these territories.Your hero is a young and daring gangster - no exception. The citywas divided among themselves by several large criminal groups. Eachof them have their own strengths and captured areas of the city. Toconfront your enemies, you will have to pump various skills, makefriends in the game world, create your own clan, seize newterritories and defend existing ones. Complete various tasks in theterritory you want to capture, unlock new unique mechanics. As areward, you will receive respect and popularity. Restore andupgrade buildings in the captured area, develop the economy. Thiswill allow you to receive in-game profits. Also, you will find manyadditional missions that will allow you to earn resources and get aunique gaming experience. Some missions can be very dangerous, asyou will have to venture into enemy territory. Be careful, being inforeign territory, you will face all the harshness of street life.Life in the underworld constantly requires you to act like a reallion: to be strong, focused and smart. Don't forget about dailyrewards, they will help you get useful gifts. Collect awards everyday and don't miss the final prize. Build your arsenal of coolweapons, improve your guns and skills. Pump up strength, enduranceand agility. This strategy will allow you to be a real gangster - athunderstorm of the streets. You can customize your character tomake him stylish. Try different combinations of clothes every day.Buy special ammunition and increase the protection of yourgangster. A large clothing store is available to your hero. You canalso purchase items of constant use: cartridges, body armor and afirst aid kit. The game features a large number of vehicles formovement. As you progress through the game, you will unlock newunits: sports cars, a cool tank, simple city cars, an attackhelicopter, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and unique tuned cars.You can improve the already purchased cars or make them unique bypainting them in different colors. We've done a lot of work tooptimize the game world. But at the same time, they preserved thebeauty of the open 3D world. A well-developed city, cars andcharacters take the game to a new level. You can play comfortablyon your smartphone or tablet. A convenient interface and clearcontrol of the character, various units and weapons will allow youto immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game as much aspossible. Collect free game resources throughout the city such asfirst aid kit, ammo, weapons, money. All you have to do is findthem. We hope you enjoy the game very much. Stay tuned for updatesas we are constantly improving the game. Many thanks to the playersfor their feedback, this allows us to make the game even better.Best regards, Naxeex team.
Truck Driver City Crush 3.1.1m APK
Naxeex Studio
Play free gangster action. The city of sins cannot be changed. Hereeveryone is for himself. All residents of the city want profit. Youare not an exception. You arrived in this city with the goal ofearning money using your abilities. You are a great car thief. Yourspecialty is car theft. The criminal world is full of competition.Criminal clans control the streets of the city. You will have totry and conquer your territory. Show the rest of the gangsters thatyou are your man and you need to be respected. Test your abilitiesin a fascinating 3D car thief simulator. Get a unique gamingexperience in a third-person shooter. Are you capable of becomingone of the inhabitants of this dangerous city. An open 3D worldchallenges you. The southern metropolis is full of dangers andexciting adventures that await you. Complete the main game missionsto gain experience and resources in the most effective way. Beforemissions, make sure that you have enough rounds for your gun. Youmust have a full bar of health and stamina. All this will help youin street fights. You can double the mission reward if you wish.Track important tasks through a mini map of the city. Tasks aremarked with special icons. You can just have fun in the city.Arrange races around the city on various vehicles. Shoot downfences, barrels, boxes, traffic lights, lampposts and much more.Explore the ships standing in the bay who knows what secrets youwill find in them. Try to capture one of the military bases. If thetask is up to you, then you will receive good rewards. Chase yourfavorite car or motorcycle. Take part in street shootings. Protectyour area from other gangs. Get away from police harassment. Findchests scattered around the city and take rewards from them. Shootthe chests to open the castle. Find other useful items scatteredaround the city. Get free crystals as soon as you see an ad in thegame. Upgrade your kid to always be the best. Dexterity, Accuracy,Stamina and Strength. These options still provide a majoradvantage. You will also need the ability to handle weapons and theability to drive various vehicles. Game achievements will help youremember to pump in the right direction. Get achievements andrewards for them. The game is made on an improved version of thegame engine. Game mechanics have become more thoughtful, dynamicand realistic. Improved traffic system and NPC. The game has beenoptimized. This will allow you to comfortably play both on thephone and on the tablet. You will be able to choose the gamequality settings for the performance of your device. Awell-thought-out interface, a hint system and training lessons willallow you to better understand the weight. Take the beginner courseat the beginning of the game. Understand the movement system, thefiring system, the street fight system, and driving. This willallow you to start passing missions quickly. The game has a largestore of goods for your gangster. Get cool things and learn how touse them. Do not miss the discounts on some products. A clothingstore, an outfit and protective equipment store, an arms store areall at your disposal. You can purchase vehicles for any tasks:Bicycle - ride around the city without haste, looking atinteresting places and perform tricks. Sports car - drive at highspeeds is the fastest way to move around the city. Powerful truck -perfectly protect you from city bullets. With it you can break anybarriers. Airplane - fly over the city, perform dangerous maneuversand land from the plane to the right places. A combat helicopter isa formidable weapon. Allows you to penetrate all protected placesand eliminate opponents. We are glad that you are interested in thefree game Truck Driver City Crush. The Naxeex team will develop thegame by constantly releasing updates.
Dome of Doom 1.4 APK
Naxeex Studio
* Survival game with different weaponry and ammunition. * Damagingzone over the map. Move or die. * Different houses and environmentto cover from enemies. * Cars and bikes. You’ve been dropped in thefight zone. Dozens of enemies. Weapon scattered around the map.Will you survive? Don’t mess around. The deadly zone is constantlymoving and you should move too. Find the best gun you can and fightfor your life. Constant firefights. Tactical maneuvers. Breakthrough the enemy squads with a rampage or get round from the coverand shoot with the advantage. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
Unlimited Speed 1.4 APK
Naxeex Studio
Boost your speed with this brand new action game: • Your exclusivecostume makes you a real super hero from comics books, so you can’ttake it off, soldier, but you can change its color in the store! •Big futuristic City is open to you! Roam through and explore it orcomplete quests – fight with bad guys in main missions or earnmoney in street races. • Upgrade your speed skills and go rammingagainst your enemies: gangsters, cops, soldiers and robots-guards.• Different sci-fi weapons, cars, bikes and achievements arewaiting for you too! The speed test is starting, agent. Your targetis a city-battery with a fantasy landscape. The space station amongstars is mired in vices and criminal ties, you need to stop themafia and establish the justice. You can shoot your enemies orattack them with the strike force of your hands, just use yourskill right. In these hard times you can move faster than light,cause in this suit your time has no limits. Download it now andbecome a legend in the future for free! Speed up!
City theft simulator 1.6 APK
Naxeex Studio
City theft simulator. Cool visual effects and nice graphics.Different quests system, find and complete them all. Fantasticweaponry selection. With your great skills and agility you aregoing to be the greatest thief in the city. Bikes or cars, you knowno exceptions. Limos are also good! You are the true car theftmaster. Try to survive in a gangs war. Show everyone who you are.Of course if you will stay alive. Cop chases, military operations,bank rubbing and much more… Join now!
Fly A Rope 1.7 APK
Naxeex Studio
New adventures of a legendary city hero. Meet new enemies with avariety of weaponry. Unknown location with lots of hidden secrets.Become a master of martial arts. Combine your skills with extrapowerful hits to outstand your foes. Select the best guns in theshop, to dominate on the battle field. Find military vehicles tobecome almost immortal. Find yourself on the fields of battleglory.
Iron Punch 1.5 APK
Naxeex Studio
Mighty hero with overwhelming powers Special abilities to masterand upgrade Unique design and colorful animations Tons of differentenemies You are a true battle machine. Your combat style evolvedfrom professional boxing and got improved with modern mechanics.Welcome to the city of ordinary mortals where no one can standagainst your super punches. Fight your way through the hordes ofgangsters and mafia members. Stand against corrupted cops andmilitary forces. Use your brute strength and be the number one.